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By Ijaz Chaudry


Seven Planets and their Stratospheres:






The Stratosphere


60 + 400 + 200 + 1 + 400 + 6 + 60 + 80 + 10 + 200 = 1,417 + 31 = 1,448


1448 65 12 = 762448 x 19;


65    12    GOD created seven universes (Stratospheres) and the same number of earths. The commands flow among them. This is to let you know that GOD is Omnipotent and that GOD is fully aware of all things.   


An astute reader of the Quran would question, if planet earth has Stratosphere, does that mean other planets in our Solar System also have Stratospheres.


So here we go in this quest. Quran is fully detailed, and Quran references "planets" in (37:6 & 82:2), is there possibility that God may reveal more secrets of the planets to us?


Quran uses one word again and again to describe different cosmic bodies and that word is “samawat” which roughly translated in English means “heavens”. Indeed in (65:12) Dr Rashad Khalifa interpreted “samawat” as “universes”. However, after a long search in the projection of this word in today’s environment we found out that in the above verse the “heavens” mean the “stratospheres” and the earths means the 7 planets, surrounding earth. Our earth also has a Stratosphere, but it is quite different Stratosphere from the Stratospheres of the 7 planets. For example the Stratosphere surrounding our earth has special characteristics such as it has Ozone layer which filters ultra violet light reaching the earth, which protects the creatures on earth from harm. This Stratosphere is special because it is there to protect humans, animals and plants on earth, while the Stratosphere surrounding planets other than earth does not have that quality. For this reason (65:12) is specifically talking about the Stratospheres of the 7 planets, excluding our earth. There is a whole article written about the Stratosphere surrounding our earth available for the reader to browse through. However, here we only concentrate on the 7 planets and their Stratospheres.


Indeed the code shown above is telling us that each planet has its own unique Stratosphere. Science today agrees that the planets do have atmospheres. The code above has gone further than what the science is telling us and confirm the fact that these planets have an outer layer of atmosphere which we have been able to associate with Stratosphere. Indeed in future science may be able to confirm that these planets have more than one atmosphere like the earth does.


The seven universes are the seven Stratospheres around the seven planets. Each "Stratosphere" is different to the other "Stratosphere". Hence the usage of the word "al" or "the" which has the geometric value 31 highlighted above in order to give unique significance the Stratosphere of one planet to another planet.


Indeed this verse was only multiple of 19 with the geometric value of the Arabic word “alsatratusafir” which when translated into English means “the Stratosphere”.


Temporal connection; works as an authenticating tool to show if the code has correctly worked. Fundamentally, starting from left working towards right, the code constitutes future/present to historical nature of the entities and that in a nutshell is the “Temporal connection”. One can use common sense and basic logic to verify the temporal connection has worked by observing how the temporal connection fits in with the code as explained here. When you look at the code above you will notice that the geometric value of “alsatratusafir“ is left most in the code. This signifies that “the Stratospheres” exist now and will continue to exist in the future until the Last Day. This is a fact that is confirmed by science today. The scientists today have enough evidence to prove that our universe is in a continual form of change where galaxies are destroyed and formed. Since Milky Way is a galaxy where these planets reside and the Last Day is when this galaxy will be destroyed with the leave of God, the temporal connection conforms to today’s science. Now looking at the remains of the code we see that the chapter and verse (65:12) is right most which designate its context to have happened in the past. Indeed we know from the Quran and in particular this verse that God created the 7 Stratospheres and earth long time ago. Since the temporal connection fits in well with the code, and rest of the entities in the code, we can safely say that this is a valid code.


Level 6 Messenger related – the “Level” is calculated by a “Level calculator”. The “Level calculator” takes the code before it has been calculated and churns out the “Level”. Within the calculator there are values assigned and according to these values the calculator gives out a “Level” for each code. There are 9 levels each have its own description. The “Level” or sometimes called “Theme”, gives general feel about the code.


The level is 6 which constitutes the description “Messenger related”.  We know that angels are also messengers. Therefore keeping the context of the verse (65:12) in the forefront, we bring in the context of (70:4) and angels being messengers reporting to God. Hence angels abide by God's commands and report messages from the 7 planets to God. The level thus has pointed out a hidden factor which is to do with (65:12) and why “…GOD is fully aware of all things" indeed one of the many reasons how God is fully aware of all things is because of these messengers (angels), who deliver the messages to God regarding what is happening around these planets.


 70    4    The angels with their reports climb to Him in a day that equals fifty thousand (of your) years.


God's Omniscience and Omnipotence:

Position is 8 "Issues"; according to the coding rules the last digit of the quotient represents the “Position” as highlighted above in the calculations of the code which in this instance is 8. The Position 8 describes “Issues”; this description specifies that the verse and the geometric value of “alsatratusfir” are somehow associated with some issues. Here is when the inspiration from God comes handy and one associates the reasons behind these issues. The issues driven from this code are as follows;


It might be an issue with some believers that God depends on angels for His information as suggested in (70:4). At this juncture I would like to point out that the verse (70:4) is an all-encompassing verse which also means that angels are reporting the messages from our earth.  This verse (70:4) is not coded with (65:12) therefore there is no direct correlation between these two verses. The reason why (70:4) is involved in this scenario is because of the “Level” being 6 “Messenger related” and (70:4) is where the angels are acting as messengers.


As a believer we know that God instinctively know about all His creatures. This fact has been reiterated many times in the Quran because one of the attributes of God is that He is Omniscient. Here is an event where God's Omniscience and Omnipotence is at work;


Indeed we know from the following example from the Quran that God is aware of us instantaneously please read the following;

 In (28:23-29) Moses asked for God's help and the help was provided immediately. This is an example of total Omniscience and Omnipotence of God. We know from (70:4) that angels take 1 day to reach God with their reports. However, we know from these verses (28:23-29) that the event described here happened instantaneously. This proves beyond doubt that God is aware of what is in our hearts all the time. Also Moses might not have asked for help audibly, he could very well have prayed in silence! This means God knows our thoughts. And in this instance the help arrived in the shape of Joshua and his family;


28    23    When he reached Midyan's water he found a crowd of people watering and noticed two women waiting on the side. He said "What is it that you need?" They said "We are not able to water until the crowd disperses and our father is an old man."


*The old man mentioned in here is Joshua or Yashua gv 386. 386 + 28 + 23 = 437 = 23 x 19. Position 3 is “Principle or rule clarified” indeed the principle figure in this verse is clarified as Joshua. Level is 3 “Include missing information” indeed the code integrates the missing information in this verse which is the name Joshua. **Al-Muzzammil


28    24    He watered for them then turned to the shade saying "My Lord whatever provision you send to me I am in dire need for it."       

28    25    Soon one of the two women approached him shyly and said "My father invites you to pay you for watering for us." When he met him and told him his story he said "Have no fear. You have been saved from the oppressive people."       

28    26    One of the two women said "O my father, hire him. He is the best one to hire for he is strong and honest."       

28    27    He said "I wish to offer one of my two daughters for you to marry in return for working for me for eight pilgrimages; if you make them ten it will be voluntary on your part. I do not wish to make this matter too difficult for you. You will find me GOD willing, good."       

28    28    He said "It is an agreement between me and you. Whichever period I fulfil you will not be averse to either one. GOD is the guarantor of what we said."       


Now the question one might ask why would God need angels to be messengers, if He already knows everything?

There could be many reasons for that, here are few reasons why; first there is lot of evidence in the Quran about witness and the witnessed, therefore it is likely that the angels are witnesses of what is happening around the planets of our Solar System, second, our God is the compassionate and Just God, He shows His Grace by involving the angels as messengers because of His love for them and finally by angels observing what is happening around them, confirms their belief in God, which only could be a good thing!