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What exactly does (33:7) mean?


Written by Ijaz Chaudry

(33:7) And when we took from the prophets their Covenant and from you and from Noah and from Abraham and from Moses and from Jesus son of Mary and we took from them rough Covenant.

(33:7) relates to (3:81);

 [3:81]  GOD took a covenant from the prophets, saying, "I will give you the scripture and wisdom. Afterwards, a messenger will come to confirm all existing scriptures. You shall believe in him and support him." He said, "Do you agree with this, and pledge to fulfil this covenant?" They said, "We agree." He said, "You have thus borne witness, and I bear witness along with you."

The actual, wording in (33:7) indicate that this verse is in addition to the covenant made with the prophets in (3:81).  It starts with … And when we took from the prophets their Covenant … thus it is reminding us of the covenant made with the prophets mentioned in (3:81) and adds other covenant made with 5 prophets in the next sentence.

81 7 = 43 x 19 and 81 7 / 190 = 4.3

Since (3:81) and (33:7) are unique verses by which it is meant that they appear in the Quran once only, we can use only the verses of these chapters in the code based on Miracle of 19 methodology. Temporal connection (3:81) verse 81 left most in the code above which means it is most recent indeed the prophecy in 3:81 happened before the second prophecy of another messenger happened (see later). Position 3 describes “Principle or rule clarified”.  The rule which is clarified in the above code is that (33:7) in the first half where it say’s … when we took from the prophets their Covenant … is talking about the Covenant mentioned in (3:81), however the later part is … and from you and from Noah and from Abraham and from Moses and from Jesus son of Mary and we took from them rough Covenant … is other covenant made with those prophets.  This fact is true because if (33:7) were talking about prophets of (3:81) in the first sentence and in the next sentence it is making another covenant. This is so, because the covenant made in (3:81) is with all prophets while the covenant made in the next sentence in (33:7) is with only five prophets. These five prophets represent five major episodes in Islam which are significant today, Noah monotheism, Abraham bringing rites of Islam, Moses bringing Torah and Jesus bringing Gospel.  Thus each one of these prophets made a covenant with the messenger to come.  Personified by the very last prophet Muhammad made a Covenant to support Al-Muzzammil. Since five prophets are mentioned and only one (Muhammad) fulfilled the pledge to Al-Muzzammil in his dream the word “rough” is used to describe this pledge.

The confirmation of this pledge happened to Al-Muzzammil through a vision long time ago in 1980’s. The word “rough” used in this verse emphasises the fact that even though the pledge was made with five prophets but it was only conveyed by one prophet Muhammad.

Level 3 is Theme “Include missing information”, indeed the above explanation of (33:7) is the missing information which has be included by Al-Muzzammil now.

Now the connection of (33:7) with (73:1) where Al-Muzzammil is addressed is as follows;

73 + 1 + 33 + 7 = 114 = 19 x 6.

Position 6 describes “Caution”.  There is caution involved in understanding the connection of (33:7),  (3:81) and Al-Muzzammil.  This has been clarified above with explanation of “rough”.

The Level is Theme “Related to righteousness”.  Indeed the Covenant made between Muhammad and Al-Muzzammil in (33:7) is a righteous act.

Further proof, suggest the same;

If the above codes and there descriptions were false, then we would have expected inconsistencies elsewhere.  For example above we proved that Rashad was associated with (33:7) because of the correlation between verse (3:81) (where the prophesy of Rashad as a messenger is mentioned) and, (33:7) where it is reminded of this prophecy in (3:81) was true.  This is further clarified later some more.  So what about verse (3:81) and Al-Muzzammil and its relationship.  Rashad is addressed in both (3:81 and 33:7), however Al-Muzzammil is only associated with (33:7), and therefore the logical conclusion could only be that (3:81 and Al-Muzzammil) do not have any association.  And indeed this is true because no combination of gv of Al-Muzzammil (148) or (73:1 where Al-Muzzammil is addressed) is multiple of 19 with (3:81).  This is further proof that the codes above are true.

Now Rashad has strong correlation with (33:7) as follows;

(33:7) take verse 7 and concatenate with gv of Rashad which is 505 we get multiple of 19;

7 505 = 395 x 19 and 7 505 / 190 = 39.5

Temporal connection above is verse 7 left most (most recent) indicates the new understanding of (33:7 and 3:81) by Al-Muzzammil happened after Rashad had passed away; hence gv of Rashad is historical.  Position 5 describes “Gift”, indeed messengers are gift from God, also the explanation of (33:7) and arrival of the new messenger Al-Muzzammil is also a gift from God.  The Level is 4 which is Theme “Verses which can be extrapolated”.  Indeed this code can be extrapolated to the times of Rashad.

Another code when we take (33:7) and concatenate with Gv of Rashad Khalifa we get multiple of 19;

505 725 33 7 = 26617123 x 19 and 505 725 33 7 / 190 = 26617112.3

Temporal connection is Gv Rashad Khalifa most recent because Dr Rashad Khalifa was the first to be engaged with 33:7.  Position 3 describes “Principle or Rule clarified”.  Indeed (33:7) has been clarified by Al-Muzzammil after Rashads death.  Level 7 which is Theme “Disbelievers” suggests that some followers of Rashad would disbelieve in the explanation of (33:7) as proven by Al-Muzzammil above.  This is true because the way Rashad had translated (33:7) and his belief that (33:7) only confirms one Covenant which is mentioned in (3:81) and nothing else would enforce disbelief among his followers.