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Conclusion and a Little Background reading


By Ijaz Chaudry



It seems like SBO are extremely confused. SBO is making an immense effort to follow in the foot steps of The Messenger of the Covenant Dr Rashad Khalifa, that they have lost sight of the truth. There is a lot could be said in the conclusion, but because of limited space and scope, I would like to raise one point and that is to do with the Quran Translation done by Dr Rashad Khalifa which is obscuring the truth for his followers.


Dr Rashad Khalifa translated three different Arabic words with three different meanings into one English word "righteous". The three Arabic words are “al-mutaqeen”, “salaheen” and “al-khaer”. "al-mutaqeen" means righteous, "salaheen" means good and "al-khaer" means living a good life.


More or less all believers associate "righteous" to do with those who perform all the rites of Islam. Thus, this translation by Dr Rashad Khalifa on the very onset puts onus on believer to perform all rites of Islam.


However, when we translate these three Arabic words into their three different meaning English words in the Quran translation, a pattern appears. The pattern is that the Arabic word "al-mutaqeen" or righteous only appear where "Practicing Muslims" are addressed, while the other two Arabic words appear where "Non-practicing Muslims" are addressed.


The phrase "Practicing Muslims" is to do with those Muslims who perform all rites of Islam, while the phrase "Non-practicing Muslims" is to do with those Muslims who do not perform all rites of Islam but follow (Quran 5:69), and believe. Both will make it to Heaven, and indeed that is why there is lower and upper Heaven.


This pattern with the correct translation of the Arabic words has already been done, in my translation of the Quran. And within this translation these three words are highlighted showing their correlation to practicing and non-practicing Muslim's as described by the verses of the Quran.


It is crucial for all those who want to worship God alone, to adhere to the word of God as much as they can. God's word is much superior then human word. The interpretations of the Quran are only most feasible when initially God's words are translated correctly. 


This lack of grasp of the fundamentals of Islam because of this translation of the Quran is indeed downfall of the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa. They cannot distinguish between those who follow Noah from those who follow Abraham. They somehow mix the two together, based on the translation of those three words into one. If Adam and Noah were able to make it to Heaven, by just believing in God, then why not all those who believe in God also make it to Heaven today. Indeed God encourages justice and fair play. Why then there would be one rule for Adam and another for those who came after him and believed (Quran 5:69).


This confusion will only part if they look at the actual Arabic words and there translation.


Who am I?


A brief intro;




Little bit about how does the refined miracle of 19 work;


First how do working with large numbers affect this miracle;


The following URL explains the derivation of refined miracle of 19, with examples; any sincere believer can use this methodology to reveal new information from the Quran;



And Finally I Thank All Those Who Are Reading This Statement, Which Could Possibly Mean That They Have Read The Rest!!!


God bless you, and I wish you all the best on an endeavour of a long but pleasant journey of the unfolding of the true Islam!!!!