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By Ijaz Chaudry


Level 2, 3 & 4

Muhammad sets precedence for messengers who came after him that the main function of any messenger is to deliver the message, if the disbelievers do not take heed than that is because God knows them and because they refuse to be guided, God will not guide them. The messenger should not be disheartened due to this situation because it happened to Muhammad as well.

(9:3) Level 2 (the code being between 38 & 361) code is 95, 92 gv of Muhammad plus 3 = 95 Position is 5 "Gift" 95 / 190 = 0.5.

 (64:12) Level 3 (the code being between 380 & 6859) code is 12 92 Position is 8 "Issues" 1292/190 = 6.8.

(35:4) Level 4 (the code being between 6878 & 130321) code is 35 4 92 = 1868 Position is 8 "Issues" 35492/190 = 186.8.

 Level 2 Related to Righteousness (Gift) + Level 3 Include Missing Information (Issues) + Level 4 Verses which can be extrapolated (Issues) = Level 9 Misconceptions clarified

 [9:3]  A proclamation is herein issued from GOD and His messenger to all the people on the great day of pilgrimage, that GOD has disowned the idol worshipers, and so did His messenger. Thus, if you repent, it would be better for you. But if you turn away, then know that you can never escape from GOD. Promise those who disbelieve a painful retribution.

 [64:12]  You shall obey GOD and you shall obey the messenger. If you turn away, then the sole mission of our messenger is to deliver the message.

 [35:4]  If they disbelieve you, messengers before you have been disbelieved. GOD is in control of all things.

  The interdependence of verses based on Groups:

(9:3) is a gift from GOD for Muhammad and his followers for getting an opportunity to do Hajj which is also related to righteousness. In this verse Muhammad is giving ultimatum to non-believers to get their act straight. (64:12) is where a command is issued by GOD to obey the messenger (Muhammad) and explained here is the duty of a messenger to deliver the message. Indeed this information was missing whilst looking at (9:3) in isolation, indeed the Group has included this information. (35:4) is where another command is issued where it clarifies that messengers before Muhammad were also disbelieved therefore do not worry if the disbelievers do not believe, because GOD controls everything and why the disbelievers did not believe because GOD knew that they were wicked and He controls all His creation. This verse is also multiple with other messenger Al-Muzzammil who is alive now. Thus for him Quran witnesses the disbelief of the people at the time of Muhammad thus the Level being “Verses which can be extrapolated" to the time of Muhammad.


Now the culmination of the left side of the equation with the right side of the equation is "Misconceptions clarified". So what are these misconceptions which have been clarified? First when we observe (9:3) in isolation we see two questions stand out 1- why would we listen to the messenger? 2- for what reason the disbelievers did not listen to the messenger?  Thus both these questions which could have been misconstrued has been answered by the other two verses (64:12) & (35:4) and the associative Level and Positions they were associated with. This confirms that the Cyclic Group theory is working with "Level" and "Position" and the Mathematical Miracle of 19.