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The approximate time interval when Abraham and David were alive;

By Ijaz Chaudry


I start with David.  Quran is clear about one fact regarding David, that David was alive at the time of Iron-age.  Also Quran clarifies further which part of the Iron-age.  As you might know, there were times when Iron was not being able to be moulded; this was the very early age of Iron-age.  However, it appears that David was alive in the later years when Iron could be moulded.  So how do we know this about David, all this comes apparent from just two verses in the Quran;


[34:10] We endowed David with blessings from us: "O mountains, submit with him, and you too, O birds." We softened the iron for him.

[34:11] "You may make shields that fit perfectly, and work righteousness. Whatever you do, I am Seer thereof."


The two verses above determine the time interval when David was alive to be the later Iron-age.  This fact is further confirmed by the Miracle of 19 below;


Iron-age was approximately 1100 BC* when we add this with 2011 *CE when this code was discovered, we have total amount of years when Iron-age took place. This would be the era when David was alive.  When we concatenate these years with the verses 10 and 11 mentioned above we get complete multiple of 19, confirming this fact;


2011 CE+ 1100 BC = 3111 years


10 11 3111 = 532269 x 19 and 10 11 3111 / 190 = 53226.9


The Temporal connection above is that the verses are left most in the code which means they are more recent then the years which are right most meaning historical.  This is true because Quran was revealed much later than the Iron-age.


The Position 9 describes “Provision”, these verses are indeed addressing the provisions which David enjoyed such as “mountains submitting and softening of Iron” as described in (34:10).  Thus, confirming further the fact that the code is correct, because Position 9 description matches the context of verse (34:10), where both entities are associated with “Provisions”.

The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related” this indeed is also true because this code has to do with David who was a messenger.  This fact again confirms the authenticity of the code.


Now I would tackle Abraham.  We know from the Quran that Abraham came well before Torah and the Gospel were revealed.  Torah is the collection of five books revealed to Moses and Gospel came to Jesus long time after that;


[3:65] O followers of the scripture, why do you argue about Abraham, when the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed until after him? Do you not understand?


We roughly know that the Torah was not yet revealed in 3000 BC.  When we take this date add to 2011 CE .i.e. when this code was discovered we get 5011 years.  When we concatenate these years with (3:65) where Abraham’s age might be implied to be under consideration within the context of this verse we get multiple of 19;

3000 BC + 2011 CE = 5011 Years


3 65 5011 = 192369 x 19 and 3 65 5011 / 190 19236.9


The Temporal connection once again is consistent and suggest Quran was revealed earlier than when Abraham was alive 5011 years ago.


The Position is 9 which describes “Provision” indeed both Torah and Gospel were provisions from God for our religious guidance mentioned in (3:65).


The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related”, once again confirming the fact that this code is addressing an issue regarding a messenger Abraham.  This fact confirms that the code is correct.


*The World’s Greatest Ideas by John Farndon (where time of Iron Age is mentioned) page 84

*CE stands for “Common era” which equals AD, but AD stands for “Anno Domini” which is Latin for “The year of the Lord”, since Muslims do not believe Jesus was God, it is appropriate to use CE.