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Obeying the messenger (3:132-133)

By Ijaz Chaudry


My brief introduction;

My name is Ijaz Chaudry, I am one of the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa. I received the message in June 1991, from my sister Ruksana Shariff from Canada. Since then I have been researching the Quran and gathering lot’s religious material.


In 2013, I put my material on internet; I have also written 10 books including the translation of the Quran.


I fully understand why believers are reluctant to accept anything new. It is understandable, because there are many who would like to gain popularity or wealth, since God is aware of their reasons, they are not guided and they end up in providing incorrect information about Islam. Therefore, being cautious is advisable. Speaking on my behalf, I have no such interest, I have maintained and advertised my website, since 2013, and I have only accepted one off graphics from Cara Sikkema with her gracious donations, which I appreciate very much which was worth £50- of which I returned £20-. I pay hundreds of pounds every year for keeping my website running which comes from my pocket. I also create Islamic flyers which I distribute every week, which also comes from my own pocket. I have a vast library of books, which I use to promote my religious work, the cost of which again comes from my pocket. I do not require any charity to progress my work; I have a job which helps me pay the bills, which I appreciate, as blessings from God. I just want to promote the worship of God alone, as long as I live God Willing!!! And I am sure you want to do the same. All I say to you is to review my mathematically proven work with the open mind, and then decide.


Obeying the messenger (3:132-133);

The main emphasis of this article is to establish a solution for much controversial and least understood fact which is "obeying the messenger".


There is a method by which geometric values of entities outside the Quran can be associated with various verses of the Quran in order to throw light on some hidden facts regarding those verses.


At the moment, the multiple meaning verses of the Quran are at the discernment of the reader of the Quran and his/her interpretations. This could be bit of a hit or a miss situation for some. In this article a consolidated effort is made to have more effective way of solving these situations.


To do this the following two verses have been taken to investigate what "obeying the messenger" means. And in particular to get to the heart of the matter in order to pinpoint to the exact name of the messenger mentioned in (3:132).


(3:132) You shall obey GOD and the messenger, that you may attain mercy.

(3:133) And you should eagerly race towards forgiveness from your Lord and a Paradise whose width encompasses the heavens and the earth; it awaits the righteous.


In order to confirm which messenger is advised to be obeyed in (3:132) we need to adapt the tried and trusted method of refined miracle of 19. This method is used in combination with the geometric values of all human messengers at and after the revelation of the Quran. This includes Muhammad, Rashad and Al-Muzzammil.


After processing all codes with geometric values of these three messengers, we found out that only two messengers are configured to be addressed by (3:132-133). And they are Rashad and Al-Muzzammil.


Before we continue any further, there is one main consideration which the reader should be aware of, and this is the Arabic word "lilmutaqeen". This Arabic word is used in (3:133), and in English it means “the righteous". The word "righteous" has a specific meaning in the Quran; it means those believers who practice the rites of Islam. Quran is clear that belief in God is enough for salvation (5:69), however, practicing rites of Islam brings more rewards. This constitutes two different categories of believers "Practicing" and "non-Practicing" believers. The establishing of correct rites of Islam is paramount. This is this article’s main focus.


Following are the codes and there explanations as regards to which messenger should be obeyed for the correct practice of rites of Islam;


Geometric value of Rashad is 505


132 133 505 = 6954395 x 19;


This code is associative code having the property called "Temporal connection", which means that this code has time related importance.


In the refined miracle of 19 rules, the “Temporal connection” (Time related) works from left to right in the code. The left most part of the code represents present or future context, while the entity on the right becomes historical.


In the code above the Temporal connection is suggesting that Rashad came in the past.


The Level is 7 Disbelievers and Position is 5 Gift. Putting the two together, we conclude that some followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa are still following the rites of Islam the way Dr Rashad Khalifa practiced and are disbelieving in any improved rites of Islam. Although these improved rites of Islam are indeed a gift from God.


The second code is for Al-Muzzammil as follows;


(73:1) Al-Muzzammil


73 + 1 + 3 + 132 + 133 = 342

342 / 19 = 18 x 19


The verse (73:1) is reference to Al-Muzzammil, this constitutes the participation of Al-Muzzammil as a messenger in this code.


This code is the sum of the entities, which according to the rules of refined miracle of 19 means that the context of the verses has already been applied and since verses (3:132-133) are in present tense, this code and the context of the verses, according to the semantics of the Quran apply to this generation.


Level is 2 related to righteousness, Position is 8 issues. Putting the two together, we conclude that the application of these two verses (3:132-133) is related to correct understanding of the rites of Islam (righteousness). However, the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa have issues with any new proven interpretations of the rites of Islam. They like to continue with what Dr Rashad Khalifa has left them with.


Live with knowledge rather than die in fear!


Now the matter of which messenger should be obeyed as in (3:132):

In order to elaborate further on this point, we have used the latest maths the maths of computer logic called the "Truth Tables". But before we proceed, any further it is good to find out why we have chosen maths as our means of clarification of (3:132).


Mathematics is the only language shared by all human beings regardless of culture, religion, or gender. Pi is still approximately 3.14159 regardless of what country you are in ... With this universal language, all of us, no matter what our unit of exchange, are likely to arrive at math results the same way. This is an important concept because Quran is message to the whole world (25:1) and maths is a universal language understood by the whole world. Therefore, it only makes sense to use maths at this point.


The "Truth table" is very easy to follow. Briefly speaking, it starts with an assumption and finish with a conclusion.


The assumption has two states; it could either be "True" or "False". These two states are denoted by T for "True" and F for "False". These two values are then compared with each other applying the rules of computer logic.


Using (3:132) as a backdrop to the "Truth Table", in particular the phrase "(3:132) You shall obey GOD and the messenger…” we proceed to create our own "Truth Table".


In our "Truth Table", based on (3:132) phrase highlighted above, we choose two entities, living God and a living messenger. When the status for both is "T" the result is "T" a truth.


Now let’s say our two assumptions are denoted by P living God and Q living messenger. These two entities are combined together by computer logic component called "And" or "Conjunction" denoted by “˄" into one concluding state. The "Conjunction" has particular rules as applied in the table below;




P ˄ Q














Indeed as you can see abiding by the rules of computer logic in the truth table, if the messenger is not living then the outcome is false. Since Quran is complete in truth and justice (6:115), Quran only coincides with the "Truth". And the only true result denoted by "T", appears when both God and the messenger are alive.


Based on the outcome of the “Truth Table”, the only concluding truth value “T” appears in the table when both God and messenger statuses are “T”. In order for both statuses to be “T” means that they are both “Alive”, as assumed earlier when we provided two entities for our table God (P) and messenger (Q).



Now we go back to the code based on the miracle of 19 earlier; we established two facts from those codes, one that Dr Rashad Khalifa came in the past, and Al-Muzzammil came now and is particularly relevant to today’s generation. We also know that Dr Rashad Khalifa has died few years back. Now taking this information and adding it to the information driven from the “Truth Table” above, we have two different perspectives of the same view, which is the correct rites of Islam are the ones preached by the living messenger. And the living messenger in this generation is Al-Muzzammil.


Few obvious incorrect practices by the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa are as follows;


1.     The Salat code is fragmented and not fully detailed.

2.     Zakat not 2.5%, (17:25-30)

3.     The followers of Rashad allow Hajj, however Quran says something else; Hajj cannot be observed while disbelievers own Mosque (Kabaa) (9:107-108).

4.     The followers of Rashad say "Prophet Muhammad prohibited to give any instruction other than the Quran"; while the Quran proves that Muhammad did give instructions other than the Quran, (33:37), the matter about Zeid, and Abbasa (He frowned); this constitutes total misunderstanding of (69:40-46).


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