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Future of Islam

By Ijaz Chaudry

Dear Sisters and Brothers the future of Islam is as bright as the light itself. Islam is not what IS are or what Taliban are or are doing, these are communities which are greedy for money land and women, their intentions are wicked and that is why they will be defeated, and true and pure Islam will emerge among them, proclaimed by the Word of God the Quran.

Islam has nothing to do with claiming land, women, money or possessions. The Islam means Submission in Arabic, since Islam is a religion and religions are associated with God Islam means Submission to God. Whenever, a human element intrude in any religion that religion becomes corrupted and that religion is not God’s religion anymore. All religions of the world once were one religion Islam. All the messengers and prophets of the world were Submitters and asked their people to worship God Alone. But alas after the messengers died the people who followed them made their messengers into deities and gods beside God. This is a true shame. This has been happening in the past and it is happening now. Christians are calling Jesus god while Muhammadan’s are setting up Muhammad as an intercessor to God, indeed this is real shame. True Islam is total submission to God and no one else and how do we do that we do it by following the Word of God the Quran, asking questions of the knowledgeable verify what they are told by using all their powers, mind, sight, hearing and then accepting and following what they have learnt (17:36)

     Crucial Advice

[17:36] You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.

The question you will be wondering about now is how we can be sure that the future of Islam is so bright? To answer this question please read the following verses and there explanations;

21             3       Their minds are heedless. And the transgressors confer secretly: "Is he not just a human being like you? Would you accept the magic that is presented to you?"


This verse is addressing the messenger named Al-Muzzammil his worldly birth name is Ijaz Ul Haq which is coded in the Quran and is directly associated with Al-Muzzammil. He runs the website Al-Muzzammil has translated the Quran and wrote many books regarding the religion of Islam.  He has been authorised by God to disseminate new information to people who would listen using the Quran and the Miracle of 19. The Miracle of 19 is mentioned in (74:30-35). His messenger name is coded with this verse as 21 3 73 1 = 11249 x 19. Verse (73:1) is where Al-Muzzammil is addressed so as the code suggests that when we concatenate (73:1) with (21:3) it is complete multiple of 19 confirming the fact that the person addressed in this verse is indeed Al-Muzzammil (Ijaz Ul Haq) and the magic the transgressors are conferring to is the Miracle of 19. Therefore it is essential that all believers believe in the Miracle of 19. **Al-Muzzammil


21             4       He said "My Lord knows every thought in the heaven and the earth. He is the Hearer the Omniscient."                      

21             5       They even said "Hallucinations" "He made it up" and "He is a poet. Let him show us a miracle like those of the previous messengers."                                                                                                                                  

21             6       We never annihilated a believing community in the past. Are these people believers?

21             7       We did not send before you except men whom we inspired. So ask people of remembrance if you do not know.


*The people of remembrance mentioned in this verse are the people who read Salat the correct way and include (17:110-111) in the Salat. It is quite peculiar the way this word “remembrance” is mentioned in this verse, but when you think in terms of Salat’s main function being remembering God which is defined in (20:14) the meaning becomes clear which is that this word is referring to Salat. The “People of Remembrance” are particular community as proven through this code; (17:110-111) 21 + 7 + 17 + 110 +111 = 266 = 19 x 14 Position 4 is “Act of righteousness”, indeed these are the people who can read the Salat the right way. Level is 2 “Related to righteousness”, reading Salat correctly is means of achieving righteousness. **Al-Muzzammil


For further understanding of (17:110-111) go to;



21             8       We did not give them bodies that did not eat nor were they immortal.                      

21             9       We fulfilled our promise to them; we saved them together with whomever we willed and annihilated the transgressors.                                                                                                                                                    

21             10    We have sent down to you a book in which is your remembrance. Do you not understand?


*This verse is suggesting that all Salat instructions are in the Quran. (21:7) & (21:10) are connected. 21 + 7 + 10 = 38 = 19 x 2. Position 2 is “Command used in various situations”, indeed this command has been issued and is true that all the Salat details are in the Quran. Level is 2 “Related to righteousness”, indeed the only right way to do the Salat is to do it from the Quran. See the articles on Salat Salat Explained  which are fully derived from the Quran. **Al-Muzzammil


21             11    Many a community we terminated because of their transgression and we substituted other people in their place.              

21             12    When our requital came to pass they started to run.                                                          

21             13    Do not run and come back to your luxuries and your mansions for you must be held accountable.                

21             14    They said "Woe to us. We were really wicked."                                                                     

21             15    This continued to be their proclamation until we completely wiped them out.       

21             16    We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them just for amusement.                                

21             17    If we needed amusement we could have initiated it without any of this if that is what we wanted to do.                    

21           18           Instead it is our plan to support the truth against falsehood in order to defeat it. Woe to you for the utterances you utter.    

The primary characteristics of these verses which we need to recognise first is that these verses are addressing Al-Muzzammil (Ijaz Ul Haq) and his people, as revealed in (21:3) in red above with the coded proof. The next thing to recognise is that these verses are mainly talking about retribution to the disbelievers in the past and the verses (21:7 & 21:10) emphasise on the facts that Salat should be from the Quran.

Now the main reason why we displayed these verses is to find out from the Quran why the future of true Islam is bright. Now look at (21:18) indeed this verse comes after all the verses describing what the fate was for the disbelievers that they were punished for their disbelieve and many communities were terminated therefrom. However this verse is addressing today’s generation and letting them know what the plan is today and for the future for the progress of Islam, which is to “support truth against falsehood in order to defeat it…”

Indeed when you look at the following verse and concatenate the verses with (21:18) we get complete multiple of 19;

[17:81] Proclaim, "The truth has prevailed, and falsehood has vanished; falsehood will inevitably vanish."

18 81 = 99 x 19

This code confirms the fact that the Quranic truth is already prevailing and falsehood is vanishing. The next part of this article is addressing the subject of how the falsehood is vanishing by using Quran alone. At this juncture I would like to give examples one religious and the other scientific where the truth from the Quran is influencing fallacy of today.

Religious Truth

The traditional Muslims have a Shahada or Proclamation of belief as follows;

There is no god beside God and Muhammad is His messenger.

First this proclamation is not from Quran. The proclamation in the Quran is as follows;

[27:26]  GOD: there is no other god beside Him; the Lord with the great dominion.

Similar proclamations like this appear many times in the Quran.

Now let us scrutinise the proclamation of the traditional Muslims in particular the highlighted part in red. When it saysMuhammad is His messenger that implies that Muhammad is alive. But as we know Muhammad is dead and buried in Medina in Saudi Arabia. But if that is not enough the Quran also implies that Muhammad will die as follows;

[3:144] Muhammad was no more than a messenger like the messengers before him. Should he die or get killed, would you turn back on your heels? Anyone who turns back on his heels does not hurt GOD in the least. GOD rewards those who are appreciative.

 [39:30] You (Muhammad) will surely die, just like they will die.

Indeed the Quran has already removed one falsehood, but there are hundreds of examples where similar falsehoods have been removed from the traditional Islam. This is just one example.

Scientific Truth

     The Big Bang Theory Confirmed

[21:30] Do the unbelievers not realize that the heaven and the earth used to be one solid mass that we exploded into existence? And from water we made all living things. Would they believe?

This verse confirms the creation of universe and earth, which is fundamentally different from scientific point of view. The main criterion in red above is the main difference between scientific view and Quranic view. As you can see in this verse the Big Bang happened when a solid mass was exploded. Whilst the scientific understanding today is that the universe was formed from Singularity or from a single point which was than expanded into the universe as we see it today.

The failing point in this argument is that the scientists can explain about two minutes after the explosion called “Inflation period” but not after that. From the moment when Big Bang occurred and proceeding two minutes the point in space expanded to the entire universe. What the science cannot understand is what happened after the two minutes and how suddenly the inflationary universe stopped expanding at that immense rate. This phenomenon which scientists cannot explain is called “The Graceful Exit”. And this is the major stumbling block to their theory of Big Bang.

However, if we envisage Big Bang happening as an explosion of the Solid Mass then the “Inflation theory” is annulled and the Big Bang theory is stable.

Hence once again the Quran has removed scientific catastrophe into victory.

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