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By Ijaz Chaudry

Earth and the Stratosphere


The Quran is a dynamic book! Since the Quran is the final word of God on earth a sincere reader of the Quran is blessed by God to explore and find new, riveting and exhilarating information from it if one looks hard enough. The reader from the time of Prophet Muhammad would have found Quran relevant to that age, and the reader from 21st Century would find information from the Quran relevant from this age. This is the dynamism of the Quran.


Similarly, this article is relevant to this age and one of the many scientific facts we know today have been confirmed in the Quran and hence the title; Earth and the Stratosphere. We know today from scientists that our earth has 5 layers of spheres surrounding us. About 10-30 km above the surface of earth is Stratosphere. The unique quality of Stratosphere is that it has Ozone gas in it which protects the creatures on earth from Ultra Violet radiation. If there was no Ozone gas above us none of us would be alive today. Therefore Stratosphere is an important layer around the earth and hence the main topic of this article. This article looks at very ordinary phrase in the Quran, which has been there for more than 1400 years, without having more to say about it and finds the relation between this phrase and the Stratosphere around the earth. Please observe this journey as follows;

Eleven occurrences "the heaven and the earth":

Within the Quran there are 11 occurrences of the verses where the phrase "the heaven and the earth" is used. We know from the Quran that it is fully detailed; therefore this is our opportunity to find out if there is a purpose behind these 11 occurrences of this phrase besides the obvious, which is to describe what the verses are saying. This article focuses on why and how to unravel this mystery.


Those of you who are not familiar with all the rules of the refined miracle of 19, here is a point which requires elaboration. It is to do with group of verses which have similarity between them. Take the example of the 11 verses where all 11 verses have 1 phrase in common "the heaven and the earth". Let’s say we are interested to interpret one word in this phrase. Let’s say the word is "heaven". Now the word "heaven" could mean more than one thing, to more than one person. It could mean "Paradise" to some, "Sky" to some other and "Universe" to some other. What if it means only 1 thing for the entire 11 occurrences of this phrase, how is it possible for a coder to have one plausible solution which encompasses all occurrences. Besides going to each occurrence of the verse where this phrase appears and derive a code for that verse. As you can imagine there will be load of duplication and time spent doing that. We know from (54:17) that the Quran is easy to learn therefore we should strive to find easier solution. And there is an easier solution, which has been driven through trial and error and has been used extensively giving positive result each time. This is part of the refined miracle of 19 where a situation like this could easily be resolved. All one has to do is to take the very first verse in the chronological sequence of the verses where this phrase is mentioned and find the code for that verse. This code confirms that all the remaining 10 verses with this phrase also mean the same as this code. Here is application of this method;


So the first occurrence of the 11 verses where the phrase "the heaven and the earth" is used is (7:96). However, when you observe the following code you see that (7:95-96) two verses have been used in the code, rather than the one initially proposed. The reason for this is because these two verses are joined by "and" therefore they become part of the code.


Now here is the moment when inspiration is put into words. I was inspired by God that the interpreted word for "heaven" should be "Stratosphere". So how do we know if this word is the correct interpreted word? The answer is that we use refined mathematical miracle of 19 to prove this fact. In Arabic the English word "Stratosphere" can be transliterated to Arabic word "satratusafir", with the geometric value of 1417, the code and its breakdown is as follows;








 60 + 400 + 200 + 1 + 400 + 6 + 60 + 80 + 10 + 200 = 1,417



(7:95) Then we substituted peace and prosperity in place of that hardship. But alas, they turned heedless and said, "It was our parents who experienced that hardship before prosperity." Consequently, we punished them suddenly when they least expected.


(7:96) And had the people of those communities believed and turned righteous, we would have showered them with blessings from the heaven (Stratosphere) and the earth. Since they decided to disbelieve, we punished them for what they earned.


1417 + 7 + 95 + 96 = 1615 




The code used here has a special function, which is to interpret 1 specific word "heaven" in the phrase "the heaven and the earth". It does not embrace all content of the two verses.


The Application code:

The application code is the code found when the entities are added as in the example above. This method of finding code by adding the entities was not uniquely created for this example. This method has been in existence for many years and has worked very well with other codes in the Quran.


However, there is a point to be made here which is that when the code is application code, it directly corresponds to the grammatical context of the verse or verses used in that code. Therefore in this example the grammar of the verses are in past tense. In other words the events in these verses have already taken place and put into action. Hence the application code matches the verses criteria. Indeed this is confirmation of the code to be correct.


Semantically speaking these two verses are setting precedence for newer generation, by previous examples.


Level or Theme:

The Level comes first in the order of verification of codes, because Level is more general approach to the verification and explanation of the code. The Level in this instance is 3 "Include Missing Information". This is an obvious fact as can be seen by the reader which is that this code has introduced a new word which was not been there before, which is "Stratosphere". This word is inclusion to this verse which was previously missing.



The Position comes next in the order of verification and explanation of the code. The Position has more specific approach in understanding the code with reference to the verses. In this instance the Position is 5 which is "Gift".


No! Existence without Stratosphere:

Quran stands up to the scrutiny of modern science at any extent. Stratosphere has a specific function in reference to earth. It stops extreme amount of harmful ultra violet rays reaching the earth. If this does not happen than no creature on earth would survive. This function of Stratosphere culminates into a great gift from God!


One Exception:

 All 11 verses has the same phrase, however one verse has added meaning to it. This is the verse (57:21) where "heaven" is interpreted as "The Galaxy". This material is covered elsewhere.