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In the Dark


By Ijaz Chaudry



AM - Al-Muzzammil interpretation of "Believer" and "Certain";


AM - Following is a statement made by, based on their understanding of the Quran, it is not a verse from the Quran;


SBO - "God is informing us in Quran that His proofs will only be recognized by the believers who have attained certainty. God also teaches us that His reminder will only benefit the believers":


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AM - the statement made by SBO above is misleading, because of the following verse;

(49:14) The Arabs said, "We are Mu'mens (believers)." Say, "You have not believed; what you should say is, `We are Muslims (submitters),' until belief is established in your hearts." If you obey GOD and His messenger, He will not put any of your works to waste. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.


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Attaining certainty in Islam is the ultimate goal for those who want to achieve that. But recognising His proofs are not only for those who are certain (Mu'mens) but for the Submitters as well. No one would submit to God without His proof's, this is common sense. Making comments which do not fit in with the Quran means man's word over God's word; it is indeed form of idol worship the only unforgivable sin if maintained till death. SBO have to be very careful in what they say because many people go on their website and are misled by this misinformation.



In this scenario the reader of this website will remain confused, because he/she will never find out one way or the other if he/she is certain in belief or not, because he/she can understand the proofs like Submitters can so to him/her there is no difference.


Preconceived ideas are dangerous when undertaking the task of understanding the Quran. One has to read the Quran with open mind without prejudice or preconceived ideas only then new idea's will develop, otherwise one will stay stagnant.  Quran is a dynamic book which contains content for every generation. But that is not all; it contains new content each time the reader reads it. However, this content will be lost forever, if one has prejudged ideas while reading the Quran!