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By Ijaz Chaudry


Level 2, 3 & 4

A pledge made to Al-Muzzammil by the five prophets, Quran was inherited by The Children of Israel, 19 based codes described as revelations in the Quran.

Level 2

[33:7]  And when we took from the prophets their covenant including a pledge from you (O Muhammad) and from Noah Abraham Moses and Jesus the son of Mary. We took from them a rough pledge.

[73:1]  O you cloaked one.

The code is calculated by adding the chapter numbers and there verses for Level 2 above; 33 + 7 + 73 + 1 = 114 which is 19 x 6. This pledge is separate from the Covenant made in (3:81). Main reason being it only mentions five prophets and not all prophets like in (3:81). Because there are no contradictions in the Quran mentioning 5 prophets here contradict the pledge made in (3:81) where all prophets are mentioned, therefore the pledge mentioned here is a unique pledge. This pledge was made between the five prophets and Al-Muzzammil, who came after Rashad, the gv of Al-Muzzammil is coded in the Quran. Thus (33:7) is the pledge and (73:1) where Al-Muzzammil is mentioned thus confirming the fact that this pledge was with Al-Muzzammil or Cloaked one. This verse emphasises that this pledge was "rough". This is because this pledge was personified by one prophet Muhammad to Al-Muzzammil in his dream although the pledge included five prophets.

Level 2 is "Related to righteousness" according to God the pledge in (33:7) with Al-Muzzammil in (73:1) is right thing to do. Thus it has God's approval. The Position is 6 "Caution", indeed some caution is involved in understanding the meaning of (33:7) because this verse is not entirely related to (3:81) as understood at the time of Rashad.

Level 3

[40:53] We have given Moses the guidance, and made the Children of Israel inherit the scripture.

Geometric value of the Quran 382 note Muhammad came from Children of Israel i.e. Jacob's family...

The code was calculated by adding the chapter number with its verse number and the geometric value of the Quran for Level 3 above; 382 + 40 + 53 = 475 which is 25 x 19. Thus the scripture which was inherited by the Children of Israel is the Quran. It has been long thought that Quran was revealed to the lineage of Ismail who was not of the Children of Israel. The code above confirms that Quran was revealed to the lineage of Children of Israel, which is family of Jacob who was also called Israel and the descent of prophets from Jacob is mentioned in (19:58). Jacob has not specifically described in the Quran as Israel, however the first instance where Jacob is addressed totally is (2:133) when we concatenate the geometric value of Israel 301 we get total multiple of 19; 2 133 301 = 301 112279 x 19, suggesting the fact that Jacob's other name was Israel.

Level 3 is "Include missing information", indeed (40:53) does not say which scripture was inherited by the Children of Israel. Due to the code we now know it was the Quran. Position is 5 "Gift", indeed inheriting the Quran by the Children of Israel is a great gift from God. Indeed Quran in other places say that the Children of Israel were provided more than the others. Thus the provision of the Quran is one such favour.

Level 4

[4:56]  Surely, those who disbelieve in our revelations, we will condemn them to the hellfire. Whenever their skins are burnt, we will give them new skins. Thus, they will suffer continuously. GOD is Almighty, Most Wise.


*Revelations also 19 based

The code was calculated by concatenating number 19 with the chapter number and the verse number in Level 4 above; 4 56 19 = 2401 x 19. When we look at this verse in conjunction with the code, we find out that this verse is talking about disbelieving in revelations. And because 19 is concatenated in this code confirms the fact that 19 based codes are also revelations from God. The word "our" verifies that there are other entities involved in bringing these revelations which include messenger and the concepts of Miracle of 19. (4:56) when the chapter and verse is concatenated it is multiple of 19. 4 56 = 24 x 19, this is another proof that this verse is strongly related to the Miracle of 19.

Level 4 is "Verses which can be extrapolated" and the Position 1 "Scenario described" the scenario described here can be extrapolated to life after death for the disbelievers


Level 2 (Position 6) + Level 3 (Position 5) + Level 4 (Position 1) = Level 9

Related to righteousness (Caution) + Include missing information (Gift) + Verses which can be extrapolated (Scenario described) = Misconceptions clarified

Now the left side of the equation above should correspond to the right side of the equation .i.e. the context of the verses on the left should all be Level 9 which is "Misconceptions clarified".

Level 2 since Rashad came (33:7) was strongly associated with (3:81) where the Messenger of the Covenant was prophesised.  However, this misconception was clarified by the code in Level 2 as explained earlier.

Level 3 verse could have been thought of been talking of previous scriptures, because it was thought that Muhammad came from Ismail's lineage who was not descendent of Children of Israel. This code confirms that the scripture (40:53) is the Quran and Muhammad was one of the Children of Israel.

Level 4 verse could have been wrongly conceptualised that the revelations were purely the Quran. But the code clarified that it could also be the Miracle of 19 and the intervention of the messenger in delivering those revelations by Grace of God.