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By Ijaz Chaudry

My Emails without reply from Musjid Tucson

Dear audience,

I hope you will give credit where it is due. This page is commentary on the exchange of emails between Musjid Tucson and I.

I know that Dr Rashad Khalifa has been criticised by the media to the extreme, and maybe because of that Musjid Tucson and even never reply back to my emails in the past. But Hurray there is a break through and I managed to get some replies.

My intentions were honourable all I wanted to do was to open dialogue with Musjid Tucson.  The reason to open dialogue was specifically about how Musjid Tucson still associates 2.5% Zakat amount, while the Quran is pretty clear in (17:26-30) how much or how little Zakat amount is sanctified by God in the Quran. Are they taking Dr Rashad Khalifa’s word above the word of God the Quran? This email exchange was also my intention to declare my messenger ship.  Please read the following email exchanges between Musjid Tucson and I. I have added my comments to this exchange of email, just to give a whole picture some clarification. To be fair Musjid Tucson can let me know what comments they want to add to this page and I will happily do that.

From me 07/12/2017;

Title: Rashad did not know the future - therefore he could not have verified the rites of Islam for the future - Stop idol worshiping Rashad and read and follow the Quran


Rashad is not the messenger anymore, because he is dead, like the verse for Muhammad translated by Rashad “Muhammad WAS a messenger of God” in 33:40, similarly Rashad was a messenger of God.

In the absence of Rashad who was a messenger, Quran becomes the messenger, even if you don’t want to believe in my message as Al-Muzzammil as the messenger of God, the whole chapter 73 devoted to Al-Muzzammil, than you should at least follow the Quran, where it tells the believers how much Zakat has to be paid; (17:26-30) and what to do when one has not got enough funds to pay for Zakat.

Tell me where did Rashad mentioned this, that is if one has not got enough funds to pay Zakat, what should one do, indeed his message is incomplete, only the Word of God is supreme, so stop idol worshiping Rashad, it becomes blatantly obvious that you are worshipping Rashad and taking his word over God’s Words (17:26-30), either you change your ways or expect  lovely fire of Hell.  

Title: Rashad did not revoke 2.5% Zakat - but are you sure 2.5% Zakat was prescribed by Muhammad or Abraham

In your last email to me you suggested that Rashad did not revoke 2.5% Zakat amount so that is the correct amount of Zakat one should pay.

Can you give me a solid proof using the miracle of 19 or even previous scriptures confirming Muhammad or even Abraham subscribed 2.5% Zakat. Surely there should be a clue somewhere, God always pertains His word in one way or another.

Surely you can’t really take Rashad’s word for it, or can you?

If you can than how come, (17:36) says verify what info you receive how did you verify that 2.5% is Zakat amount is correct, besides just taking Rashad’s word for it!!!

Title: Message to Followers of Rashad from the Quran, not to be proud and do not exalt yourselves!!!!


You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.



You shall not walk proudly on earth - you cannot bore through the earth, nor can you be as tall as the mountains.


The geometric value of alrashadeen is al 31, rashadeen 564, add verses (17:36-37) 36+37 =73; 17 73 564 31 = 933459 x 19;

So don’t exult yourselves that no one can beat what Rashad brought, above every knowledgeable one there is someone with more knowledge, open your ears and look around there is lot to learn, Rashad just brought tip of the ice berg, there is lot underneath, and God does not run out of words!!!!