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Welcome to Al-Muzzammil (The Cloaked) site.

Be ready for an unforgettable experience. This web site will be a new revelation to the reader, which will surpass any other experience the reader might have had regarding any religious web site. It will enlighten them of any religious burden the reader might be carrying. It will reveal new important information to them, which will make their religion simpler and easy. So brothers and sisters welcome to Al-Muzzammil say goodbye to the hidden information about Islam, because Quran has spoken!

 Hadith has been part of Islam for a very long time. Two hundred years after Prophet Muhammad’s death, Muslims required guidance but the one who was their guide was not there!

A gentleman called Bukhari took all the sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad passed down verbally from generation to generation and put these into a book, in desperation to make sense of the religion of Islam. This book was called Hadith! Muslims today and in the past use this book as a compendium to the Quran.

Today with the modern world and its tech we see development of computers, which can process transactions in seconds which otherwise would take days. So it is not a wonder for an intellectual man or a woman to wonder what relevance does Hadith has today as compared to hundred years ago? They might question, is God not aware of modern world? Does Islam fit in well with the modern world? Is this what the Islam has live by the rules of 7th century? Why does not Islam, fit in better in today’s modern world? Is God not Omnipotent? What has He done to show His Omnipotence?

Indeed God is aware of all this, and today He has made the Quran speak! This website is devoted to Islam, pertaining to the modern world. The verses in the Quran in Arabic are called “Aya’s” which translated into English means “Signs or Miracles”, indeed in this website you will witness, signs other than the verses of the Quran. These signs are definitely to do with the Quran, but in a modern way, using Math’s the mother of all sciences. So how did this come about?

There is a chapter in the Quran called “The Hidden Secret” or in Arabic “Al-Mudhatir”, the verses (74:30-31) in this chapter, is the first indication of this sign. In the 1900’s after a remarkable computer work done by a biochemist in America, it was found out what these verses were referring towards. For over 1400 years this secret had been hidden, but was revealed in 1900’s.

This sign briefly is pattern found in the whole Quran, where the common denominator of the Quran is 19. It could be said that revelation of the hidden secret like this being “19” and being revealed in 1900’s is no coincidence but a sign in itself.

Some examples of 19 based denominations in the Quran are; there are 114 chapters in the Quran which is exactly 19 x 6 = 114. If there were 115 chapters or 113 chapters we do not get exact multiple19 we get a decimal answer. The opening statement in the Quran “Bismilla” has 19 Arabic letters in it. This statement appears 114 times in the Quran, despite the fact that this statement disappears at chapter 9. But it reappears in chapter 27, 19 chapters later, when Prophet Solomon sent message to Sheba “In the Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful”. Due to the brief scope of this page not all examples are illustrated here. But the list goes on and on and new patterns are discovered all the time.

 However in brief what we understand from this is that Quran has been preserved in its original state by invisible forces and this mathematical pattern is one such force!

 So the uptake from all this is that further development has taken place in the usage of 19 in an extraordinary way whereby external entities from the world of religion, economics, social, political, scientific and secular, can be confirmed by the Quran. This basically makes the Quran Speak.

With this mechanism in place, we have been able to mathematically confirm all the rites of Islam from the Quran, including Salat.

As you can see we no longer have to rely on Hadith for Salat, or any religious rites, since we can obtain this information from the Quran. In order to obtain other religious or secular information, all we need is this mechanism! Thus Quran becomes the only source for Islam.

Super Menu;

General – this page has collection of articles covering the margins of Islam.

Salat the Five Daily Prayers – this page introduces the concept of Salat and then derives Salat from the Quran using the refined Miracle of 19.

Creation of Heavens and Earth – this page clarifies the purpose of creation of Heavens and Earth with respect to Islam.

Relevance of Miracle of 19 – this page starts with a primer of what the Miracle of 19 is how each one of us is capable of using it and then goes on to show several ways of using this Miracle.

Other rites of Islam – this page introduce the rites of Islam other than the Salat and then confirms the rites using the Quran and the Miracle of 19.

Heavens – Quran uses one word “Heaven” to describe all cosmological bodies. This page confirms the scientific names of the Heavenly bodies with the appropriate verses of the Quran. This page also proves scientifically the existence of high Heaven and the formation of lower Heaven and Hell on the Day of Judgment.

Messenger related – messengers are examples to the believers of how to live on earth as described in the Quran. This page describes various facts about the messengers.

Groups & the Quran – Quran and the 21st Century Group Theory and how are they related a new revelation.

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