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By Ijaz Chaudry

Can Jinn’s benefit us?

In today’s generation both in East and West, it is a common belief that their dead ancestors, prophets, and saints are looking upon them from Heaven and are helping them in many ways!!


Today God willing we will look at this understanding and qualify or dis-qualify it, based on the only scientifically proven final word of God on earth today the Quran (The Final Testament).

Who is our constant companion?

43             36    Anyone who disregards the message of the Most Gracious we appoint the Satan to be his constant companion.                                                                            

 43             37    Such companions will divert them from the path yet make them believe that they are guided.      

These two verses are confirming the fact that, Satan is part of the human makeup. So how do we know that? We know this because (43:36) uses specific words highlighted above “constant companion”, which literarily mean all the time or all 24 hours of the day. This is only possible if Satan is part of the human makeup.


All three monotheist religions believe that there is devil in the world, which are the descendants of  Satan.  So common sense dictates that if there are descendants of Satan on earth, the same Satan which is present in a human body, than there is only one explanation where they arrive from. The descendants of Satan are born when a man or a woman dies.

Are fortune tellers right?

This is confirmed by the fact what the fortune tellers do. They call “spirits” and find information regarding the recipients. These so called “spirits” are the descendants of Satan or in Arabic called Jinn’s. Since Jinn’s live all their lives in a human body they know a lot about that person, hence this astonishes most people and they seem to believe that it is their relative’s Soul speaking to them.  However, the real you and me the Soul is separated from this world when we die, we know this from the following two verses;


23             99    When death comes to one of them he says "My Lord send me back.                          

23             100  "I will then do well in everything I left." Not true. This is a false claim that he makes. A barrier will separate them from this world until resurrection.


The above two verses also clarifies the issue regarding reincarnation, there is no such thing.


The following two verses confirm the fact that today people have made the spiritualism into reality and they truly believe that spirits can help them.  Thus making spirits partners to God;


37             158  They even invented a special relationship between Him and the jinns. The jinns themselves know that they are subservient.

 37             159  GOD be glorified; far above their claims.

Can spirits benefit us?

The following two verses emphasises the fact that Jinn’s can most probably harm the people than benefit them. They do not have any power.


22             12    He idolizes beside GOD what possesses no power to harm him or benefit him; such is the real straying.                      

22              13    He idolizes what is more apt to harm him than benefit him. What a miserable lord! What a miserable companion!

We will take an example of a fictitious person, someone who benefitted from believing in the “spirits”. However, in reality he was following a mirage. The temporary success that he got was actually his doom.

Since Jinn’s only know the past and they do not know the future, however, God knows the past and the future; it is advisable to only follow God.

In this example, say on X-Factor, this person wins the X-Factor and associates his victory to his grandparents who had died few years ago.  So he enjoys his life, becomes famous with lots of money. But after sometime the fame and money was not enough he wanted more so he tried drugs. Slowly but surely he started to take more drugs and eventually he got addicted to it! So much so  that he could not continue singing lost his fame and money, ended up on the streets  and died homeless destitute.

So the lesson from this little story is that if he had asked God’s guidance who knows his past and his future, he would not have been in this situation. Instead because he believed in Jinn’s for his success, this was the retribution from above.


We found out from various verses from the Quran that only God has the power to benefit us, all that bad happens to us is from Satan and our own doing. We also found out that people associate their success to themselves and spirits, it is wise to associate our success only to God. God will then benefit you, more the more you thank Him the more he gives;

14           7              And when your Lord decreed: "The more you thank Me the more I give you." But if you turn unappreciative then My retribution is severe.