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By Ijaz Chaudry


Level 1, 2 & 3

This Group confirms messengers sets precedence for the believers, gives examples of righteous behaviours and the messengers issue commands;

Level 1

[5:2]  O you who believe, do not violate the rites instituted by GOD, nor the Sacred Months, nor the animals to be offered, nor the garlands marking them, nor the people who head for the Sacred Shrine (Ka`bah) seeking blessings from their Lord and approval. Once you complete the pilgrimage, you may hunt. Do not be provoked into aggression by your hatred of people who once prevented you from going to the Sacred Masjid. You shall cooperate in matters of righteousness and piety; do not cooperate in matters that are sinful and evil. You shall observe GOD. GOD is strict in enforcing retribution.

[9:3]  A proclamation is herein issued from GOD and His messenger to all the people on the great day of pilgrimage, that GOD has disowned the idol worshipers, and so did His messenger. Thus, if you repent, it would be better for you. But if you turn away, then know that you can never escape from GOD. Promise those who disbelieve a painful retribution.

The code is derived by adding chapters and verses above so; 5 + 2 + 9 + 3 = 19 or 19 x 1 = 19 thus Level and Position are 1.

The code shows strong correlation between the two verses by virtue of the Miracle of 19. Thus we learn from the context of verse (5:2) that Muhammad and his companions were prevented from going to Sacred Masjid Kabaa before this time, and what is this time? This time is stated in (9:3), due to the original order of revelation of this chapter we know that this chapter was 113th, which is the time when Mecca was conquered, by Muhammad and his compatriots. This confirms the notion that one cannot do Hajj (pilgrimage) whilst Kabaa (situated in Mecca) is occupied by the disbelievers.

This code therefore sets precedence (Level 1) for the believers. This precedence is further confirmed by the following verses where it stipulates not to pray in mosques which are occupied by the disbelievers. Since Kabaa is a mosque the same rule applies;

[9:107]  There are those who abuse the masjid by practicing idol worship, dividing the believers, and providing comfort to those who oppose GOD and His messenger. They solemnly swear: "Our intentions are honourable!" GOD bears witness that they are liars.

[9:108]  You shall never pray in such a masjid. A masjid that is established on the basis of righteousness from the first day is more worthy of your praying therein. In it, there are people who love to be purified. GOD loves those who purify themselves.

The context of the verses above also describes a scenario which is the occasion where Hajj is taking place, which according to the coding convention is Position 1 (Scenario).

Hence both categories Level and Position fit in nicely with this code keeping the parity on the code.

 Level 2

[5:28]  "If you extend your hand to kill me, I am not extending my hand to kill you. For I reverence GOD, Lord of the universe.

Gv of Abel 43

The code is derived by adding chapter, verse and geometric value of Abel. The name Abel is taken from Bible describing him as son of Adam; 43 + 5 + 28 = 76 which is 19 x 4.

The code confirms that the main character addressed in (5:28) is Abel, who the nice guy is telling his brother I will not kill you if you want to kill me it is up to you. Abel is also confirmed to be nice guy in Bible.

Both the Level and Position agree on this code to be associated with righteousness. Level being "Related to righteousness" and Position "Act of righteousness", from general description to more specific respectively. From general to specific is the convention in coding methodology Level general and Position specific.

This code confirms Abel was the one who was murdered.

 Level 3

[7:150]  When Moses returned to his people, angry and disappointed, he said, "What a terrible thing you have done in my absence! Could you not wait for the commandments of your Lord?" He threw down the tablets, and took hold of his brother's head, pulling him towards himself. (Aaron) said, "Son of my mother, the people took advantage of my weakness, and almost killed me. Let not my enemies rejoice, and do not count me with the transgressing people."

 Gv Aaron 261

 The code is derived by adding chapter, verse and geometric value of Aaron; 261 + 7 + 150 = 418 which is 22 x 19. The Level is 3 which is "Include missing information", indeed this verse has missing name which has been confirmed by the code to be Aaron. The Position is 2 which is "Command used in various situation", indeed in this situation Moses is in command pelting down on his brother Aaron.


Level 1 (Position 1) + Level 2 (Position 4) + Level 3 (Position 2) = Level 6

Precedence (Scenario described) + Related to righteousness (Act of righteousness) + Include Missing information (Command used in various situations) = Messenger related

Now the left side of the equation above should correspond to the right side of the equation .i.e. the context of the verses on the left should all be Level 6 which is "Messenger related". Indeed Level 1 verses above are talking about Muhammad who was a messenger, Level 2 verse is talking about Abel. Who we know lived his life by the laws instituted by God, and he is stating from these laws thus giving message. Which makes him messenger with small "m". The fact that any righteous person can be a messenger when he or she is quoting laws of God is confirmed by the code here. Level 3, chapter and verse is addressing Moses and Aaron who were also messengers. Thus the left side of the equation is confirmed one element which is present in all three instances by the right side of the equation spelling out what that single action is which is they all are messenger related events.

This confirms that the Group theory has worked and that Quran abides the laws of Groups and that in the above equation left side strongly correlates with the right side.