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God guides us according to what decision we made in the Heavenly Feud;

By Ijaz Chaudry

We were alive before we were humans;

We were alive before the earth was created.  We know this fact because of many verses in the Quran such as;


[2:30]  Recall that your Lord said to the angels, "I am placing a representative on Earth." They said, "Will You place therein one who will spread evil therein and shed blood, while we sing Your praises, glorify You, and uphold Your absolute authority?" He said, "I know what you do not know."


Adam and his descendants have witnessed God;

[7:172]  Recall that your Lord summoned all the descendants of Adam, and had them bear witness for themselves: "Am I not your Lord?" They all said, "Yes. We bear witness." Thus, you cannot say on the Day of Resurrection, "We were not aware of this."


The above verse is related to the time before Adam & Eve were sent to Earth, this verse also signifies a fact that our names were already associated with us at that time which entails that our destinies were also written and this happened after the dispute in the Heavenly Society mentioned in (38:69).


The Purpose of Our Life;

[67:2]  The One who created death and life for the purpose of distinguishing those among you who would do better. He is the Almighty, the Forgiving.


This verse affirms the fact that we were put to death first and brought to life later, which signifies the fact that we were alive in Heaven, long time ago before the Universe and this Earth was created. We were put to death after we witnessed God as mentioned in (2:172) above. And we were given life, when we were born in this world.


However, all this changed when a feud happened in this heavenly society.  And the decision each one of us made to what we wanted to do.  We were then categorised based on the choices we made into the following;


Angels who worship God alone

Jinn’s who in majority Idol worship

Humans who some Idol worship some worship God Alone

And all other creatures, who repented later after being part of Satan’s plan and worship God Alone,

See the following verse for explanation of creatures;


[33:72]  We have offered the trust to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains, but they refused to bear it, and were afraid of it. But the human being accepted it; he was transgressing, ignorant.


These creatures are paying recompense for their first mistake of agreeing with Satan in the first instance and later denouncing Satan as mentioned in (33:72). They live and die in total submission to God and end up in Paradise.


Within Humans some would worship God alone but most are disbelievers…

Why some among us are guided and others are not?

So how do some of us get, guidance while others do not.  It depends on us and what decision we made at the time of the Feud in (38:69)…


This fact is confirmed by the following verses and their correlations. This, correlation is determined by observing what the following verses are saying and its context and the mathematical miracle of 19.


In (21:51) The Angels and God is fully aware of Abraham’s decision thus they guided him and in (38:69) the heavenly Feud suggest that the Abraham made his decision in this Feud of which they (Angels & GOD) are aware off.  When you concatenate the chapter and verses below we get complete multiple of 19 as follows;




[21:51]  Before that, we granted Abraham his guidance and understanding, for we were fully aware of him.


[38:69]  "I had no knowledge previously, about the feud in the High Society.


38 69 21 51 = 2036429 * 19 or 38 69 21 51 / 190 = 203642.9


Temporal Connection;

(38:69) left most recent thus happened first and (21:51) right most historical happened later where Abraham was tested. The “feud” (38:69) happened before episode with Abraham (21:51) therefore the code is in correct order more recent to less recent.



Position 9 describes “Provision”, and this code is God’s provision to us to explain the fact that guidance comes to us based on what we decided in “feud in heaven” described in (38:69).


The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related”, indeed the verses involved in the above code include messengers, (21:51) has Abraham involved and the revelation of (38:69) was also revelation to a messenger.  Since this Level/Theme coincides with the truth of the verses the code is proven to be true.


The guidance may come from God, but it is our responsibility to try and abide by the Quran and worship God alone, this should be done based on the fact that we are not aware what decision we made in this “Heavenly Feud” mentioned in (38:69).