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Who is Al-Muzzammil (The Cloaked one 73:1);

By Ijaz Chaudry

The chapter 73 is named as Al-Muzzammil or The Cloaked. It has long been contested that this chapter is devoted to Muhammad, however it is not for the reasons you will find out later on this page.

Al-Muzzammil is a messenger this fact is based on (73:5) “We will give you a heavy message…”

This verse proves that The Cloaked one is carrying a message, therefore he is a messenger.

The advent of this messenger is dictated in the following code;

[37:36]  They said, "Shall we leave our gods for the sake of a crazy poet?"

 [37:37]  In fact, he has brought the truth, and has confirmed the messengers.

The above verse is addressed to Muhammad, Rashad and The Cloaked one in the following way;

First how do we know the major participant in (37:37) is Muhammad?  We know this by the following code;

(37:36) 37 36 92 = 19668 x 19 this code confirms that this verse was addressing Muhammad, the temporal connection suggest gv of Muhammad right most .i.e. historical which is true because Muhammad is a historical figure.

Now how do we know if Rashad & Al-Muzzammil are also part of (37:37)?  We know this by reading the verse and associating the context of this verse to the mathematical code which include gv of Rashad and Al-Muzzammil.  This, verse suggest that Muhammad confirmed all messengers.  This only means the messengers after him were Rashad and after Rashad Al-Muzzammil. Look at the confirmation below;

The messengers confirmed in (37:37) are Rashad and after him “The Cloaked One”. Gv of Al-Muzzammil = alif=1, laam=30, meem=40, zaal=7, meem=40, Laam=30, Al-Muzzammil=1+30+40+7+40+30=148, gv of Rashad is Rae = 200, Sheen = 300, Alif = 1 and Dhaal = 4, Rashad 200 + 300 + 1 + 4 = 505.

 148 505 37 37=78160723 x 19

148 505 37 37 / 190 = level 7816072 position 3.

Based on the consistency of the temporal codes which is the left most entity in the code most recent the above code is telling us the Al-Muzzammil is messenger now which is most recent, then going back in time Rashad was a messenger and then the revelation of (37:37) which is over 1400 years old.

Further scrutinising the above code the position 3 describes “Principle or Rule Clarified” indeed the confirmation of messengers in (37:37) is a principle A principle basically suggests a point of likelihood on a particular topic,(A principle basically suggests a point of likelihood on a particular topic) which has been clarified.

The Cloaked One saw Muhammad in his dream where Muhammad nodded confirming his messenger ship.  This fact is confirmed as below in the Quran;

(33:7) And when we took from the prophets their Covenant and from you and from Noah and from Abraham and from Moses and from Jesus son of Mary and we took from them solemn Covenant.

The important bit above is, “… and from you (O Muhammad) ...”, hence it appears that beside the covenant between all prophets and God … And when we took from the prophets their covenant.. .i.e. 3:81 & the advent of Rashad Khalifa there was another pledge between Muhammad the four prophets mentioned in this verse and God .i.e. the advent of Al-Muzzammil

[73:1]  O you cloaked one.

33 + 7 + 73 + 1 = 114 x 19

114 / 190 = level 1 position 6

Position 6 describes “Caution” indeed (33:7) requires caution in understanding this verse and the concept of a unique “Pledge” between Muhammad and God, which proclaim and prophecies the advent of a messenger after Dr. Rashad Khalifa, who is named as Al-Muzzammil in the Quran.

The order the messengers came (Rashad and after Rashad, Al-Muzzammil) is in the following code;

(3:81), Prophesises the advent of Rashad and (33:7) prophesises the advent of Al-Muzzammil (see above).  When we concatenate verse numbers 81 with verse number 7 we get;

 81 7 = 43 x 19

81 7 / 190 = level 4 position 3.

The Temporal connection is Rashad came first left most and the Al-Muzzammil right most after Rashad.

Position 3 describes principle or rule clarified and indeed it is clarification of order in which the messengers came.

Further proof take chapter 37 and verse 37 and chapter 73 and verse 1 add them all together you get 148 which is also the gv of Al-Muzzammil as described above.  (37:37), Is where all messengers have been confirmed after Muhammad and (73:1) is where Al-Muzzammil (The Cloaked One) is addressed.

 Also there is further proof (37 37 148 = 196692 x 19 or 37 37 148 / 190 = 19669 / 2).

These are overwhelming proofs that the final messenger mentioned in the Quran by name is Al-Muzzammil, based on the fact that the confirmation of messengers in (37:37) and that there is no more evidence of a messenger to come in the entire Quran other than Rashad and Al-Muzzammil (the Cloaked One).  Temporal connection suggest that (37:37) most recent, indeed this verse confirms the truth in this day and age thus relevant to today’s generation, and what is the truth that Al-Muzzammil is the final messenger based on the knowledge obtained from the Quran.  Position 2 describes “Command used in various situations” the command is “he confirmed the messengers”.

The Purpose of the Messenger;

The following verse clarifies the purpose of any messenger including Al-Muzzammil;

[18:56]  We only send the messengers as simply deliverers of good news, as well as warner’s. Those who disbelieve argue with falsehood to defeat the truth, and they take My proofs and warnings in vain.

So how do we know if Al-Muzzammil is one of the messengers mentioned in (18:56) observe the following;

Gv of Al-Muzzammil = 148, when we concatenate this with the chapter and verse (18:56) we get;

18 56 148 = 97692 x 19 or 18 56 148 / 190 = 9769.2

Take another route using (73:1) and (18:56), add the chapter and verses we get Gv of Al-Muzzammil;

73 + 1 + 18 + 56 = 148, this code spells out the Gv of Al-Muzzammil.  (73:1) is where Al-Muzzammil is addressed.

The verse 18:56 left most because all other messengers mentioned in 18:56 are now passed away and are in Paradise alive there at present and gv 148 right most has happened after the previous messenger was killed (Rashad), hence historical in conjunction to 18:56.  Position 2 describes command used in various situations, indeed 18:56 is God’s command telling us what the messengers are sent with.

The above code confirms that he is one of the messenger mentioned in (18:56) and that he has been sent with good news as well as warning.   So what is the good news and the warnings.  Read the following;

Al-Muzzammil has confirmed the prophecy in the Quran that Saudi’s will be replaced by Americans in near future which will be excellent news for the true believers, please read the article “Fall and Rise of the Roman’s”.

This messenger has come with better understanding of the Quran using the mathematical miracle of 19, hence one can rely solely on the Quran for religious resource and hence completely denounce the usage of any other material like Hadith as secondary source of religious guidance.

The warnings are the same ones as previous messengers, if you do not worship God alone when proclaiming to be Submitter (Muslim) then you will end up in Hell.  There are some new revelations which can further define idol worship, simple things like being over bearing, being ignorant, being oppressive, having a group mentality all these are enemy of the true believer, and who ever practice these traits and carry on doing it until death, indeed will be disbeliever and idol worshiper.   A submitter (Muslim) should seek and be humble enough to take advice from anyone without any arrogance if it makes sense based on the Quran.   After Al-Muzzammil’s long debates on the various Muslim forums, talks etc the above mentioned traits were the most obvious one’s which made them into disbelievers.

Function of “The Cloaked One”;

The function of The Cloaked One is to explain the Quran using the mathematical miracle of Quran (74:35) and arrange the Quran in order based on the mathematical miracle of nineteen and its multiples.

(73:2-4) Stand the night except for a little.  Half of it, or little less than that, or a little more, and arrange (Ratil) the Quran in its arrangement.”

Ratil means to arrange things of similarity together.

[73:15]  We have sent to you a messenger, just as we sent to Pharaoh a messenger.

73 15 = 385 x 19

73 15 / 190 = level 38 position 5

Because 73 15 is multiple of 19, any mathematical code of 19 will also be multiple of 19 when concatenated to 73 15, each time proving the code is what the messenger is sent with.

Position 5 describes “Gift” indeed messengers are gift of God to the community.

Ratil in 73:4 is thought to be means of collection of verses on the same subject in the Quran, by the disbeliever’s, however, (73:4)  word “arrangement” signifies “Order” which codes have while collection of verses on same subject might not have.

Also the following verse explains further job specs;

[2:151]  (Blessings) such as the sending of a messenger from among you to recite our revelations to you, purify you, teach you the scripture and wisdom, and to teach you what you never knew.

2 151 73 1 = 113249 x 19

2 151 73 1 / 190  = level 11324 position 9.

The Temporal connection suggests that 2:151 more recent than 73:1. This is because it had been prophesised that a messenger will come in 2:151. This prophecy has come true now when the messenger, arrived called Al-Muzzammil. The  Position 9 describes “Provision” indeed Al-Muzzammil has been provided as a blessing from God to this generation..

 Al-Muzzammil has spent over 20 years perfecting the 19 based codes with God’s help, have created a database of codes verifying and explaining many aspects of the Quran using the miracle of 19, according to 73:4 and Ratil putting verses in order.  Every aspect of our religion which at first seem unclear from the context of verses in the Quran has been clarified and what is left can be explained from the Quran with the help of mathematical miracle of 19.

 Al-Muzzammil has made the mathematical miracle and its usage an art form, which can be statistically interpreted and could be used as a methodology to check if the codes are interpreted correctly.

Using this methodology Al-Muzzammil has found the correct Salat details (see Salat articles), and predicted the advent of Mecca being taken over from Saudi’s by American’s in the article “Fall and Rise of the Roman’s”, which is also a sign from God to this messenger.  This fact is captured in 10:20 below;

The Arrival of Al-Muzzammil in UK

The arrival of the Cloaked One in UK confirmed in the Quran.  The date he arrived was 21/05/1972. 73 is the chapter no. addressed to The Cloaked One titled “The Cloaked”.  When we add the date and 73 we get;

21 + 5 + 1972 +73 = 2071 = 109 x 19

2071 / 190 = level 3 position 9

Position 9 describes “Provision” sending of a messenger is indeed a provision or blessing.  This code thus confirms arrival of Al-Muzzammil in UK.  Level 3 describes “Include Missing Information”, this is new information which is now included by the Quran.

 The worldly name of Al-Muzzammil;

Let’s first analyse what “Cloaked one” might mean, the word cloak means – loose garment; a covering or that which conceals, hence the Cloaked one would be a person who is concealing some truth under a disguise or pretext. This truth under the concealment of the miracle of 19 has been revealed slowly by this messenger.

The worldly name of this messenger is Ijaz Chaudry the person who wrote this article.  He is called the Cloaked One because he is not what he seems because his birth name is Ijaz Ul Haq rather then Ijaz Chaudry.  And that in Arabic “Cha” is not a letter, “Cha” is an Urdu letter, hence I cannot find Gv of Ijaz Chaudry, I can only use my original name for the code below i.e. birth name.

Gv of Ijaz Ul Haq = ayn=70, alif=1, jeem=3, zaal=7,ayn=70, laam=30, hay=8, qaf=100

Ijaz Ul Haq=289

Gv Al-Muzzammil=148 as above.

289 + 148 = 437 = 23 x 19

437 / 190 = level 2 position 3

The First name is spelled different to conventional spelling it starts with Ayn rather than alif, thus there is emphasis on “I” or “Ayn” rather being eeJaz it is pronounced Ii’jaz.

Position 3 describes “Principle or Rule clarified” indeed the principle that “The Cloaked One” and “Ijaz Chaudry”  is the same person has been clarified in the above code.  The Level is 3 which is Theme “Include Missing Information”, this fact has been unknown for over 1400 years which has now been included by the Quran, that is Ijaz Ul Haq is Al-Muzzammil.  Where ever the code is the sum of entities, it means that it is an application, .i.e. in this code Ijaz Ul Haq is implied to be Al-Muzzammil, it is application of Al-Muzzammil being Ijaz Ul Haq.  This phenomenon (application) is seen within many codes and it is a general trend of coding convention.

Some recent independently found codes confirming the identity and purpose of Al-Muzzammil by Muhd Shukri

(A) Sura 73 (Al-Muzzammil)

 (1) Verse 73:(1-5)  ... proved that the main purpose of messenger Al muzzammil is to arrange Quran ... based on miracle 19 ... and reveals new informations accordingly ...

73 1 O you cloaked one.

73 2 Meditate during the night except rarely.

73 3 Half of it or a little less.

73 4 Or a little more. And arrange (Ratil) the Quran in its arrangement.

73 5 We will give you a heavy message.


---> 74(303135) 73(12345) =  39106913542755 x 19

P5 (Gift)

L9 (Misconceptions clarified)

(2) 73:(1-10) & (20) ... proved that Ijaz Ul Haq and Al Muzzammil is the same person ... 

Gv's for Ijaz Ul Haq = 81+100+108 ---> 289

73:(1-10) & (20) ---> 73+(1+2+...+10) + (20) ---> 73+55+20 = 148*

Add up :

289 + 148* = 437 = 23 x 19

P3 (Principle or Rule clarified)

L3  (Include Missing Information)

(B) Sura 74 (Al-Muddath-thir)

 (1) Verse 74 1 ... confirmed that the words "hidden secret" (Al-Muddath-thir) refers to miracle-19 ...

74 1 O you hidden secret.

---> 741 = 39 x 19 

P9 (Provision)

L3 (Include Missing Information)

Note: Because sura 74:1 itself  is multiple of 19, any mathematical code of 19 will also be multiple of 19 when concatenated to 74:1 , each time proving the code is part of the hidden secret  of the quran**

And subsequently if we concatenate verse 74:1 with miracle of 19 ... we get ...

---> 19 741 = 1039 x 19

P9 (Provision)

L4 (Verses which can be extrapolated)

---> 741 19 = 3901 x 19 

P1 (Scenario Described)

L4 (Verses which can be extrapolated)

---> 19 741 19 = 103901 x 19

P1 (Scenario Described)

L5 (Detailing Information)

(2) 74 4 ... Al muzzammil and Rashad are sent basically to purify the quran ...

74 4 Purify your garment.

148 (gv's for al muzzammil)

505 725 (gv's for rashad khalifa)

---> 744 148 725505 =  39165722395 x 19

P5 (Gift)

L9 (Misconceptions clarified)

Or (purify the quran based on miracle-19)

74 4 Purify your garment.

74 30 Over it is nineteen.

148 (gv's for al muzzammil)

505 725 (gv's for rashad khalifa)

---> 148 505725 74(4+30) = 148 505725 74(34) = 78160908286 x 19

P6 (caution) ... the scope/methodology for each messenger (in purifying quran) is different .

L9 (Misconceptions clarified)

(3) 74 49 ... the words "this reminder" refer to reminder preaches by God messengers al muzzammil and rashad khalifa ...

74 49 Why are they so averse to this reminder?

148 (gv's for al muzzammil)

1230 (gv's for rashad khalifa)

19 (miracle 19)

---> (74+49)+148+1230 = 1501 = 79 x 19

P9 (Provision)

L3 (Include Missing Information)

---> (74+49)+19+148+1230 = 1520 = 80 x 19

P0 (wild card)

L3 (Include Missing Information)

What does (33:7) exactly mean.