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On this site an effort is always made to empower the reader, who can verify and confirm the material on this site on their own. Indeed we are not allowed to accept any religious information on the face value. We need not accept information, based on the status of the person delivering the information, even though he is an imam or a mullah. This fact is based on the following verse from the Quran;

(17:36) You shall not accept any information unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing the eyesight and the brain and you are responsible for using them.

Christmas Perspective!!!

The people who celebrate Christmas fall in two distinct groups. The Christians who practice Christianity and all others who do not, but none the less are attracted to the glitter and glamour which comes with this occasion.

We will look at both scenarios briefly.

When was Jesus born?

Was Jesus born on the 25th of December? Yes according to Christian belief he was. So if this is a fact than all the stories which go with the birth of Jesus, which are dramatized and played during Christmas time must also be true.

Let’s start exploring the facts. At this point we will only look at two glaring facts due to the briefness of this narration. The New Testament and the Quran both are unanimous on agreeing that Jesus was born in October. Hence you see Christians like Jehovah’s Witness not celebrating Christmas on December the 25th. Second point is that a woman giving birth without a husband in Middle East was a very shameful experience at that time as it is today. Mary also went through similar experience. She wanted to die of shame rather than giving birth to a baby. We know this from Quran verses (19:23-28).  You might ask why we are taking the word of the Quran but not what the Christmas stories tell us! The Christmas stories also stated that Jesus was born on the 25th of December when he wasn’t, since the fundamental concept of all Christmas stories is false it only leads us to conclude, that there is lack of truth in the Christmas stories.

Perception of Christmas

Christmas and Santa Claus are they real?

Social, Political and Economic benefits of Christmas

So the development of Christmas has Social, Political and Economic benefits which gave precedence for the government to designate 25th of December as the Christmas day.

Social benefit

In mid-winter when the days are dark, Christmas gives a boost to the social aspect, of communities something to celebrate and be happy.

Political benefit

Christmas gives false hope to people, by making a family day, which in turn diverts people’s intentions from bigger things like public unrest.

Economic benefit

Economically, Christmas as a tradition encourages people to buy gifts for their friends and family. This boosts the economy.


So we found out that Christmas is based on social, political and economic benefits. As far as religion is concerned it is based on false assumption that Jesus was born on the 25th of December. The fact that most practicing Christians celebrate Christmas as a religious occasion in fact is nothing more than a make belief. This puts focus on Christian belief system, and what does Bible have to say about Jesus! The proclamation by Jesus to being son of God is disputed 2 to 1 in the New Testament. Mark (8:27-30) and Luke (9:18-20) against Mathew (16:13-20). All 3 are synoptic Gospels, which in essence mean that they present the same point of view. Only Matthew claims Jesus to be the son of God, while other two don’t. The fact that Matthew claims Jesus to be the son of God has been perceived as addition by Matthew. Only the Bible calls Jesus Christ as the son of God. Nowhere in the Bible does God the Father call Jesus to be His son.

For all those who celebrate Christmas because of its glamour and glitter, just be aware that all that which glitters is not gold. There is an alternative celebration based round about the same time the New Year. New Year is based on truth a scientifically confirmed day with 24 hours, while Christmas has doubtful premise. Ask your selves would you go for make belief or something with structure?

Standing for what is right is the stance which most people take today.  The ones who want to do “right” it is paramount that they do not get bogged down by the privileged few the politicians and the clergy!

Advice to practicing Christians

Jesus was an anti-establishment. The followers of Jesus need to act like Jesus. They are required to break down barriers set by the religious bodies and personal.  They need to look at Christianity with an open mind using common sense rather than believing in make belief myths. People today are not very different from the people of the age of Jesus. The human mind set has not changed much, yes we have technologies, cars, and aeroplanes but at innate level we still have the same needs, security, food, roof over our heads, and jobs to support all that. It is true today as it was true at the time of Jesus, that all of us have to work hard and succeed. Believe it or not Jesus had to do the same, as we understand he was a working man. Try to perceive Bible in this frame of mind Jesus as a human being, living and learning from his experiences like all of us do.

There still is lot of truth in the Bible and we also have the Final Testament the Quran as a reference. Follow scriptures using common sense and logic. Don’t be influenced by selective emphasis by the Church or any other religious establishment. People do lot of bad in the name of religion so be careful who you listen to; greed for money and power motivates the majority. And believe it or not the Church and other religious establishments including Islamic ones are still hungry for wealth and power. Stay away from them!

Bring Christianity into global arena and ask yourselves why do all the people of the world in one way or another know that there is God but only few associate Jesus as son of God?  Be mindful of the fact that you are responsible for your deeds and only you are answerable for them. So it only makes sense to build one to One relationship with God the only Saviour.