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Light (Super Senses: The Secret Power of Animals-Sight – Based on BBC Documentary)


By Ijaz Chaudry


Dear reader, today we will just briefly touch on the subject of “Light”, its qualities and attributes. The subject of “Light” is so vast and complicated that it is beyond the scope of this article. No human being has fully understood the function of “light” within eco-system of animal and plant kingdom. The research which has been done up till now is minimal, and there is lot yet to be observed and learned.


Light and Animals

In this article we will talk about some aspects of “Light” and how animals use this spectrum of “Light” in their daily lives. The ultimate aim is to show the reader the power of “light” and how God created and adopted animals in such a way to use this “light” in most spectacular ways. And hence the following verse puts it in its perspective;



24             35    GOD is the light of the heavens and the earth. The allegory of His light is that of a concave mirror behind a lamp that is placed inside a glass container. The glass container is like a bright pearl-like star. The fuel thereof is supplied from a blessed oil-producing tree that is neither eastern nor western. Its oil is almost self-radiating; needs no fire to ignite it. Light upon light. GOD guides to His light whomever He wills. GOD thus cites the parables for the people. GOD is fully aware of all things.


Indeed in (24:35) the actual entity of God is paralleled to “Light” with allegorical association. This makes light to be very special and hence this article is an attempt to show the greatness of God, who created the light and applied to His creation. However, there is no way we could fully comprehend God, because of His immense power and glory.


The verses below imply that No one can encompass the greatness of God, therefore it is fair to say that this      article is not attempting to know God fully, but only to give few examples of God’s greatness;


2              255         GOD: there is no other god besides Him the Living the Eternal. Never a moment of unawareness or slumber overtakes Him. To Him belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. Who could intercede with Him except in accordance with His will? He knows their past and their future. No one attains any knowledge except as He wills. His dominion encompasses the heavens and the earth and ruling them never burdens Him. He is the Most High the Great.

6              80           His people argued with him. He said "Do you argue with me about GOD after He has guided me? I have no fear of the idols you set up. Nothing can happen to me unless my Lord wills it. My Lord's knowledge encompasses all things. Would you not take heed?

6              103         No visions can encompass Him but He encompasses all visions. He is the Compassionate the Cognizant.

Animals can see much more of Light then what humans can

Humans can only see tiny fraction of light spectrum, whereas some animals can see lot more. The way the creatures see light is finely adapted to where and how it lives. To find out what a human eye can and cannot see can be demonstrated by a simple experiment. When sunlight is shown through a prism the light splits into its constituent colours all seven of them.  It is a simple phenomenon where the sun light bends when it enters the glass prism and the different colours of light is the output. But that’s not all some animals can see beyond this colour spectrum, for example beyond blue is Ultra Violet, and beyond red is Infra-red.  God has adapted the animals to use every bit of light to their advantage. Now some examples are shown below, how the light spectrum is used by some animals with God’s leave;

Three spectacular examples

1)      Ultraviolet:  humans cannot see UV, reindeers can. In Alaska, reindeers use this ability to avoid attacks by wolves. The snow in Alaska is full of UV light reflected of the snow, but when wolf is approaching reindeer, the reindeers see the wolf as a dark image, because wolf fur does not reflect UV light the wolf appear as a black object to reindeer. This immediately alerts reindeer of moving object approaching and reindeer makes a run away from it, thus saving it from attack.

2)      Blue edge of light: Dragan fly catch their pray 95% of the time, which is far more successful than any other animal. So what is the secret? They catch tiny insects while flying in the mid-air, by spotting their silhouette against the bright sky. Their eyes are especially sensitive to blue light which makes the sky deafeningly bright. So much so that the tiniest insect appears as dark silhouette against the sky. But that’s not all dragonflies have very large eyes this gives them special visual powers, because these little creatures can see the movement in slow motion. This helps them to pin point and hunt their pray mid-air.

3)      Bio-Luminous:  Cardinal fish and bio-luminous plankton; Bio-Luminous animals change energy into light. Cardinal fish prey on Bio-Luminous plankton. When Cardinal fish take a bite on this plankton, the plankton lights up. Since Cardinal fish do not want to be exposed by this light to predators, the Cardinal fish let the plankton out. So that is how this bio-luminous plankton help survive.

So we have managed to observe three very brief examples of “Light” and how it has been adapted by animals to hunt or survive in nature.

These three examples are the minutest variety of what nature has in store, indeed God has created the creation perfected it and then made the humans;

32             7       He is the One who perfected everything He created and started the creation of the human from clay.