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Quran and the Cosmos


 By Ijaz Chaudry


An unprecedented effort to align the Quran with the projected definition of Cosmos!!



It is important that the reader has to be made aware of the following verse before the reader proceeds further in reading this article;


17    85    They ask you concerning the Spirit (Gabriel). Say, “The Spirit (Gabriel) is from the command of my Lord, and the knowledge given to you is minute."


Indeed this verse defines this article in a nut shell; science today has discovered a lot about our universe with the leave of God. But no matter how comprehensive this article is, it will not define all cosmic phenomenon and bodies. Although God is aware of what He has created, He has only given us minute knowledge of cosmos as described in (17:85) above. This is because, the knowledge provided about cosmos in the Quran has only to be relevant to what matters most to the people of this world in the context of religion. And I believe you will agree, that is what is required for us to know. The information revealed in this document is quite astonishing and amazing which I hope the reader will appreciate.


Since the revelation of the Quran and now, the translators of the Quran have been in quandary about translating one word. This word is "samawatae" or in English translated into "heaven". This word is used in abundance in the Quran describing lots of forms of "heaven" in a subtle way. Today science has exhibited many forms of cosmic bodies. Therefore, it is only right, that we should look at the forms of cosmos, in the Quran. Indeed Dr Rashad Khalifa as I can recall was the first translator who defined "heaven" as Universe and Sky, depending on what the context of the verse was suggesting.


Today I am taking one step further and try to achieve lot more. There are other entities besides "sky" and "universe" in our cosmos which are indeed mentioned in the Quran, by the same word "heaven". We intend to disclose some of those in this article.


Some stats for the stats enthusiasts;

·         There are 266 occurrences of the verses where various forms of Arabic word alsamawatae are used in the Quran which loosely translated means "heavens".

·         The total number of verses where “heaven/s” are mentioned is multiple of 19; 266 / 19 = 14.

·         4 of the verses occur where the Arabic word "samawatae" is used instead of "alsamawatae" still translated into English means "heavens".

·         84 verses occur in the Quran which has a variant of "samawatae" in the form of the Arabic word "asmaae". This word has also been translated by majority of the translators as "heaven". However Dr Rashad Khalifa translated this word as "sky" which seems to be more appropriate translation.

·         There are 5 occurrences in the Quran where both "asmaae" and "alsamawatae" are used in the same verse.

·         There is 1 verse which has both "samawatae" and "asmaae".

·         There are 181 occurrences of the verses in the Quran where “alsamawatae" is used but not "asmaae" to describe "heavens".

·         There is one verse where none of the above Arabic words are used in the verse but has been interpreted by Shakir to be high heaven.

·         There is one occurrence of a word among all the  above named Arabic words which has been translated by the translators as "heavens" and is included in the count above is the word "daraika" in Arabic, this verse is very important in finding useful information about the cosmic bodies in our galaxy the verse is (23:17). All relevant information regarding this verse and code is in this article.

·         The red and the purple highlights are overlaps, in the calculation below;

·         Total 181 + 84 = 265 + 1 (no status) = 266!!!


Highlighted Summary of what is pertained in this article:

·         We know that Quran is fully detailed and that the Quran talks about cosmic bodies of the Universes.  Since Quran is fully detailed we should be able correlate the scientifically named cosmic bodies to the Quran.

·         Quran is fully detailed by the virtue of an elegant and beautiful system in place the refined miracle of 19.

·         We find out that (21:30) Big Bang was not creation of 7 universes and earth, but the creation of Milky Way Galaxy.

·         This means that the 7 Universes already existed when the Milky Way Galaxy was formed.

·         The fact that galaxies are formed is much aligned with the latest scientific discoveries, because today's scientists have witnessed the formation of galaxies in our universe.

·         By following the scenario of formation of galaxies we find out where the low and high heavens are situated.

·         Heaven can also mean “Stratosphere”.

·         What does it mean when the verse says “7 universes and same number of earths” (65:12)?

·         The lower heaven and hell is yet to be formed!!!

·         We find out that only the lower heaven and hell recipients will be judged on the Day of Judgement.

·         The believers of the high heaven are already in Paradise they are already judged.

·         We find out how it is possible for the believers in lower heaven to see the disbelievers in Hell and talk to them after the Day of Judgement!!!

·         Find out where the Quran talks about 7 universes, 7 planets, and 7 galaxies!

·         We also elaborate on the fact that the Quran talks about both, sometimes calling it "Heaven" and other times calling it "Heavens".

·         (56:7) can be interpreted as describing three entities Hell, Lower Heaven and Upper Heaven. Therefore based on this verse the words like Hell, Lower and Upper Heaven has been used in this article.

·         So let us investigate “Heaven V Heavens”




High Heaven location where God resides

57    21    Therefore you shall race towards forgiveness from your Lord and a Paradise whose width encompasses the heaven and the earth. It awaits those who believed in GOD and His messengers. Such is GOD's grace that He bestows upon whomever He wills. GOD is Possessor of Infinite Grace.


There are two categories of believers, practicing and non-practicing. Practicing Muslims perform the rites of Islam and they follow the messengers. The messengers could be human messengers or a book like the Quran. The verse above is talking about practicing Muslims. The reason why (57:21) is associated with the practicing Muslims is due to the fact that this verse is talking about believing in “God and His messengers”, which is the attribute of the practicing Muslim. (5:69) does not talk about believing in messengers. The non-practicing Muslims believe in God, the Last Day and lead a good clean life (5:69), they do not practice the rites of Islam.


Both categories of Muslims will make it to heaven. The practicing Muslims will enter the High Heaven the day they die and will not be judged on the Day of Judgement and the non-practicing Muslims will enter the Lower Heaven, which will be formed on the Day of Judgement. They will be judged on the Day of Judgement. The hell and Lower Heaven are not created yet.  


This verse (57:21) is referring to “High Heaven” which is called "The Galaxy".






The Galaxy




57 21 679 = 301141 x 19;


The reference to "The Galaxy" without a name is high heaven, where the angels report to God. The angels take 1 day to reach the high heaven at the super speed they travel at. While it would take 50,000 years for humans to do the same at nearest to the speed of light, the fastest we can travel (70:4) (please read the article “How far is Heaven from Earth”).


The farthest galaxy has been found to be 13 billion light years away from the earth. This galaxy where the "High Heaven" is situated is 3 billion light years away, which is nearly a quarter of a way towards the farthest galaxy.


To God belongs 7 Universes; however He has chosen this galaxy near to earth for the convenience of angels, who carry messages to Him every day.


The temporal connection is pointing out the fact that the believers should aspire to get to High Heaven, by believing in God and the messenger, now and in the future. The geometric value of "The Galaxy" or "High Heaven" is right most, which means that it has been there in the past, even before the creation of our galaxy the Milky Way.


Level 6 Messenger related; (57:21), is addressing the righteous that follow the God and the messenger. In this verse the believers are asked to race towards forgiveness. These are the same believers who meant well in their belief, but were confused about Lower and Upper Heavens and what entails this concept. They very much believed in false beliefs about heaven and hell. For those believers it is an advice for them to ask for forgiveness and correct their beliefs.


Position is 1 Scenario described; this is one of the scenarios to describe the believers destined for High Heaven, which is that they follow the messenger (57:21). Other scenarios include who do the correct rites of Islam. Both the practicing Muslims and the Non-Practicing Muslims will make it to heaven (paradise). When the practicing Muslims die they go straight to High Heaven (The Galaxy), they will not be judged on the Day of Judgement, because they have already been judged. The non-practicing Muslims go to Lower Heaven. The Lower Heaven has not been created as yet. The Non-practicing Muslims will be judged on the Day of Judgement. The believers will end up in Lower Heaven (which will be similar to the earth), and the disbelievers will end up in Hell. The Hell and Lower Heaven will be on the same planet, partitioned by strong angels (66:6 & 39:71-74).


How do we know that the righteous believers go to High Heaven (The Galaxy):

We take an example of prophet Idris (19:56-57), who has been interpreted by Shakir to be going to High Heaven (The Galaxy). The verse (19:57) has been interpreted by the translator Shakir as follows;


19    57    And we raised him High in Heaven.


My interpretation of this verse;


19    57    And we raised him to High Heaven.



However, this verse does not have Arabic word “Samawatae” or “Heaven” in it! The translator Shakir has interpreted “High place” in this verse to “High in Heaven”. Indeed “High in Heaven” could also be envisaged as “High Heaven”.


Question may arise which is why would I take Shakir’s interpretation? There are two reasons for this;


·         First when you see the Stats at the beginning of this article, you will notice there is one verse where “Samawatae” is not mentioned despite that this verse is included in the count of all the verses where “Samawatae” has been mentioned. Now if we do not include this verse in the total the total is not multiple of 19. Therefore by including this verse the total is consistent with the mathematical miracle of 19. Thus the miracle of 19 confirms the fact that this verse has to be included with all the other verses where “Samawatae” is mentioned. This is one reason why we should include this verse in the count. Total 181 + 84 = 265 + 1 (no status) = 266!!!

·         Second as you can see here these verses form a perfect code with the High Heaven “The Galaxy”! Confirming the fact that his interpretation was correct. God’s revelations can come in many forms and this is one of those peculiar forms.








The Galaxy


648 + 31 = 679


19    56    And mention in the book (The Quran) Idris. He was a saint a prophet.

19    57    And we raised him High in Heaven.


(19:56 + 57);


31 648 19 113 = 166569427 x 19;


The temporal connection is pointing out that the geometric value of "The Galaxy" is left most which means that "The Galaxy" which has been qualified to be the High Heaven (Paradise) where God resides and the righteous believer go after they die, existed when prophet Idris died. Whilst the revelations of (19:56-57) are right most pointing out the obvious fact that Idris died long time ago.


Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; indeed (19:57) has been interpreted by different translators differently. This is because this verse just says "raised him to a higher point or station". Since all other verses regarding paradise use more appropriate words, this one does not. This code finally removes any misconceptions and categorically defines this high place to be "The Galaxy" which has been proven to be the "High Heaven or Higher Paradise". Since Idris was a prophet, we can assume that he knew the correct practices of Islam, which in turn means that the High Heaven is abode for those Muslims who practice the correct rites of Islam.


Position is 7 Disbelievers; interpretation of (19:57) to be addressing High Heaven, rather than some other high station is a hard pill to swallow. This is most likely to be accounted for fallacy, by those who disbelieve.


Little note on:


19    57    And we raised him to High Heaven.


The word “we” here is referring to angels who have a function of removing the souls from the body and transporting it the High Heavens (79:2)!


Angels reporting to God in High Heaven:

We have managed to find the location of High Heaven as being "The Galaxy". Previously it was conceived that the High Heaven was where the outer most Universe exists. To God belongs all Universes, however, because of our God's compassion and love for His creatures, He has made it easy for us by making the High Heaven within the lower Universe. Since the angels require reporting to God every day, it becomes easier for them to climb shorter distances.


70    4    The angels with their reports climb to Him in a day that equals fifty thousand (of your) years.   


(57:21) code confirms the fact that high heaven is "The Galaxy". The code below is a secondary code driven from the code described earlier made up of (57:21) and the geometric value of "Almajara".


When we add chapter/verse (57:21) with chapter/verse (70:4) we get complete multiple of 19;



152/19 = 8


From this code we know that the angels travel to "The Galaxy" to report to God!!!!


This is an application code, without temporal connection. This code confirms that the event of angels travelling to the Galaxy is already happening.


Level 2 Related to righteousness; indeed God has been absolutely right about creating the High Heaven nearer to our Milky Way Galaxy, for the convenience of His creatures.


Position is 8 Issues; lots of previously preconceived ideas about where the High Heaven was situated have now needed to be discarded and these new findings have to be taken aboard. This will without a doubt create some issues. The previous understanding that the High Heaven was at the outer most Universes was an absurd idea, which did not go hand in hand with today’s science. This is because travelling to High Heaven than would have taken lot more time for the angels to travel in, than one day (70:4). In the article "How far is Heaven from Earth", the distance between "The Galaxy" and earth has been calculated to be 3 billion light years away. When we compare this value with the distance between the farthest galaxy in our universe and the earth being 13 billion light years away, the reader can understand why the previous idea was not conceivable.


The persistence of galaxies at the time of End of the World proven:

It has long being understood by traditionalists that the Day the earth comes to an end will be the day when our universe will be obliterated and a new universe will be formed. Under this topic we find out how much truth is in this understanding. The following verses and the code formed from them are confirming facts which contradict the traditional thinking. It seems like the Universe will stay as it is today, while the Milky Way Galaxy will be crashed and a new galaxy will be formed. The codes also confirm that while the Milky Way Galaxy will be crashed, all other galaxies surrounding the Milky Way Galaxies will remain secure. This understanding is consistent with the scientific understanding of destruction and formation of new galaxies in the cosmos.


69    15    That is the day when the inevitable event will come to pass.

69    16    And the heaven will crack and fall apart.       

69    17    And the angels will be all around and Your Lord's dominion will then encompass eight (?).


Existence of other galaxies at the time of the Last Day;









15 16 17 644 = 7979876 x 19;


The temporal connection is suggesting that this code is telling us that there already were galaxies in the universe and that they will stay as they are during the End of the World as described by the verses (69:15-17).


Level 7 Disbelievers; the facts revealed in this code are quite astonishing and unbelievable, which will become an issue for some.


The Position is 6 Caution; although there will exist galaxies at the time of the End of the World, one has to understand that the Milky Way Galaxy will be coming to an end.


Dominion will then encompass eight (galaxies):

It has been wrongly understood that a complete new Universe will be formed on the Day of Judgement. The science tells us that this is not possible. However, the scientists have observed the formation of new galaxies in our Universe. Therefore taking this concept of creation of new galaxies aboard, we apply it to the following code. This code thus confirms that a new galaxy will be formed on the Day of Judgement;


69    15    That is the day when the inevitable event will come to pass.

69    16    And the heaven will crack and fall apart.       

69    17    And the angels will be all around and Your Lord's dominion will then encompass eight (galaxies).


From the verse (69:17) it becomes clear that at the moment there are 7 galaxies in our Universe similar to our galaxy. The reason why there will be eighth galaxy and not seven galaxies, although our galaxy will be destroyed is that it takes time for the destruction of galaxy to take place.










644 69 15 16 17 = 3393113243 x 19;


The temporal connection is pointing out a fact that a new galaxy will be formed in the future. The geometric value of "majarat" or "galaxies" is left most suggesting that it will happen in the future.


Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; this code removes the old ideas and brings in new proven ideas into understanding about what exactly will be formed on the Day of Judgement.


The Position is 3 which is "principle or rule clarified", indeed, we know from the latest science that galaxies are formed as a due course but not the universes. That is the rule by which our cosmos works. Previously, I admit that I was under the wrong impression like all others, that the whole universe will be formed on the Day of Judgement. However, now we know from this code that it will be a galaxy which will be formed on the Day of Judgement. From the verse (69:17) and its semantics it become apparent that there are 7 galaxies at the moment in our Universe. We do not know yet why there are 7 galaxies at present. Maybe in future when the science has developed further we might be able to answer this particular question. Speculating further, one of the scientific facts is that our Milky Way Galaxy is a Spiral Galaxy. Since our galaxy holds life, and it is a Spiral galaxy. The question arise do only Spiral galaxies hold life and are there only 7 Spiral galaxies in our Universe? However, scientists do not know how many Spiral galaxies exist in our Universe. At the moment this information is not forthcoming. However, if we wait and be patient we might learn about this matter more with the leave of God in the future!


7 Universes:





The Universes – this is a modern Arabic word describing “Universes”.


31 + 1 + 20 + 6 + 1 + 50 = 109


Another portent is when you add the chapter number 23 with the verse number 86 (23:86) we get the geometric value of al'akwan;


23 + 86 = 109;


(23:86) Say, "Who is the Lord of the seven universes; the Lord of the great dominion?"


109 23 86 / 19 = 57494 x 19;


The temporal connection points out an obvious observation which is that the universes are present now, and will be present in the future.


Level 5 Detailing Information; most people acknowledge the fact that the earth is part of a larger cosmic domain called universe. But very few know the fact that there are 7 universes and not one! This indeed is detail which the Quran sheds the light on. So what part does the code play in this detail?


We know from other verses of the Quran that the Arabic word "alsamawatae" is commonly used word. This word is loosely translated into English as "heavens". This word has more than one meaning. This fact has unravelled with the help of the miracle of 19. The examples of different interpretation of this word are in this article. This same word has appeared in (23:86). The modern Arabic word for Universes is "al'akwan". And the code has embraced this into this code, confirming the fact that this time around "heavens" means "the 7 Universes".


Position is 4 Act of righteousness; so the question put to the public in (23:86) is morally right and justifiable for those who believe.


Solar System:

Is the Solar System mentioned in the Quran? Yes, Solar System is mentioned in the Quran hidden in the context of the verses, which is unveiled here by the refined miracle of 19;


نظام شمسي


nizam shamsiu


Solar System





37 6 7 410 991 / 19 = 198284789;


The temporal connection confirms an obvious fact that Solar System has been there before the revelation of the Quran.


Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; the code confirms that our Solar System is one of the many in the Universe. We know that there are 500 Solar Systems just in Milky Way Galaxy alone. But how does the code convey this message that there are more than 1 Solar Systems in the universe? We know this because of the Arabic words describing Solar System in Arabic nizam shamsiu, these two words are without "al" or "the". This indicates that it is one of many. Some religionists argue that our earth and its surroundings are only unique to us. This code and level clarifies this misconception, and confirms that there are other Solar Systems with other planets. Indeed this fact is consistent with scientific discoveries of new planets today.  


Position is 9 Provision; indeed pointing out the fact that there are other Solar Systems in the Universe is a great provision from God. Now a Muslim can put his religious view across much better, because it is consistent with the scientific view.


37    6    We have adorned the lowest heaven with adorning planets.       

37    7    and we guarded it from every evil devil.   


Another fact becomes apparent by (37:7) which is that Jinn's cannot travel further from our Solar System, because in the very next verse it becomes apparent that they cannot spy on the High Society;


37    8    They cannot spy on the High Society; they get bombarded from every side.       



 We created above you 7 heavens (planets):

(23:17) uses a unique word to describe "heavens". This word is "taraika", most translators of the Quran has just translated this word into "heavens". But is this translation correct or could this be improved by the use of the miracle of 19. We discover this phenomenon under this heading;








31 + 20 + 6 + 1 + 20 + 2 = 80




80 23 17 18 = 4222722 x 19;



23    17    And we created above you seven heavens (taraika or planets) in layers and we are never unaware of a single creature in them.       

23    18    And we send down from the sky water in exact measure then we store it in the ground. Certainly we can let it escape.


(23:17) uses a unique Arabic word "taraika" to define "heavens or planets", while in all other instances the Quran uses "alsamawatae" to describe "heavens". The uniqueness of this word makes these verses special and is starting point for other verses were the planets are addressed.


The temporal connection is pointing out that the planets are here now and will be here in the future until the Day of Resurrection.


Level 7 Disbelievers; it has been long understood by the traditionalists that the 7 heavens are the 7 Universes. However, this revelation will bound to make some traditionalist disbelieve. The reader will see how this code is further used in collaborating with other verses. The falsehood can neither initiate nor repeat (34:49). Therefore the evidence that this code is relevant to other verses in the Quran means that this is the truth.


Position is 2 Command used in various situations; in (23:17-18), the creation of 7 planets, and sending down of water from the sky are only accomplished by the angels, by the command of God. God the Omnipotent God did not require angels help to do all this; He could have achieved all this on His own. But our God is a compassionate and Just God who allowed His beloved angels to participate in doing these tasks and gives them full credit in doing so.


The Seven planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.



Formation of Earth and the Solar System:

Our Solar System includes, sun moon and the planets. We know that the sun and the moon has been addressed in various verses of the Quran, but what about planets are they mentioned in the Quran as well? Today God willing we will put some light on this matter under this heading;


23 17 18 41 11 12 = 12195705848 x 19;


41    11    Then He turned to the sky when it was still gas and said to it and to the earth "Come into existence willingly or unwillingly." They said "We come willingly".


41    12    Thus He completed the seven heavens (planets) in two days and set up the laws for every heaven (planet). And we adorned the lowest heaven (planet earth) with lamps and placed guards around it. Such is the design of the Almighty the Omniscient.   


23    17    And we created above you seven heavens (taraika or planets) in layers and we are never unaware of a single creature in them.       

23    18    And we send down from the sky water in exact measure then we store it in the ground. Certainly we can let it escape.


These verses (41:11-12) are describing the formation of the earth, and the formation of 7 surrounding planets! This fact becomes clear when we look at the context of the verses (41:11-12 & 23:17-18) and the code. The code includes the verses (23:17-18). These verses are a precursor to the definition of "heavens" to be the planets. Since these verses forms the part of the code as seen above, it is a secondary confirmation for the fact that context of the verses (41:11-12) relates to formation of 7 planets. Indeed the formation of earth and 7 planets is actual formation of the Solar System. It is scientifically proven fact that our Solar System has 8 planets including earth.


The Temporal connection points out by the verses (23:17-18) that angels took part in the creation of the earth and the planets retrospectively first (left most) and verses (41:11-12) describes this event and how it happened in the past.


Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; the code confirms that the verses (41:11-12) are describing the formation of earth and the 7 planets. This lays rest misconception by the traditionalists that it is the formation of earth and the 7 universes.


Position is 8 Issues; the issue here is used as a verb (supply or distribute), which describes the unique way this information has emerged. For example the code was a secondary confirmation and there was no other way we could have been able to find out if the formation of the 7 heavens were indeed 7 planets!



The Milky Way Galaxy and the Big Bang:

It has been unproven and wrongly understood, by many including me, until now that the Big Bang was the time when the 7 Universes and the earth were created. With the help of mathematical miracle of 19, we have been able to prove that the understanding previous to now was incorrect. We elaborate this point further under this topic;


درب التبانة مجرة


darab altibanat majara


Milky Way Galaxy









21 61 648 858 31 206 = 11377099254274 x 19;


(21:30) Do the unbelievers not realize that the heaven (Milky Way Galaxy) and the earth used to be one mass that we exploded into existence? And from water we made all living things. Would they believe?

(21:31) And we placed on earth stabilizers, lest it tumbles with them, and we placed straight roads therein, that they may be guided.


The temporal connection is stating the obvious, which is that the Milky Way Galaxy has been there in the past before the revelation of the Quran.


Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; it has been for long understood by the scientists that the Big Bang was the moment when the Universes were formed. This code and the context of the verses remove this misconception, and confirm that the Big Bang was the formation of the Milky Way Galaxy. This fact is consistent with today's science. The scientists today have witnessed the formation of galaxies from the Black Holes.


Position is 4 Act of righteousness; we know that only God is knower of all things and that our knowledge is limited, by what God reveals to us! Therefore it is only right that we accept what God has bestowed upon us graciously. Which is what we have found out in the code above that Big Bang is creation of galaxy and not the universes. Accepting this information pleasantly is an act of righteousness!


In fact the universes are folded within His right hand:

The old thinking that the 7 Universes are folded in God's right hand and earth is in His fist somehow does not gel. 7 Universes are gigantic, compared to earth. This understanding has been put to rest and the most appropriate understanding has been cemented into the framework of understanding this topic.


39    66    Therefore you shall worship GOD alone and be appreciative.       

39    67    And they can never fathom the greatness of GOD. The whole earth is within His fist on the Day of Resurrection. In fact the universes (Planets) are folded within His right hand. Be He glorified; He is much too high above needing any partners.


23    17    We created above you seven universes (Planets) in layers and we are never unaware of a single creature in them.

23    18  And we send down from the sky water, in exact measure, then we store it in the ground. Certainly, we can let it escape.


39 66 67 23 17 18 = 20877222722 x 19;


(23:17) already defines "universes as planets", this is a secondary code driven from that. Although (39:67) does not use "taraika" as an Arabic word for universes, it uses alsamawatae. However, this code confirms that it is still pointing to the seven planets and not the seven universes because of the inclusion of (23:17-18) in the code.


The Temporal connection quite rightly points out that the Day of Resurrection (39:67) is going to happen in the future! This is because the verses (39:66-67) are left most in the code confirming the event of the future.


Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; the traditionalists understood (39:67) and the mention of "In fact the universes are folded within His right hand." to be the 7 universes. This code clarifies this misconception by letting us know that it is not universes which are folded in God's right hand but planets.


This fact can very simply be verified, by reason. The comparison between earth (in fist) and 7 planets (in hand) are a better comparison then, earth (in fist) and 7 universes (in hand). Why? Because there is invalid comparison between earth, being in a fist and 7 universes in a hand, purely because size of earth is minute when compared with the 7 universes. However, there is better comparison between earth being in the fist and 7 planets in a hand, because proportionally they are up to par. Since Quran does not have any contradictions (4:82) in it, the first comparison is the correct one the one where comparison is made between earth and the planets.


Position is 2 Command used in various situations; it is a command to a believer to worship God alone (39:66) on the bases of the Omnipotence of God mentioned in (39:67). God has enormous magnitude of attributes to His name. Omnipotence is just one of these attributes as described by (39:67) and one more reason to worship Him alone.



Layering of Planets:

Here is the confirmation by the Quran that has already become established fact by the scientific community which is that the planets revolve around the Sun in their precise orbits. This fact is reported in the Quran in (71:15) describing this phenomenon as planets being created by God in layers.


71 15 16 23 17 18 = 37448222722 x 19;


71    15    Do you not realize that GOD created seven heavens (planets) in layers?       

71    16    He designed the moon therein to be a light and placed the sun to be a lamp.


23    17    And we created above you seven heavens (taraika or planets) in layers and we are never unaware of a single creature in them.       

23    18    And we send down from the sky water in exact measure then we store it in the ground. Certainly we can let it escape.


The above code again is a secondary code driven from (23:17-18) premise. Since this premise is true, following from there this code is also true, signifying the 7 heavens to be 7 planets.


The temporal connection (71:15-16) is left most, confirming the context of these verses is more recent than the context of the verses (23:17-18). This fact can be explained, when you examine the entities which created the 7 planets. (71:15-16) it is God and (23:17-18) the angels. Obviously God's command in (71:15-16) came first which was than executed by angels in (23:17-18).


Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; some might doubt that the mention of heavens cannot be planets in (71:15). But when you look at the very next verse (71:16), it is talking about sun and the moon. A valid comparison can be made between, sun, moon and the planets. But one cannot compare in size between the sun, moon and the 7 heavens being 7 universes. Since Quran does not have any contradictions in it we can only accept the first comparison to be correct.


Position is 2 Command used in various situations; the Position confirms the fact that (71:15-16) was God’s command to angels in (23:17-18) for the creation of 7 planets. _________________________________________________________________________________________________


Perfecting the 7 heavens:

Initially at the time of Big Bang (21:30), the earth and the planets around it were in a very volatile mode. There was lot of debris around the planets; they were by no means the way they appear today. When you look at the planets today, they are true marvel in the sky. Take an example of Saturn and its rings. They have been placed in its position in the process mentioned in (2:29) process of perfection done by the Al-Mighty. Indeed as we know gravity has some part to play in it, but all happens at the command of God. Each planet has its own orbit around the sun, its own stratosphere around it. It has its own characteristics which is unique to each individual planet. All these attributes of these 7 planets are what (2:29) is referring to when it says "and perfected seven heavens (planets) therein…”


2    29    He is the One who created for you everything on earth then turned to the sky and perfected seven heavens (planets) therein and He is fully aware of all things.

2    30    And that your Lord said to the angels "I am placing a vicegerent (a temporary representative) on Earth." They said "Will You place therein one who will spread evil therein and shed blood while we sing Your praises glorify You and uphold Your absolute authority?" He said "I know what you do not know."

 2    31    And He taught Adam all the names then presented them to the angels saying "Give me the names of these if you are right."


23    17    And we created above you seven heavens (taraika or planets) in layers and we are never unaware of a single creature in them.       

23    18    And we send down from the sky water in exact measure then we store it in the ground. Certainly we can let it escape.


23 35 2 90 = 122910 x 19;


(23:17-18) 17+18=35


(2:29-31) 29+30+31=90


This is once again a secondary code, derived from code which is a premise to this code. That code was the derivation of (23:17-18) with geometric value of Arabic word "alkawakib" or Planets in English.


The temporal connection point out that the event described in (23:17-18) happened earlier than the event which happened in (2:29-31). Indeed (2:29) is talking retrospectively and one should acknowledge the fact it was God's command which initiated the creation of planets in the first place with the help of angels (23:17-18).


Level 5 Detailing Information; according to science the planets in our Solar System were formed at different times. The creation of Earth was last creation of planet among the other planets in our Solar System. The emphasis on perfecting 7 planets coincides with the scientific fact that the earth is the youngest planet in our planetary system. This of course mean that the planets formed and perfected before the earth was formed.  This is the detail hidden in the verses which have come to light by the way of this code the "Level" and "Position" coding mechanisms.


There is no Position meaning it is wild card! Meaning it could cater for any value in the Position table.


Galaxies or Nebulae:

Nebulae are exploding stars. The nature of explosion is such, that the particles from an explosion can take any direction when it disperses. When you compare the structure of galaxies with nebulae, the most obvious fact is that galaxies are layered; they have specific structure and orbit in which it rotates around the universe. While the Nebulae do not have any particular structure or orbit in which it rotates around the sun.


Nebulae are more brighter then galaxies, and today they are the main yardsticks in our cosmic backyard to measure distances between the galaxies because of this brightness which it seems (15:16) is talking about "...and adorned it for the beholders…".


There are 9 Galaxies and 13 Nebulae which could be seen by the naked eye in the sky.


Since the Arabic word Barooj signify tower like object which Nebulae are and Galaxies are layered. It makes more sense that the word Barooj does not imply galaxies, but implies nebulae as the code confirms.




(15:15) they will say, "Our eyes have been deceived. We have been bewitched."


(15:16) And we placed Nebulae in the sky, and adorned it for the beholders.


 In the following code two verses are used (15:15-16) because they are continuation of each other with "and" in the middle.


Since it is more likely that (15:16) is referring to Nebulae the code has been worked out using the geometric value of "nebulae" or "alsadam alkunia" in Arabic. 


alsadam alkunia


السدم الكونية




31 + 60 + 4 + 40 = 135


31 + 20 + 6 + 50 + 10 + 405 = 522


135+522+15+15+16=703 703/19=37;


This code used "al" with both of its words, which refers to the words addressing specific "nebulae". So the question arise how does that come about? It works out like this; these nebulae are specific because at the moment they have all exploded. This state of a star is specific of having this unique status. The code does not take in the consideration of any potential nebulae which have not yet exploded.


The code is an application, which means that event is already taking place and indeed, since nebulae are the stars which have exploded, they are already in motion.


Level 3 Include Missing Information; indeed inclusion of the interpretation of the word "barooj" to be "nebulae" and there function for measuring the distances between galaxies is an important information which has come to light by this code. The structure of nebulae is different from the structure of a galaxy. This fact is a new understanding achieved recently. So is also missing information which has been revealed now and was not available at the time of Muhammad.


Position is 7 Disbelievers; despite the code and an overwhelming understanding of the differences between "galaxies" and "nebulae", which points (15:16) to be addressing nebulae. Those who ignore these facts they would be classed as disbelievers.


* Level strengthen the general view, while Position strengthens the specific view!!