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Is Evolution Fact or Fiction?

By Ijaz Chaudry


Brief synopsis of subject matter in this document;

·       Today Evolution at specie level

·       Single cellular beings created 2.5 billion years ago confirmed

·       Genesis 4:17 Cain had a wife?

·       Existence of first Homo sapiens 195000 years ago confirmed

·       Age of the Universe 13.799 billion years ago confirmed

·       God created Heaven and Earth in the Day Genesis 2:4 and Quran (50:38)

·       Evolution a fact

Today Evolution at specie level

According to Author Bill Bryson in his book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” chapter 21 page 402, talking about stability of genus he says “Back in Cambrian, new phyla and new classes arose. Nowadays we only get new species!”! This concept will be further explored under the topic “Genesis 4:17 Cain had a wife?”!

Definition of Evolution; The cumulative change in the characteristics of the populations of organisms over succeeding generations resulting in species totally different from remote ancestors (The Chambers Dictionary).

Single cellular beings created 2.5 billion years ago confirmed

Scientifically established fact is that the first organisms to appear in the seas was about 2.5 Billion years ago, when we add this figure with the chapter and verse below we get complete multiple of 19;

(24:45) And GOD created every living creature from water. Some of them walk on their bellies some walk on two legs and some walk on four. GOD creates whatever He wills. GOD is Omnipotent

2500 000 000 + 24 + 45 = 2500 000 069 = 13157895 1 x 19

 The above code confirms the scientifically established fact that the appearance of the first living organism appeared on earth 2.5 billion years ago. The verse (24:45) implies evolution which goes very much hand in hand with evolution theory of today which correspond to the fact that all creatures were evolved from water. However this verse puts a caveat which is that evolution is a finally controlled mechanism.

 Verification of the code;

The italic number1 in the quotient is the Position of the code and it has a value “Scenario Described”. The Position enhances the context of the verse in line with code. As you can see (24:45) gives different stages of evolution by giving examples of animals which enhance their locomotion from belly to four legs. And that it all evolved from water. This indeed describes the same scenario as the scientific fraternity today.  The Level is 9 which is calculated by taking the whole code and run it through special conversion software. The software shrinks the code by the principle of gradient descent to give the “Level”. Level 9 is “Misconceptions clarified” indeed as you might be familiar with the fact that the Monotheistic religions including todays traditional Islam do not agree with evolution. Today with this coding system and in particular with the “Level” we not only prove that the previous understanding was incorrect, but Level is pointing clearly to the fact that the previous understanding was a misconception!

Genesis 4:17; Cain had a wife?

Gen 4:17 Afterward Cain had sexual relations with his wife, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Eʹnoch. Then he engaged in building a city and named the city after his son Eʹnoch.

Indeed most of you are familiar with the story of Adam’s two sons, and one killed the other! The verse Gen 4:17 is telling us the son who survived got married. Indeed, nothing unusual about that people marries now as they did in the past.

 However, when you look at this situation on the stand point of religion, it certainly seems ridiculous idea! Why? Because according to the monotheist religions Adam and Eve were the first inhabitants on earth. So if Cain was the only child of Adam and Eve at that moment of time. Then how did Cain manage to find a wife!!!

This opens up the idea of hominids being present at that time! The science today has found out through bone archaeology that there were predecessors to today’s humans called hominids in the ancient times. As most people are aware Darwin’s evolutionary theory explains these hominids to have been evolved from animals. So the question arise where do the science and scripture meet? And the question about where does Adam fit into all this?

In order to find the answer to these questions we look at the scripture. We know both from the Bible and the Quran that Adam were bestowed with knowledge which other creation did not have. Quran goes further from here and tells us that this happened in the Heaven where the gardens of Eden reside and after Adam was given this knowledge he was sent down onto the earth.

 The merge of science and scripture lies on a very thin line but on a prominent point. Which is; we know from science research and the naming convention of the Hominids that Homo sapiens is a specific name for today’s humans. The Latin meaning of sapiens is “Wise man”. This is a clue to origin of Adam and the knowledge he brought with him to the earth.

  All other Homo species had various skills but did not possess wisdom. Now bringing in Genesis 4:17 into the equation and Cain’s family, it scripturally confirms that Cain had relationship with Homo specie which had to be other than Homo sapiens (Cain being the only family of Adam & Eve). Following from here the Homo species multiplied and refined to what we have today! Indeed after the coming of Adam the evolution was at specie level because the Cambrian era had well passed by that time. When we mix the scripture and science together regarding human race a beautiful picture emerge whereby difference in races, colours and make up of today’s humans become obvious!

Existence of first Homo sapiens 195000 years ago confirmed


[2:35]  We said, "O Adam, live with your wife in Paradise, and eat there from generously, as you please, but do not approach this tree, lest you sin."

[2:36]  But the devil duped them, and caused their eviction there from. We said, "Go down as enemies of one another. On Earth shall be your habitation and provision for a while."

The scientific estimation of the first Homo sapiens on earth is 195000 years, when we take this number and concatenate with the verse (2:36) which describes the episode whereby Adam and Eve was sent down to earth we get a complete multiple of 19. However you will notice that only the verse number is used in this code and that the chapter number is left out. You might ask why?  This is fairly reasonable question and the answer is as follows;

The reason why only the verse number is included in the code is because of the fact that verse (2:36) is the very first occurrence mentioning the eviction of Adam from Paradise in the whole of the Quran. This makes it a unique verse based on the “Top down Ordering of the knowledge base” in the Information processing. Therefore within the spec of coding method this verse can be used independently within the code.

 When we divide this number by 19 a universal denominator of the Quran we get complete multiple of 19. This multiple is a mathematical proof of the fact that the scientific estimation of the age of Homo sapiens is directly linked with the arrival of Adam and Eve on earth.

 36 195000 = 1905000 x 19

 So here we briefly touch on the conventions of the 19 coding method. First we describe “Temporal connection” of the code. The word “Temporal” is to do with time and the word “connection”, is the actual relationship of time with the code.

 This convention dictates that reading the code from left to right; the timing of the entities starts from more recent to the oldest respectively.

The Quran was revealed about 1400 years ago and Adam and Eve came to earth 195000 years ago. Therefore comparing the verse (2:36) with the arrival of Adam and Eve 195000 years ago, the verse is more recent. As you can observe the code to have verse 36 left most (more recent) to 195000 years’ less recent on the right. This arrangement fits in well with the coding convention. Since the code is within the convention it means that this code is a valid code.

Another coding convention which confirms the validity of the code is the Level which is 6 meaning this code is “Messenger related”. Indeed Adam was not only the first Homo sapiens on earth but he was also a messenger/prophet. Thus the Level further confirms the accuracy of the code!

 Age of the Universe 13.799 billion years confirmed

Quran [7:54]  Your Lord is the one GOD, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then assumed all authority. The night overtakes the day, as it pursues it persistently, and the sun, the moon, and the stars are committed to serve by His command. Absolutely, He controls all creation and all commands. Most Exalted is GOD, Lord of the universe.

 In order to reach this figure of 13.799 billion years being the age of the Universe, the scientists had to do many different measurements which included carbon dating, cosmic microwave background radiation and cosmological redshift-distancing.

Therefore in order to validate these measurements with the Quran we need to confirm both the carbon dating and astronomical data.

 The rough scientific estimate on carbon dating basis of the formation of earth and our solar system is 4.6 billion years. This fact is confirmed in the book by Max Tegmark called “Our Mathematical Universe” page 40.

 The verse (7:54) is the first occurrence in the Quran which states the creation of Heaven and Earth, which makes it a unique verse based on the Top Down Ordering of the knowledge base in Information processing. Therefore only the verse number is used in the code based on coding convention. When we add 54 to 4.6 billion years the result is multiple of 19, confirming the fact that this estimate according to the Quran is correct; 4600 000 000 + 54 = 4600 000 054 / 19 = 242105266 X 19. The Position of this code is 6 which promote “Caution”. Indeed this is an estimated figure which was one of the components to calculate the “true” estimated age of the Universe in 2015. Hence the “Caution” is called for in the preparation for the next step of the measurements!

 Now we do the confirmation of 13.799 billion years age of the Universe as a better estimate. This figure was established in 2015. You will see that 2015 is included in the code. This is done for the purpose of the timing convention of the code (Temporal convention) and for the purpose of completion of the code. The code is as follows;

 The more accurate figure of 13.799 Billion years for the age of the Universe is confirmed in the Quran. This figure is still an estimate but it is a more realistic estimate, based on much more data and observations. The age of the Universe in 2015 was 13.799 billion years when we concatenate these two entities with the verse (7:54) we get complete multiple of 19;

 2015 13799000000 54= 1060598942 105266.00 x 19;

 The Temporal connection has an interesting twist to this code. As you can see the figure 13.799 billion appears before the verse 54. You may ask why? Because as stated before the time line moves from left to right, but here it seems it is all over the place, surely 13.799 billion figure should be right most but it is not.  So the question one might ask why is this happening?

 The answer is simple. Within the coding convention common sense and logic are the main ingredients. For example within any 19 based codes the chapter number always precedes the verse number, because the verse number is a subset of the chapter. This is maths the language of universal truth, and the 19 based coding methodologies is also a branch of maths.

 Therefore adhering to common sense, logic and maths when we look at this code again, you will see that there is no discrepancy in the code. The perspective here is not the comparison of the verse 54 and 13.799 billion years but the comparison of year 2015 with verse 54. Since the figure of 13.799 billion was not found before 2015, this figure of 13.799 billion is new figure compared to verse 54. Hence the Temporal connection is correct the way it is!

 The Position once again is 6, because this figure has an uncertainty value of 20 million years based on number of studies which all gave extremely similar but not exactly the same results for that age.

 Let’s recap for a moment and wonder a little about 19 based codes. You have seen the code for (2:36) above;

 36 195000 = 1905000 x 19

 You can see that here the code is perfectly balanced according to the time line and the” Temporal connection”. Verse 36 is earlier than 195000 years hence it is left most and the code is multiple of 19. By looking at this code you would have thought that all 19 codes will have this uniformity of time line. But here we are with the code;

 2015 13799000000 54= 1060598942 105266.00 x 19;

And it does not comply, but why not?

 It seems that there is divine intervention involved with the 19 based codes. Number 19 as a common denominator of the Quran is specified in the Quran (74:30). So because this number is in the Quran we can assume that it has divine properties and as you can see by this example that this is fact!

 God Created the Heaven and Earth in the Day (Genesis 2:4) & (Quran 50:38)

The concept of time started at Big Bang, because there was movement in the Universe. Simple Physics equation; Speed == Distance / Time proves this fact. As can be seen from this equation there are three components in it one of which is time and the other two are to do with movement. These three components give sense of movement with time. This is a universal law, which we observe around us everywhere including the outer Space.

However, saying that at the time of the Big Bang, the Earth was not created yet. Therefore the days as we know today were not in place. Today we measure the age of the Universe in the earthly days, but at the time of the Big Bang that was not possible!

 Therefore, the very misunderstood but maybe bit illusive theological understanding that Heaven and Earth were created in six days, but not the days as we know can be explained!

The consolidation of Bible with the Quran;

There is on-going work done in consolidating Bible with the Quran to produce one coherent message. There is lot common in these books which is monopolised to achieve this goal.

 To this purpose an enhanced coding strategy has been adapted as follows (here involvement of Genesis is an example);

This code uses Arabic geometric values of the word “Quran” and the word “Tukween” (Genesis). The geometric values are 351 and 486 respectively. These two values are then associated with chapter and verse numbers from both books. That forms the code which has to be divisible by 19 in order to confirm the code to be correct! These entities can either be concatenated or added to form the code.

In the proof that you are about to see the entities are added together.

 Following are the two verses used in this code one from Genesis and the other from the Quran;

 Genesis 2:4 This is a history of the heavens and the earth in the time they were created, in the day that God made earth and heaven.

 Quran (50:38) We have created the heavens and the earth and everything between them in six days and no fatigue touched us. (50:38) We have created the heavens and the earth and everything between them in six days and no fatigue touched us.

The code is as follows;


 931/19 = 4 9 x 19;

Position is 9 “Provision”, indeed after our sin and expulsion from Heaven, we were given reprieve on earth which is a great provision and hence the Position 9. The Level is 2 “Related to righteousness”, indeed based upon our righteous or un-righteous behaviour we will be led into Heaven or Hell. Indeed as the Quran puts it the only unforgivable sin if maintained till death is idol worship! Moses killed a man and yet he was exonerated and given a position of a prophet because he had a solid unwavering belief in God. This fact alone emphasises the abhorrence to idol worship as being the greatest sin!

Interpretation of this code

First a Brief explanation is required to explain the word “We” used in the Quran (50:38). It is that, our God is a Just and a Compassionate God, Who has made His business to give credit where it is due equally! We know from the scripture that angels help with day to day activities of our world today! But now from this verse (50:38) we understand that they played equally important part in the creation of Heaven and Earth with the leave of God. Therefore the word “We” imply other entities like angels who participated in the creation process.

 Now back to interpreting the code; as previously touched upon the six days of creation are not the days as we know today because the earth had not formed then! So at this point we have to put the usage of words “six days” within the creation process into some sort of perspective.

 To help with this we look at the context of the verses used in this code closely. Genesis 2:4, says “the day that God made the Earth and Heaven”, this is a big clue in solving the mystery of “six days”. Two reasons why; first; the word “made”, used here in essence implies “manufacture”. As we all know in manufacturing there is more than one person or components involved. The second reason is that “the day” implies singularity, thus removing the ambiguity of “six days” as earthly days.

 Now we translate our understanding of Genesis 2:4 with Quran (50:38), emphasised by the two key words “made” and “the”. These two words imply that God employed other entities in the creation process and that it only took Him one moment of His time described as “the Day”.  In order for this scenario to fulfil its goal which is that God used other entities in the creation process and that it took only one moment of His time to do so, the matching Quran verse need to satisfy this prerequisite.

 Indeed the Quran verse (50:38) fulfils both criterions. (50:38) implies that other entities were at work within the creation process and that it was not God who took “six days” but it was the angels. But you may ask why it implies that it took God six days to create the Heaven and Earth, in some other narrations.

 In order to understand this please read the last phrase in the verse Quran (7:54) above which is; “He controls all creation and all commands. Most Exalted is GOD, Lord of the universe.”  As you know this verse also talks about “six days” and the creation process. However, this last phrase clarifies the issue of God and “six days” by implying that He controlled and commanded angels to perform the tasks in six days as confirmed in (50:38).

 However, there still stands an issue of “six days” (50:38)! In human terms “Day” can be loosely used as “How was your Day” or “It was a good Days work”, similarly the “six days” implied in (50:38) could very well mean allocation of tasks to different groups of angels categorised by days.

Evolution a fact

Indeed Evolution is a fact confirmed by science and the scripture!