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Dear Xavier,

We will discuss the following topics today;

·       Under what circumstance can one use 19 codes?

·       One example where, 19 codes were required and were used!

·       Ijaz aka Al-Muzzammil authorised by God!


(IC) Under what circumstance can one use 19 codes?

It had already been explained in my earlier correspondence that the 19 codes should only be used under special circumstances to explain the Quran. The circumstances in which to use the codes are based on the following part of the verse (74:31);


(74:31) … (4) to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as well as the believers …


Indeed we have been to and fro-ing, in our past correspondence about the nature of the wordings in (6:114) & (6:38) “The Book”. We came to understand that these words might imply the worldly literature or it could have more than one meaning.


Indeed the following example of the verse and the code gives an alternate view of the words “The Book”. This code implies that “The Book” used under different circumstances within the context of the verse could mean different thing. Therefore going forward from here, in (6:114) & (6:38), “The Book” could very well mean the literature of the world. While in the following example (18:1), it is describing “The Book” to be the revelations to Al-Muzzammil. These revelations as it appears here in the code are the interpretations of the Quran using the Miracle of 19. Both are correct within their context.


(18:1) Praise GOD who revealed to His servant the book and made it flawless.


*148 18 1 = 7799 x 19. Gv of Al-Muzzammil is 148. Position 9 describes provision; indeed revelation of the Quran is a great provision from God to Al-Muzzammil.  The original script was revealed to Muhammad, but with every new messenger new information is revealed through the same scripture the Quran. The word "revealed" is clarified by (20:38-39) where in a simple thing like telling Moses mother to put Moses in the box and put the box in the river is called revelation. Thus revelation in Quran is dissemination of information, which include Quran to Muhammad and 19 based information to Al-Muzzammil and Rashad etc. etc. **Al-Muzzammil


One example where, 19 codes were required and were used!

The following verse plays an important part in the derivation of the 19 codes;

(74:31) (4) to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as well as the believers!!!

A simple example of the coding;

(12:80) When they despaired of changing his mind, they conferred together. Their eldest (Reuben) said, "Do you realize that your father has taken a solemn pledge from you before GOD? In the past you lost Joseph. I am not leaving this place until my father gives me permission, or until GOD judges for me; He is the best Judge.

A Christian might question the validity of the Quran, asking why (12:80) does not mention the name of the eldest son of Jacob. So in order to remove this doubt (74:31 – point 4 RK QT) the name of Jacob’s eldest son Reuben has been picked up from the bible and coded with this verse as follows;

*Jacob’s eldest son was called Reuben, which is coded with this verse; geometric value of Reuben is 268, when we concatenate this with (12:80) we get complete multiple of 19; 268 12 80 = 141120 X 19; this name is mentioned in the Old Testament and proven here to be correct. **Al-Muzzammil

This code focus on two aspects, it removes doubt of those who are doubtful about the Quran, and it also confirms another important point that is that we should uphold the bible like the Quran says in;

(5:68) Say, "O people of the scripture, you have no basis until you uphold the Torah, and the Gospel, and what is sent down to you herein from your Lord." For sure, these revelations from your Lord will cause many of them to plunge deeper into transgression and disbelief. Therefore, do not feel sorry for the disbelieving people.

Ijaz aka Al-Muzzammil authorised by God!

The following verses give clear authority to Ijaz aka Al-Muzzammil to the Miracle of 19 as confirmed in (74:31 – point 4 RK, QT).

40       78       We have sent messengers before you (Al-Muzzammil) - some of them we mentioned to you and some we did not mention to you. No messenger can produce any miracle without GOD's authorization. Once GOD's judgment is issued the truth dominates and the falsifiers are exposed and humiliated.

*266 = 14 x 19. Gv of Al-Muzzammil is 148. 148 + 40 + 78 = 266. Position 4 describes act of righteousness, indeed 40:78 ... Truth dominates and falsifiers are exposed, which indeed is act of righteousness. **Al-Muzzammil

The following verse confirms the fact that Al-Muzzammil has refined the Miracle of 19 to the extent that it is better now than what it was before;

(2:106) When we abrogate any miracle, or cause it to be forgotten, we produce a better miracle, or at least an equal one. Do you not recognize the fact that GOD is Omnipotent?

Al-Muzzammil has refined the miracle of 19 and made it into a methodology for the purpose of usage by all the sincere believers. The verse (2:106) in conjunction with (40:78) is a proof of authorisation of miracle of 19 to Al-Muzzammil aka Ijaz Chaudry!


This narration has clarified the wordings “The Book” used in (6:114) & (6:38) which has eluded many in the past including ‘X’, thus putting once again the emphasis on the fact that “The Book” is not the Quran.

The importance of coding the verses of the Quran to explain the Quran has been highlighted by an example. The coding helps to promote the glorification of the Word of God the Quran, which is a good thing and nothing to be frowned on!

Also at the request by ‘X’ who thought I had no authority to any miracle, a proof has been presented in the verses (40:78) and (2:106), that indeed I have all the authority to the miracle as I want!


I have proved beyond the doubt that the accusations made against me as being a convict and a false messenger has no firm footings. This accusation is based on preconceived ideas and prejudices which many Muslims hold fast today including ‘X’.

It is clear from what has been discussed over the past 5 weeks that open mind without preconceived ideas is the best way forward in search of truth.

I hope all my effort does not go in vain and that ‘X’ re-consider my position not as a convict or a false messenger!

My correspondence to ‘X’ was intermittent, for every correspondence was interleaved with absence of 1 week. So I believe I gave ‘X’ enough time to reply, but unfortunately I did not receive any reply.

However, my door is open, you can correspond whenever you wish and God willing if I am alive and able I shall reply!