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By Ijaz Chaudry

But before going any further a small revelation for the believers

(5:69) surely those who believe, those who are Jewish, converts and Christians; any of them who  (1) believe in God, (2) believe in the Last Day, and (3) lead a good life, have nothing to fear nor will they grieve.


So how do we know this verse is fool proof? Christians believe in God but their God is trinity. Christians believe in last day but on their last day Jesus will raise them up to eternal life. (John 6:40 NIV Bible) is one such example. How, can we be sure that Christians will not confuse God with trinity?

They cannot confuse trinity with God because;

1)      The second point above i.e. “believe in the Last Day” clarifies this issue, according to Bible, Christians do believe in last day but it is described in the Bible as “at last day”. This is different from “in the Last Day”. One can only say “I am in China” one cannot say “I am at China” on the other hand one can say “I am at great wall of China” but cannot say “I am in great wall of China”. I hope you can see the difference; in essence “in” is specific to the location while “at” is not. This means that “Christian’s at last day is not the same as Muslim Last Day”, this subtle difference shows how detailed the Quran is.

2)      Now what if Christians “at last day” has been misinterpreted as “in the last day” is this verse still fool proof?  Indeed it is, Christian’s belief system is different from Jewish religion, Jews still believe in one God. Since both Christians and Jews cannot have the same God and this is a verse from the Quran where Muslims believe in one God as well as Jews, therefore one God is in favour of Christian’s trinity.

However the disbelievers could say the following, but my argument is that if they could have said the same and could have proven the flawlessness of (5:69) then what held them why did they not say this before;


8      31           When our revelations are recited to them they say "We have heard. If we wanted to we could have said the same things. These are no more than tales from the past!"

Here are the emails intact between Musjid Tucson and I after our emails were published on

From: Ijaz Chaudry []
Sent: Saturday, January 6, 2018 9:26 PM
Subject: Published emails and why I blew my top!!!


Dear Musjid Tucson,


Following is the link to our dialogue over the past few weeks. Please check if it is in order, you may add comments if you like, just let me know where and what comment you want to add and I’ll do it.


In the second and third ‘email links’ I opened my heart to you, but in reply you gave me very cold and condescending reply  which I did not relish, hence my equally horrible reply. I am sorry I should have kept my cool, but this is a lesson for me God willing I’ll do better next time.


I look forward to hear from you. If you don’t reply that is equally good.


Kindest Regards


Ijaz Chaudry


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Reply from Musjid Tucson


Peace be upon you,


Thank you for documenting the correspondence between us. We have a copy as well.


We did not respond to your recent mails because, as shared earlier, we do not wish to dialogue further with you on your views challenging God’s Messenger of the Covenant. Why can’t you respect that? We offer you peace and once again ask you to stop corresponding with us. You can spread your “message” in your own way if you are so sure about it. You may get some takers, but you will also have to deal with the criticism, counter challenges  and humiliation that will also come your way. Eventually, you will probably go into oblivion with a few supporters, like all the fake messengers who have come but offered far more formidable arguments than you. Please don’t forget that the consequences of going against God and His messenger can be really hard on you.


We would like to apply your offer in your mail which said, “If you don’t reply that is equally good.”


Please honor that now and stop corresponding with us. You are responsible for your own neck, so you do your part and we do ours. If you insist on communicating with us further, we may consider informing the NHS associated hospital you work at. The UK government may monitor your beliefs and activities. Apart from dealing with their enquiries, you will also end up directly and indirectly sending out more negative perceptions about Islam which God will hold you responsible for. If you were really a messenger of God, you’d think maturely and responsibly like one. Anyone who claims to be a messenger of God without God’s authorization can technically be considered a messenger of Satan. So we can also make the information public if the need arises to help people know what they should watch out for. Your mails hover between angry, desperation and almost pleading to give you some importance, which so unlike an Authorized Messenger of God.


Please remember to also document this reply in your website archive as well, so history has it. People can decide for themselves after that.


Peace be upon you,


Masjid Tucson