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By Ijaz Chaudry

What was the ultimate goal of Prophet Muhammad?

Quran is the ultimate guidance for any Muslim. However, there is another personal reason, why reading and following Quran becomes so important.

The time of Prophet Muhammad and now has not changed much. Yes we have cars when they had horses, we have high raised buildings, and technology which they did not had, but at the end of the day we are the same people with same mentality.

Let’s look very briefly at history of Prophet Muhammad.  Prophet Muhammad was evicted from Mecca, he fought 3 wars, had many struggles which he had to overcome during his life. He was exiled from his home town Mecca most part of 23 years when the Quran was being revealed to him.  Finally he gathered forces and attacked and conquered Mecca his home town.

Now here is crunch point, what was all this sacrifice for?

Indeed he did all this because of the Quran. People were rejecting the message of the Quran.

Here is the similarity between the times of Prophet Muhammad and now, today we have complete Quran, which Muslims have abandoned. In Prophet Muhammad’s time, the message was rejected, today we have complete message but we have abandoned it. Rejecting the Quran equates to abandoning the Quran they both mean the same. In fact abandoning the Quran is more sinful than rejecting the message. The question may arise why? The reason is that all those Muslims who have accepted Islam as their religion voluntarily are fundamentally saying “yes we are Muslims, but Quran is not for us”. 

At this point I would ask the reader if they could answer this question honestly; have you witnessed  one person in your life who reads and follows the Quran totally, just one person? It is a shame that lots of claims are made by Imam’s and Scholars claiming to quote from the Quran, please next time search the Quran and find out for yourself, if their quotes are from the Quran. You will see that nine times out of ten either it is a misquote, or a human element added to it!

You would agree that if Prophet Muhammad sacrificed most of his life to obtain the Quran, it can’t be much of an effort for us to open the Quran and read it. At least for the sake of curiosity of what was in the Quran, which inspired Prophet Muhammad to do what he had to do, and to receive these marvellous revelations.

Another similarity between the time of Prophet Muhammad and now!

As they say “Devil is in the details”, indeed by looking at this scenario bit deeper where one has to follow the Quran, you have to be aware of some facts. The following verse is pivotal in pointing out what Prophet Muhammad and his companions followed;


(5:48); Then we revealed to you this scripture, truthfully, confirming previous scriptures, and superseding them. You shall rule among them in accordance with GOD's revelations, and do not follow their wishes if they differ from the truth that came to you. For each of you, we have decreed laws and different rites. Had GOD willed, He could have made you one congregation. But He thus puts you to the test through the revelations He has given each of you. You shall compete in righteousness. To GOD is your final destiny - all of you - then He will inform you of everything you had disputed.


God told Prophet Muhammad and his followers specifically to only follow this scripture the Quran. The rest of the verse is basically telling us to live amicably with other religions prominently Christians and Jews. Very much similar situation as we have today. However, there is an important point earlier in this verse where it says “You shall rule among them”, which at first instance does not make sense, because if you read further you notice that Prophet Muhammad was implied in this verse not to interfere with other religions. So what does “You shall rule among them” means. So thinking laterally, there was a community at that time an Abrahimy community, who followed the so called tradition’s left by Abraham the father of Islam who brought the rites of Islam and built the Kaaba. This community was seeped in traditions and was the Ummah at that time. It becomes clear now (5:48) that Prophet Muhammad was asked to rule among them without listening to their wishes (following their tradition), by following the Quran.


Similarly today we have Ummah, who is also steeped in tradition who do not follow Quran alone. I hope you can see similarities between what was happening at the time of Prophet Muhammad and now.


Now we know from the history that Prophet Muhammad’s, first follower was his wife Khadija. We also know from the Quran that his worst enemy was his uncle Abi Laheeb and his wife. I am afraid there is potential for every believer who wants to follow the Quran alone, the same.


Families can get split, between believers and non-believers, however whoever, hold on to God the rewards are bountiful, both in this life and in the Hereafter.


And rewards both in this world and the Hereafter are great;


(4:69) Those who obey GOD and the messenger belong with those blessed by GOD - the prophets, the saints, the martyrs, and the righteous. These are the best company.


(10:63) They are those who believe and lead a righteous life.

(10:64)  For them, joy and happiness in this world, as well as in the Hereafter. This is GOD's unchangeable law. Such is the greatest triumph.


You do not have to wait for the Day of Judgement to get happiness the happiness is guaranteed on earth and also in the Hereafter.


Happiness does not mean lots of wealth. Simple things like sharing God’s revelations with your brothers and sisters can bring lot of joy, within the community of likeminded believers!


God tailors the happiness to every believer’s individual needs, but it always is great!!!


One major example of happiness achieved by the follower of the Quran, indeed is Prophet Muhammad and his followers;


Prophet Muhammad left Mecca as a common business man and returned to Mecca as a ruler, you cannot beat that!


Indeed God’s ultimate victory belongs to the believers;


(3:139) You shall not waver, nor shall you grieve, for you are the ultimate victors, if you are believers.


God bless you!