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By Ijaz Chaudry

First Email from Musjid Tucson with Reply from me:

15/11/2017 from me:

Title: Zakat and Salat

Dear Sister and Brother,

As a Muslim I need to find out how much Zakat to pay and I know you only follow the Quran, therefore I would like also if you could tell me where in the Quran amount of Zakat is stipulated?

Also where does in the Quran does the Salat details are mentioned, I know Quran talks about bowing and prostrating many times which is associated with Salat, what I am interested is where does the content of Salat is mentioned in the Quran.

I would also appreciate if you could give me brief synopses of what I need to know, please don’t send me links or appendices, because I don’t have time to get into that.

Kind regards

16/11/2017 from Musjid Tucson

Title: RE: Zakat and Salat


Peace be upon you,

Thank you for your mail. God’s system is that we study the Quran to get the lessons – no short cuts. God blessed us with a messenger to clarify many things for us and document it so it makes our understanding easier. But it still requires you to find the time to study the information whether someone pastes it in an email or directs you to a webpage where the information already exists.

The explanation you seek is at the following links, so we don’t need to reexplain it. Besides, forcing a synopsis may not give you the complete picture. You wouldn’t want to be doing the practices incorrectly or not knowing why you are doing them that way. (Video explanation + demo of the Contact Prayers by Rashad Khalifa).

Best wishes,

Masjid Tucson


As I understand the simplest explanations are the best. Like (17:26-30) are simple and clear explanations in God’s words of how much Zakat should be paid. We don’t necessarily need to go through a lot. However, I have already read this material sent to me by Musjid Tucson religiously when I first believed. 

So for this reason I did not read the links. As for Salat, I used to do the same Salat when I first believed, and I had religiously followed the codes mention in this appendix. However, later few question arose in mind, like why there were no codes for the proclamations which we had to read in the kneeling position, when we prostrate and bow why do we Glorify God silently, while the instructions in the Quran are to do Salat in moderate tone and where does it say to do Salaam’s at the end of the Salat in the Quran. So I did my own research and found complete code for all Salats. All the time my inspiration came from Rashad’s pioneering work.