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First Murder Abel & Cain history confirmed;

By Ijaz Chaudry

[5:27]  Recite for them the true history of Adam's two sons. They made an offering, and it was accepted from one of them, but not from the other. He said, "I will surely kill you." He said, "GOD accepts only from the righteous.

[5:28]  "If you extend your hand to kill me, I am not extending my hand to kill you. For I reverence GOD, Lord of the universe.

[5:29]  "I want you, not me, to bear my sin and your sin, then you end up with the dwellers of Hell. Such is the requital for the transgressors."

[5:30]  His ego provoked him into killing his brother. He killed him, and ended up with the losers.

[5:31]  GOD then sent a raven to scratch the soil, to teach him how to bury his brother's corpse. He said, "Woe to me; I failed to be as intelligent as this raven, and bury my brother's corpse." He became ridden with remorse.

The true history of Adam’s two sons has been precisely confirmed above, with the exceptions like what were their names. Were, their names Cain and Abel, who was the oldest and who murdered who.  Mashalla (God’s gift) with the help of the Miracle of 19 stated in (74:30-35) we can answer these questions, because one of the main functions of this Miracle is to clarify the Quran.

 The questions asked are as follows and there answers;

a) What were the names of Adams two sons?

b) Who was the oldest?

c) Who murdered whom?


a-b) The Geometric values of Cain & Abel are 80 & 43 respectively now when we concatenate verse 27 above with Gv’s of Cain & Abel we get 80 43 27 = 42333 x 19 or 80 43 27 / 190 = 4233.3.  Now let’s analyse this code.  The code confirms that indeed Adam’s two sons were called Cain & Abel.  The temporal connection is that Gv 80 (Cain) is left most thus earliest in the historical sense (starting off with Cain) then bit later Abel was born and later still Quran was revealed and (5:27) .i.e. thus confirming Cain was the older then Abel.  This age difference between the two brothers is also confirmed in the Bible.  The Position 3 describes “Principle or Rule Clarified”, thus it was written that Cain will be the oldest son of Adam before the time of the creation, however their names and relative ages have now been confirmed and clarified.  The Level is 5 which is Theme “Detailing information” indeed this code gives details like age and name of Adam’s two sons from the verse (5:27).

 c) Take the chapter number and verse (5:28) which is addressing the son who would be murdered eventually (so who was this son?).  When we add gv 43 of Abel we get 5 + 28 + 43 = 76 = 19 x 4 or 76 / 190 = 0.4.  The code confirms that this son was Abel, this again confirms what the Bible says about this murder.  Position 4 describes “Act of Righteousness” indeed Abel was acting righteously in this verse.  The Level is 2 which is Theme “Related to righteousness” indeed both the Position and Level are the same which indeed confirms the verse (5:28) which is act of righteousness on behalf of Abel.

 In conclusion we find out that Adams two sons were called Abel and Cain.  Cain was the elder of the two.  And that Cain killed Abel.  These facts are re-confirmation of what Bible says.

Geometric values of Abel & Cain;

 Abel; Alif (A) = 1 + Yae (Y) = 10 + Bae (B) = 2 + Laam (L) + 30 = 43

Cain; Kaaf (K) = 20 + Yae (Y) = 10 + Noon (N) + 50 = 80