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The confirmation of Cloaked One;

By Ijaz Chaudry (Al-Muzzammil or The Cloaked)

 This article will investigate and present “The Cloaked One” (73:1).  Chapter 73 is called “The Cloaked”, which is entirely addressing this person.  We know from 73:4 that “The Cloaked One” came after the whole Quran was revealed and that it could not have been Muhammad. Since there are no contradictions in the Quran the following verse could only be applied after the whole Quran has been revealed. The order of revelation of this particular chapter is 3, which confirms the fact that the whole Quran was not revealed at the time of Muhammad when this chapter was revealed, thus it is a prophecy for the future. This implies that “The Cloaked One” will come later, after Muhammad. And that has been confirmed to be now!

 [73:4]  Or a little more. And read the Quran from cover to cover.

 Final Messenger:

 Despite clear commandments in the Quran, most Muslims believe that Muhammad was the final messenger.  This is because they do not know the difference between a prophet and a messenger hence they cannot understand the verse (33:40).

      Not the Final Messenger

 [33:40] Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of GOD and the final prophet. GOD is fully aware of all things.

 Briefly speaking a prophet is who brings a book and a messenger is who spreads a message from that book.  Prophet Muhammad was a prophet and a messenger.  But there could be just prophet or just messenger.  We know from (33:40) that Muhammad was a final prophet but not the final messenger.

 Anyone who proclaims (or give message) from the Quran is a messenger. However, there are also messengers who came after Muhammad mentioned in the Quran. We will GOD willing establish who is the final messenger mentioned in the Quran. We know Quran is fully detailed from several verses in the Quran such as;

 [10:37]  This Quran could not possibly be authored by other than GOD. It confirms all previous messages, and provides a fully detailed scripture. It is infallible, for it comes from the Lord of the universe.

 Since Quran is fully detailed, Quran could tell us who the final messenger is.  And it does.  So how do we know that, to find out read the following, verse;

 [37:37] In fact, he has brought the truth, and has confirmed the messengers..

The above verse was sent to Muhammad telling us that Muhammad confirmed all the messengers who will come after him mentioned in the Quran.   Now because this article does not show mathematical implications or codes in the Quran, there is no proof for this.  However, if you require proof you will need to read “The Cloaked One with proof.doc.  Hence, at this point all I can say is that the code provides proof that (37:37) and geometric values of Rashad and “The Cloaked” I.e. Al-Muzzammil in Arabic are multiple of 19 in the order so that most recent is Al-Muzzammil and less recent is Rashad.  Therefore “The Cloaked” is the final messenger.

 Why the Final Messenger?

 One might ask why would there be a final messenger mentioned in the Quran.  Once you become aware of the function of “The Cloaked One” you will understand why we would not need any messenger after him.

 The function is described in (73:4) another translation;

 73:4 Or a little more, and arrange the Qur’an in its arrangement. (This verse has been translated by Monotheist Group)

This function stated as ‘arrange the Quran in its arrangement’ in (73:4) which is the purpose of the Cloaked One. This arrangement of the Quran, confirm and relate new religious information. The Blue Print for the procedure to do that has been found and confirmed by “The Cloaked One”, which, is that this messenger has developed a methodology to use Mathematical Miracle of 19 to correlate inspiration with the Quran. In short there is a mathematical tool available now which could be put in use to clarify and gather new knowledge from the Quran which was not available before, even at the time of Dr. Rashad Khalifa the messenger of the Covenant. Thus even after this messenger has passed away there will remain this methodology of arranging the Quran in its arrangement, hence new findings can be made by the true believers at any time. Although after Al-Muzzammil there will not be another human messenger, the Quran still remains to be a messenger, and with God’s inspiration the mathematical miracle (the new methodology) and the Quran no one will require a need for a human messenger, hence whose name is not mentioned in the Quran.

So who is this messenger?

For any proofs read The Cloaked One with proof.doc.  The name of this messenger is Ijaz Chaudry. The declaration of his messenger happened in 2008 exactly 19 years after the death of the previous messenger Dr.Rashad Khalifa. The proclamation came in the month of Ramadan. This indeed is another sign from God sending another messenger 19 years after the previous messenger which is consistent with the miracle of 19.  When Dr. Rashad Khalifa translated the Quran, in the preface he included (Malachi 3:1-3).  This he said was the prophecy of the Messenger of the Covenant.  These verses are significant because they say; ’Lo, I am sending My messenger to prepare the way before Me…’  Indeed Rashad prepared the way for what I am doing today.  The fundamentals of the mathematical miracle calculations belong to Rashad.  All I have done is used it and improved it and made it into a method, which sincere believer can use and gather new information from the Quran.

 Brief history and acknowledgement of (33:7):

 (33:7) And when we took from the prophets their Covenant and from you and from Noah and from Abraham and from Moses and from Jesus son of Mary and we took from them rough Covenant.

 The Arabic word used in this verse to describe which type of Covenant was made is “ghalizan” which also means “coarse” or “rough”.   If we use “rough” to describe the Covenant it clarifies the fact that although five prophets made the pledge only one (Muhammad) fulfilled this pledge with Al-Muzzammil by appearing in his dream.

 This verse confirms the covenant, which Muhammad made to support “The Cloaked One” and it also reminds us about the Covenant made by all prophets in (3:81).  Once again the proof for this is in the article The Cloaked One with proof.doc.  Lets analyse this verse to obtain the above, mentioned result.

First it says “And when we took from the prophets their covenant” this is complete sentence which includes all prophets mentioned in (3:81) including Muhammad, then it says “and from you (O Muhammad) another sentence, which is describing another pledge i.e. pledge with God for the advent of, “The Cloaked One”.  The … When … is a trigger where, by (33:7) is reminding of Covenant made in (3:81) and adding to it, another Covenant.

 The fulfilment of this pledge took place long time ago in 1980’s when Ijaz was a Muhammadan.  Ijaz saw a dream in which he saw a, Arabian person, there was atmosphere of awe and it looked like the grounds of Arafaat in Saudi Arabia, famous for its white Marquees at the time of Hajj.  Ijaz could see these Marquees in the background.  No words were spoken, but Ijaz knew that this was Muhammad.  Muhammad had his head bowed and all he did was raised his head facing Ijaz in acknowledgement.  In the morning Ijaz had a feeling that Muhammad had called him to war (Jihad).  Ijaz was called for war (Jihad) of self-improvement and spreading of true message of Islam to the Muslims which happening now many years later. This acknowledgement was the confirmation of (33:7).

After this there were many tests and struggles for Ijaz, to better himself.  He got married and in 1991 received a message about true Islam and worship of God Alone using Quran Alone.  He became devoted Muslim, reciting 5 Salat’s every day without ever missing any intentionally, at the same time understanding and practicing the Miracle of 19 in the Quran. 

After Rashad died some of his followers persisted to read Salat the way Rashad taught them and pay zakat amount of 2.5% like Rashad asked them to.  Ijaz agreed with most of what Rashad left however, he also believed that the Salat and Zakat amounts are mentioned in the Quran.  Thus eventually after many attempts he found complete details of Salat in the Quran and found the amount of Zakat mentioned in chapter 17.  

After this he wanted to promote this truth however, nobody wanted to listen. But Ijaz pursued because he knew from the Quran that this same scenario had happened in the past to Muhammad and other messengers like him where disbelievers would not follow the truth. He also knew from the Quran that God’s system never changes and that eventually the messengers will be the winners. This only augmented his belief.

 Now after 18 years of research and 19 years after previous messenger, he has declared his messenger ship.

 His work is found on this web site.

 I put a question to the people who do Salat and Zakat the way Rashad did just because he was a messenger.  My question is isn’t the Quran itself a messenger?  Thus does it not contradict what you are, doing.  Would you rather adhere to what dead messenger has left you with or follow the Quran, which still exist in its pristine condition??

 The rule of thumb is, follow the messenger if he is alive else, use his material to the extent that it could be confirmed by the Quran.  If the Quran cannot confirm it then do not follow what the dead messenger has left behind.  Quran is a dynamic book which caters for all generations, including the new ones…  Thus the laws could be tweaked or changed for the new generations using the Quran Alone, with the help of mathematical miracle of 19, which indeed is part of the Quran.

 What does (33:7) exactly mean.