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Fall and Rise of The Romans;

by Ijaz Chaudry


 (The Romans, 30:2-6) Certainly, the Romans will be defeated, in the nearest land. After their defeat, they will rise again and win. Within several years, such is God’s decision, both in the first prophecy, and the second. On that day, the believers shall rejoice in God’s victory, He grants victory to whomever He wills. He is the Almighty, Most Merciful. Such is God’s promise – and God never breaks His promise – but most people do not know.

At the time of the revelation of the Quran 610 CE* to 632 CE*, the Romans were in their decline, the decline lasted about a thousand years and at last in 1453 CE the Romans were defeated, by Mohammed II. Thus the first prophecy came true within several years as prophesied above in (30:2-6), this happened in the land near Saudi Arabia about 224 miles away called Constantinople (Turkey).

The second prophesy, which should have happened after the first one is yet to happen, i.e. The Rise of Romans. However there is no sign of Romans.  At this stage we need to understand the revelations of the Quran, and the way they are worded. Take this verse for example:

(The Heifer, 2:135)

They said, “You have to be Jewish or Christian, to be guided. “Say, “We follow the religion of Abraham – monotheism – he never was an idol worshiper”.

On first impression the statement above, “he never was an idol worshiper”, suggest that Abraham was a believer from birth. However, we know from the following that he was not:

(Livestock, 6:75-79)

We showed Abraham the marvels of the heavens and the earth, and blessed him with certainty: When the night fell, he saw a shining planet. “Maybe this is my Lord”, he said. When it disappeared, he said, “I do not like (gods) that disappear”. When he saw the moon rising, he said, “Maybe this is my Lord!” When it disappeared, he said, “Unless my Lord guides me, I will be with the strayer’s” When he saw the Sun rising, he said, “This must be my Lord, this is the biggest”. “But when it set he said. “O my people, I denounce your idolatry. I have devoted myself absolutely to the one who initiated the heavens and the earth; I will never be an idol worshiper”.

Within the above verses Abraham had three lords temporarily. Only after in 6:79 he swears that he will, never be an idol worshiper.

 Therefore in 2:135 above the phrase “he never was an idol worshiper*” is stemmed from this verse 6:79. Hence 2:135 was spoken in context of this verse 6:79, when describing Abraham to never have idol worshiped. Thus in Quran God does refer to other verses whilst explaining a specific point. This phenomenon is important in our article, to explain who the Romans are today. There is another point made in the Quran, which helps us find who the Romans are and this is described in 2:25-26, briefly God explains through allegories, and God has given all kind of allegories in the Quran.

 After finding out how sometimes God explains the Quran, if now we try and find out who “todays Romans” are we should look for similarities between the “old Romans” and “todays so called Romans”, because of the allegory God uses to explain, we are doing the same here; Romans were famous for their grouping together with other countries and either by force or allegiance, similarly America is such a state who has recently announced war against terrorism, and it has been noted president Bush stating that either join him against terrorism or be against him and suffer the consequences. Thus the “new Romans” are the Americans who will be the final victors. But what will America get from this victory to find this we go back 13 chapters to chapter 17 called The Children of Israel.

Please read these verses for clue to the above;

(The Children of Israel, 17:1-8)

Most glorified is the One who summoned His servant (Muhammad) during the night, from the Sacred Mosque (of Mecca) to the farthest place of prostration, whose surroundings we have blessed, in order to show him some signs. He is the Hearer, the Seer. Similarly, we gave Moses the scripture, and rendered it a beacon for the Children of Israel that: “You shall not set up any idol as a Lord and Master beside Me.” They are descendants of those whom we carried with Noah; he was an appreciative servant. We addressed the Children of Israel in the scripture: “You will commit gross evil on earth, twice. You are destined to fall into great heights of arrogance. “When the first time comes to pass, we will send against you servants of ours who possess great might, and they will invade your homes. This is a prophecy that must come to pass. “Afterwards, we will give you turn over them, and will supply you with a lot of wealth and children; we will give you the upper hand. “If you work righteousness, you work righteousness for your own good, but if you commit evil you do so to your own detriment. Thus, when the second time comes to pass, they will defeat you and enter the Mosque (in Mecca), just as they did the first time. They will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished.” Your Lord showers you with His mercy. But if you revert to transgression, we will counter with retribution. We have designated Gehenna (Hell) as a final abode for the disbelievers.

The things to note down above are that both Moses and Muhammad were sent down to Children of Israel, both were given scriptures. After Moses the Children of Israel had established in Mecca, however, they strayed and were arrogant, until Muhammad came and conquered Mecca.  Both Moses and Muhammad are described in the Quran as The Children of Israel. 17:8 tells us the warning God gave them “Your Lord showers you with His mercy. But if you revert to transgression, we will counter with retribution”, then later the same believers strayed once more and now they are ignorant of the true teachings of the Quran, they rather would believe in the “Sharia” a group of Mullah’s who make their own laws like chopping hands of thief, stoning adulteress to death, while the true laws are symbolic and gentle with motto of shame rather than pain. Thus the second prophecy is about to happen. 30:3, is talking about a win for Romans, this win is in context to 17:7 and fall of Children of Israel. Observe the mathematical proof later. These facts are further discussed in terms of the mathematical miracle of the Quran the common denominator of the code of the Quran number 19, mentioned in 74:30-35. Both prophesies above are in future tense, the first prophecy came shortly after its revelation, this chapter was revealed in the order 107 and Mecca was conquered when chapter 9 was revealed in order of revelation of 113. Hence the future tenses used in this verse for the first win in Mecca. Yet the second prophecy is yet to happen. This victory will be accomplished by the “New Romans” as described in “The Romans 30:2-6”.

 [17:104]  And we said to the Children of Israel afterwards, "Go live into this land. When the final prophecy comes to pass, we will summon you all in one group."

So what is this land the GV of Mecca is 465 concatenate this with chapter and verse above we get number divisible by 19.  There is more about codes later.  This confirms the land to be Mecca.  The Children of Israel were established in Mecca before Muhammad arrived.

17 104 465 = 900235 * 19 or 17 104 465 / 190 = 90023 / 5

The Temporal connection verse first (most recent) gv Mecca last because Mecca was already there before Quran was revealed.  Position 5 describes “Gift” and indeed provision of this land was a Gift from God.  Thus this code is correct when measured in code protocol based on other Quranic data.  The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related”, indeed Moses and Muhammad came from the same community The Children of Israel who settled in Mecca after Moses.

Muhammad was from the tribe called Quraish (historical fact) when we concatenate 10:93 where the Children of Israel are mentioned with 106:1-4 (verses added) where Quraish is mentioned we get 10 93 106 10 = 5753190 * 19, or 10 93 106 10 / 190 = 575319.0, confirming that Al-Quraish was indeed The Children of Israel.  Temporal connection 10:93 left most (most recent) this verse applies to today’s Children of Israel and of course 106:1-4 is talking about the Quraish tribe in olden times.  The Level is 7 is Theme “Disbelievers”, indeed (10:93) clearly points out the knowledge which is disputed, this knowledge is that Muhammad was from the Children of Israel.  This fact is disputed by the disbelievers.

[10:93]  We have endowed the Children of Israel with a position of honour, and blessed them with good provisions. Yet, they disputed when this knowledge came to them. Your Lord will judge them on the Day of Resurrection regarding everything they disputed.

[106:1]  This should be cherished by Quraish.

[106:2]  The way they cherish the caravans of the winter and the summer.

[106:3]  They shall worship the Lord of this shrine.

[106:4]  For He is the One who fed them after hunger, and provided them with security after fear.

Here is the mathematical proof for the link between chapter 30 The Romans and chapter 17 The Children of Israel. As made clear earlier “The Romans” are the Americans and “The Children of Israel” are the custodians of Mecca, the holy place for the Muslims of the world. The question is how do the two prophecies one mentioned in the chapter The Romans and other in The Children of Israel, become the same. This we can proof with the help of the miracle of 19. But before we do that we need to understand how this miracle works.

Brief explanation of Miracle of 19;

The miracle of the Quran is mentioned in 74:30-35 as follows:

Over it is nineteen. We appointed angels to be guardians of Hell, and we assigned their number

1) to disturb the disbelievers,

2) to convince the Christians and Jews

3) to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as well as the believers, and

4) to expose those who harbour doubt in their hearts, and disbelievers; they will say, “What did GOD mean by this allegory?” GOD thus sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills. None knows the soldiers of your Lord except He. This is a reminder for the people. Absolutely, by the moon. And the night as it passes. And the morning as it shines. This is one of the great miracles.

 It is clear from above that not everyone will believe in this miracle.  However, we will be removing doubts about the link between the two prophecies mentioned in the two chapters, with the help of this miracle as it says in 3/ above. From the past experience of using this miracle to remove doubt two patterns have emerged which enlighten us in the usage of number 19 in removing the doubt.

 A) When geometrical value of a thing, place or a person is concatenated, or added to the verses and chapter number, which then is multiple of 19, removes doubt about that person, thing or place to be the subject of those verses e.g. (He Frowned 80:1-10) He frowned and turned away. When the blind man came to him. How do you know? He may purify himself. Or he may take heed, and benefit from the message. As for the rich man. You gave him your attention. Even though you could not guarantee his salvation. The one who came to you eagerly. And is really reverent. You ignored him. This is a famous instance which happened to Muhammad, where he slipped up and he was reprimanded for it, however it is not clear if that is indeed Muhammad. Therefore using our method in A) we add the verses 1 to 10 we get 55, now if we concatenate the geometric value of Muhammad and the chapter number with 55 we get number multiple of 19. This removes the doubt and establishes the fact that the person addressed above indeed is Muhammad.

92 80 55 = 48845 * 19. or 92 80 55 / 190 = 4884 / 5

Temporal connection gv Muhammad left most because he is alive in heaven now and verses 80:1-10 happened previously.  The code where messengers from past appear most recent are the codes which are specific to this generation this is based on the trends of the codes.  Position 5 describes “Gift”, initially when we look at 80:1-10 it does not appear as a gift, but when you look at it as an example then it makes sense that it is a gift.  Because in God’s kingdom even a messenger is not away from a reprimand and the only God is the omnipotent and no one else. Hence Muhammad would not have got away with mistreating his people just because he was close to God.  When God is in control this is great relief that no one is above God and that God is Just.

B) When verses from different chapters have a common subject, but at the same time is bit doubtful if these verses are definitely connected, when the chapter numbers and the verse numbers are concatenated or added and the number is multiple of 19, then these verses are definitely connected e.g. 5:38-39 is a punishment for those who steal in the Quran, the word used is cut their hands, however, 12:31 also uses the same word cut their hands, however, this is the instance where the neighbouring women saw Joseph for the first time and they were smitten by his looks and cut their hands. It is obvious that they did not amputate their hands, thus the word cut is less severe and it means mark in 5:38-39, but how can we prove this, using our method B) we concatenate 5:38-39 to 12:31 and the number is completely multiple of 19, once again proving our point that marking hand in 5:38-39 is the correct punishment for a thief.

12 31 5 38 39 = 6481781 * 19 or 12 31 5 38 39 / 190 = 648178 / 1;

 The Temporal connection 12:31 left most confirms “marking of hand” applies today influenced by this verse.  Position 1 describes “Scenario’s described” and indeed 12:31 and 5:38-39 are two different scenarios with common verb “cut” meaning superficial cut.  The Level is 7 which is Theme “Disbelievers”, indeed the disbelievers in Saudi Arabia do not believe in marking the hands they would rather chop thief’s hands, a cruel and non-Islamic execution.

The Mathematical Proof;

Now God willing we put pieces together to make a whole picture. First we start with the chapter 17, The Children of Israel and the first prophecy;

(17:5) “When the first time comes we will send against you servants of ours who possess great might, and they will invade your homes. This is a prophecy that must come to pass.

Remember this is the time when Mecca was taken by Muhammad and the believers. Here is the mathematical proof;

It was around 632 AD, when Mecca was conquered, take this date concatenate it with chapter number and verse and geometric value of Muhammad, we get number completely multiple of 19;

17 5 92 632 = 925928 * 19 or 17 5 92 632 / 190 = 92592 / 8

Temporal connection 17:5 has already happened therefore this is the present situation, gv of Muhammad 92 appears next because Muhammad came first and next is the age (632) taken to reveal the Quran which came later. Position 8 describes “Issues” this code might be an issue for most people because this is hard to believe, it is generally thought that this verse is talking about historical events which happened long time before Muhammad lived and that it has nothing to do with Mecca and Muhammad.  Because of the Temporal connection where gv of Muhammad is not left most this code was more prominent at the time of Muhammad, however is used as an example here.  And indeed this prophecy at the time of Muhammad would have enlightened many believers.

This verifies that the, first prophecy happened at the time of, Muhammad and the date has been confirmed.  The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related”, indeed Muhammad is involved in this code who was a messenger.

Now the second prophecy;

(17:7) If you work righteousness you work righteousness for your own good, but if you commit evil you do so to your own detriment. Thus, when the second time comes to pass, they will defeat you and enter the mosque (in Mecca), just as they did the first time. They will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished.

Remember we predicted that the winner here is America (the new Roman’s), who conquer Mecca, take geometric value of America, Alif=1+, Meem=40+, Rae=200+, Yae=10+, Kaaf=20+, Alif=1 which is 272 and add these verses,6 and 7 we get 285, which is 15 * 19 or 285 / 190 = 1 /5. This confirms that America will take over Saudi Arabia in future including Mecca.  Position 5 describes “Gift” and indeed this event would indeed be gift from God because the cruel and un-Islamic laws of Saudi’s will disappear and true Islamic laws will enforce which are much more gentle and kind.

Now if we bring in Chapter Romans. 30:2-5, prophesies the first and second prophecy about Romans. However, we are interested in the first;

(30:2-3) Certainly, the Romans will be defeated in the nearest land. After their defeat , ...

17:4-5, is talking about Muhammad’s conquering Mecca, the first prophecy of Children of Israel. Add the verses together for both chapters and concatenate it with chapters, we get number multiple of 19;

2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 14

30 14 17 9 = 158641 * 19 or 30 14 17 9 / 190 = 15864 / 1

Temporal connection chapter 30 was revealed later then chapter 17 thus chapter 17 is older and on the right position.  Position 1 describes “Scenario” all these verses are describing scenarios.  The Level is 5 which is Theme “Detailing Information”, indeed this code describes in detail the first conquest of Mecca under the leadership of Muhammad.

The significance of this code is that at the time of Romans being in the slow process of decline and the Children of Israel were being defeated 610 CE and 632 CE onwards, this unique way these two prophecies are linked.

17:6-7 and 30:2-5;

17+6+7+30+2+3+4+5 = 74, because this prophecy has been unveiled in 21st century in the age of miracle of 19 and that in the first prophecy 30:3, the Romans were defeated in around 700 years, thus the second prophecy after Romans defeat for them to win has also been around 700 years .i.e. now in 21st century, we predict the next available date which is divisible by 19 after adding 74 is;

74 + 2016 = 2090 = 110 * 19 or 2090 / 190 = 11.

The Level is 3 which is Theme “Include Missing Information” indeed the prediction of which year will the  America taking over Saudi Arabia is missing information which has been found through the code above. Thus it is predicted to happen in 2016, however only God knows the right time. This is also been mentioned in chapter The Moon 54 verses 44-45 these verses are talking about disbelievers specifically the terrorists;

(54:44-45) Perhaps they think, “we will be the winners.” All of them will be defeated; they will turn around and flee.

54 44 45 17 6 7 = 286550093 * 19 or 54 44 45 17 6 7 / 190 = 28655009 / 3

Temporal connection 54:44-45 verses relates to todays and future generations therefore left most and 17:6-7 is a prophecy revealed many years ago.  Position 3 describes “Principle or Rule clarified” 17:7 definitely sets the rule read 17:7 for clarification, basically it is talking about if you work righteousness then what will happen and if you work evil then what will happen thus it is defining rules. The Level is 9 which Theme “Misconceptions clarified”, indeed the above code clarifies a major belief on the part of the terrorists that they are fighting in the cause of God and that they will be the victors, which is not true, because terrorists will be the ones who will be defeated.

Also (30:5) God describes the “new Romans” victory as God’s victory and Says that in His victory He grants victory to whomever. This in fact is what has happened America won the war of terrorism. In its victory there is victory for believers, who will be able to practice their religion more easily according to Quran when America takes over Mecca.

All praise to the Almighty.

(30:2-6) & (13:17) when concatenated are multiple of 19;

2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 20, 30 20 13 17 = 1589543 x 19 or 30 20 13 17 / 190 = 15894.3

The Temporal Connection suggest that, order of revelation chapter 30 (84) more recent while chapter 13 is more later (96).  Position 3 describes principle or rule clarified indeed (30:2-6) is talking about Roman’s and there are no Roman’s anymore as described by history, hence this code clarifies that the Roman’s mentioned in these verses are allegorical description of the Roman’s based on characteristics of old Roman’s.  (13:17) is an example of allegory thus fit in with the code.   The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related”, indeed it is Al-Muzzammil who clarified what (30:1-6) actually meant, thus messenger related.

[13:17]  He sends down water from the sky, causing the valleys to overflow, then the rapids produce abundant foam. Similarly, when they use fire to refine metals for their jewellery or equipment, foam is produced. GOD thus cites analogies for the truth and falsehood. As for the foam, it goes to waste, while that which benefits the people stays close to the ground. GOD thus cites the analogies.

[7:53]  Are they waiting until all (predictions) are fulfilled? The day such fulfilment comes to pass, those who disregarded it in the past will say, "The messengers of our Lord have brought the truth. Are there any intercessors to intercede on our behalf? Would you send us back, so that we change our behaviour, and do better works than what we did?" They have lost their souls, and their own innovations have caused their doom.

(30:2-6) is a prediction and (7:53) is where the predictions are mentioned as a missing word.  First (30:2-6) and (7:53) code;

30 20 7 53 = 158987 x 19 or 30 20 7 53 / 190 = 15898.7

Temporal Connection suggest (30:2-6) more recent because this will happen first and then other predictions and the end of the world which is mentioned in (7:53) thus much later.  Position 7 describes disbelievers, indeed the disbelievers will not believe in this prediction (Fall and Rise of Roman’s).  The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related” the prediction has been brought by Al-Muzzammil (alias Ijaz Chaudry) mentioned in (7:53).

Now the proof for the missing word in (7:53) is predictions.  It makes sense that if the missing word was prophecies then it had to do with prophet but (30:2-6) and “Fall and  Rise of Roman’s” article was written by a messenger, therefore the missing word has to be “predictions” and not “prophecies”.  Gv of predictions (Tunboaat) is Tae = 400 + Noon = 50 + Bae = 2 + waoe = 6 + alif = 1 + Tae = 400 = 859 when we add this with the verse number 53 we get 912 or 48 x 19.  Position 8 describes issues; indeed these predictions based on mathematical miracle of 19 can solve many issues if given chance.  The Level is 3 which is Theme “Include Missing Information”, indeed the word “predictions” was missing from (7:53) which has now been included.

*CE stands for “Common era” which equals AD, but AD stands for “Anno Domini” which is Latin for “The year of the Lord”, since Muslims do not believe Jesus was God, it is appropriate to use CE.

*632 CE*So how do we know that the Quran’s revelation completed in 632 AD?  If you take away 632 from 2007 the year when this discovery was made we get 1375, the geometric value of Quran is 382 when we concatenate the two numbers it is multiple of 19. 382 1375 = 201125 x 19 or 382 1375 / 190 = 20112.5.  The Temporal connection gv Quran most recent left most telling us Quran as today, number of years right most happened so many years ago.  Position 5 describes “Gift” and indeed Quran is Gift from God.  Thus this code is correct when measured in code protocol based on other Quranic data.

*Custodians of Mecca were and are The Children of Israel.

*(2:135) i.e. he never was an idol worshiper has driven from (6:79) where Abraham promised not to be idol worshiper.  2:135 is not unique however 6:79 is.  However, 2:135 is the first occurrence of such verse, which makes it okay, therefore we can use verses on its own; 79 135 = 4165 x 19 or 79 135 / 190 = 416 / 5.  This code is proof of the above statement.  Temporal connection 6:79 most recent telling us that Abraham is alive in heaven now this code is meant to be for today’s generation based on the trends of the codes.  Position 5 “Gift” indeed the revelations to Abraham and certainty in 6:75 – 79 were Gift from God. 

Fall and Rise of The Romans Arabic breakdown and geometric values