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Baha’is & Islam at a Glance;

By Ijaz Chaudry


Common traits between Baha’is and Islam;



Baha’u’llah himself stated that he is not God's final messenger.



Quran accepts that there will be messengers after Muhammad in the following verses;

          Not The Final Messenger

[33:40]  Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of GOD and the final prophet. GOD is fully aware of all things.

          Major Prophecy Fulfilled

          God's Messenger of the Covenant

[3:81]  GOD took a covenant from the prophets, saying, "I will give you the scripture and wisdom. Afterwards, a messenger will come to confirm all existing scriptures. You shall believe in him and support him." He said, "Do you agree with this, and pledge to fulfil this covenant?" They said, "We agree." He said, "You have thus borne witness, and I bear witness along with you."

Indeed in 20th century there was a messenger who came, prophesised in (3:81) the above verse.  The above verse also explains the difference between a prophet and a messenger.  Prophet brings a book (Muhammad brought Quran) while messenger gives message from that book.  Muhammad was a final prophet and a messenger.  Since Muhammad was a final prophet there will not be any more prophets who will come to earth, but there will be messengers who will come.  There are two such messengers mentioned in the Quran, Dr Rashad Khalifa prophesised in the above verse (3:81) and Al-Muzzammil (The Cloaked One) alias Ijaz Chaudry mentioned in (73:1) who is presently alive and trying to spread the message of worshipping God alone using Quran alone.  Dr Rashad Khalifa died in 1990 who also came with the same message, all messengers bring the same fundamental message .i.e. worship God Alone.

[73:1]  O you cloaked one.



“The idea of progressive revelation is of central significance for the Bahá'í faith”



Quran agrees with the progressive revelation however these revelations are totally based on Quran.  New information for new generation can be derived from the Quran and God does this through His messengers.


Difference between Baha’is faith and Islam, Islamic point of view;



“Baha’is believe that Baha’u’llah is the most recent Manifestation of God”



Quran is very clear about “Manifestation of God” in the following verse;


[6:158]  Are they waiting for the angels to come to them, or your Lord, or some physical manifestations of your Lord? The day this happens, no soul will benefit from believing if it did not believe before that, and did not reap the benefits of belief by leading a righteous life. Say, "Keep on waiting; we too are waiting."

According to this verse God will only manifest on the day of resurrection, thus saying that Baha’u’llah was manifestation of God is quite untrue according to the Quran.



God is transcendent and can't be known directly. God is known through the lives and teachings of his great prophets the most recent of whom was Baha’u’llah.



God is transcendent but He is reachable.  Quran talks about signs in the Heavens and the Earth which are created by Omnipresent God thus these signs are directly related to the Almighty and proof of existence of God for the believers.  Messengers function is to warn and bring good news.  And the purpose is to deliver the message from God in most efficient manner. According to Quran Al-Muzzammil alias Ijaz Chaudry (The Cloaked One) is the present messenger.

[3:190]  In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are signs for those who possess intelligence.

[4:165]  Messengers to deliver good news, as well as warnings. Thus, the people will have no excuse when they face GOD, after all these messengers have come to them. GOD is Almighty, Most Wise.

[6:99]  He is the One who sends down from the sky water, whereby we produce all kinds of plants. We produce from the green material multitudes of complex grains, palm trees with hanging clusters, and gardens of grapes, olives and pomegranate; fruits that are similar, yet dissimilar. Note their fruits as they grow and ripen. These are signs for people who believe.

[5:92]  You shall obey GOD, and you shall obey the messenger, and beware. If you turn away, then know that the sole duty of our messenger is to deliver the message efficiently.



All human beings have a soul that lives forever. All human beings are members of a single race, which should soon be united in a single global community. All humans are equal but different; there should be no inequality between races or sexes. All religions have the same spiritual foundation, despite their apparent differences.

Baha’is religion may be unique in the way that it accepts all other faiths as true and valid. Baha’is accept the divine nature of the missions of Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, the Buddha, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad. They believe each one was a further stage in the revelation of God. Other prophets and Manifestations are also accepted.



Muslims believes in one religion Submission to God or in Arabic Islam.  Quran is clear that the intention is the most important part of Islam anyone who believes in the Last Day, lead a righteous life and worship God is a Muslim regardless of what his/her religion is called.  Quran also states that all messengers of God fundamentally brought the same message .i.e. Worship God Alone.

          Many Messengers  /  One Message

[2:253]  These messengers; we blessed some of them more than others. For example, GOD spoke to one, and we raised some of them to higher ranks. And we gave Jesus, son of Mary, profound miracles and supported him with the Holy Spirit. Had GOD willed, their followers would not have fought with each other, after the clear proofs had come to them. Instead, they disputed among themselves; some of them believed, and some disbelieved. Had GOD willed, they would not have fought. Everything is in accordance with GOD's will.

          Minimum Requirements For Salvation

[5:69]  Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the converts, and the Christians; any of them who (1) believe in GOD and (2) believe in the Last Day, and (3) lead a righteous life, have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

This article is a brief discussion of Baha’is religion compared with Islam.  However, there is lot more to Islam, please feel free to investigate Islam on this site and if you have any questions fill in the guestbook or email me, God willing if I can I will answer your questions or concerns.


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