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Is there such a thing as Record of Destiny?;

By Ijaz Chaudry


The following verses and code suggest that there is such a thing as Record of Destiny, please read on.


[13:39]  GOD erases whatever He wills, and fixes (whatever He wills). With Him is the original Master Record.


     The Video Tape


[17:13]  We have recorded the fate of every human being; it is tied to his neck. On the Day of Resurrection we will hand him a record that is accessible.


There is such a thing as record of our destiny.  13:39 tells us that God controls our record of destiny.  17:13 confirms that this record will be presented on the Day of Judgement.


13 39 17 13 = 704827 x 19 or 13 39 17 13 / 190 = 70482 / 7


The Temporal connection 13:39 left most thus most recent why because our original master record is with God already, which God can fix if He wills, 17:13 right most historical because these actions are recorded for the people who are dead and these records will be handed to them on the Day of Resurrection.  The Position 7 describes “Disbelievers”, indeed both 13:39 and 17:13 are addressing disbelievers, because when the believer dies he/she goes straight to Heaven, they need not wait for the Day of Resurrection only the disbelievers are resurrected on the Day of Judgement;


     The Believers Do Not Really Die


[16:30]  As for the righteous, when they are asked, "What do you think of these revelations from your Lord," they say, "Good." For those who lead a righteous life, happiness; and the abode of the Hereafter is even better. What a blissful abode for the righteous.


[16:31]  The gardens of Eden are reserved for them, wherein rivers flow. They have anything they wish therein. GOD thus rewards the righteous.


     They Go Straight to Paradise


[16:32]  The angels terminate their lives in a state of righteousness, saying, "Peace be upon you. Enter Paradise (now) as a reward for your works."*


 *16:30-32 The righteous taste only the first death, which has been already experienced by all of us (see 44:56). At the end of their interim in this world, the angels of death simply invite them to move on to the Paradise where Adam and Eve once lived (2:154, 3:169, 8:24, 22:58, 36:26-27).


*Missing word is “Now” or Alan gv 82. 32 + 82 = 114 or 19 x 6 Position is 4 “Act of righteousness”, indeed the righteous people go to Heaven when they die. Level is 2 “Related to righteousness”, indeed this verse is related to righteousness. **Al-Muzzammil


The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related”, indeed the book of Destiny is updated by Angels who are messengers of God;


[50:17]  Two recording (angels), at right and at left, are constantly recording.

[50:18]  Not an utterance does he utter without an alert witness.


So do we know that it is the two angels which are recording because above is only interpretation, we know it through the miracle of 19 as follows;


The geometric value of the word Al-Malaikah meaning Angels is 572;


When we add verse 17 with 572 we get 598 which is multiple of 19; 598 = 31 x 19; confirming the fact that those who record are the angels; Position is 1 which is “Scenario described”, this indeed is one instance of recording what we do and the other is God who also knows what we do.


Please goto this url to look at the breakdown of Arabic words and their geometric values used in this article


Glory be to the Almighty