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By Ijaz Chaudry


Dear and fellow readers,


Good will to all mankind!


Asalaam O Lakum (Peace);


Dear, this is not one way communication, I fully intend to listen to what you have to say and even put it on my website.



For any new reader who is not aware of, here is brief intro. It is a website representing a community called Submitters in USA. This community came into existence in the 20th Century, led by the messenger of the covenant Dr Rashad Khalifa mentioned in (Quran 3:81). This community follow the Quran, mainly stemmed from the understanding, by this messenger. Unfortunately this messenger was martyred late last century by the disbelievers.


Quran is clear in its message "to obey God and the messenger" (Quran 3:132) since the messenger is dead how can one follow his orders (obey)? For this community the death of this messenger is still very raw, and they are latching on quite profoundly to the basics of what this messenger taught them.


However, the religious environment has significantly changed from the time when Dr Rashad Khalifa was alive and now. And with that lot of new information has come about from the Quran, which challenge the basic concepts of what this community believes in. Some of the issues presented by this change has been discussed in the following pages.


I have been follower of Dr Rashad Khalifa, for a long time and all my work initially started from his work. I have been involved in Quran research for over 30 years. My involvement in this project of creating these pages have come from search for the ultimate truth in the Quran. I don’t have all the answers but I have some to offer, and in return I will learn more from you through this dialog (Quran 12:76) … Above every knowledgeable one, there is one who is even more knowledgeable.


All of us have opportunity to grow our souls by worshiping God alone, and I do not want to hinder that for anyone, every individual has his/her individual relationship with God, that is the beauty of Islam. However, all believers want to follow the right path, so I request the reader to consider this fact and peruse rest of my pages. If I lack in guidance than let me know, but if you find some thing useful in these pages than you are also welcome to it. I am hoping it works both ways. Ultimately God is our guide.


Investigating the whole website is beyond the scope of scalability. Therefore only precious few topics have been discussed. With a caveat in place that further investigation of is always a possibility.


Intro to Quran and Interpretation:

I know from past that Dr Rashad Khalifa encouraged all believers to follow Quran alone. This focus came from the "Role of Prophet Muhammad", who was understood to only gave the "message" and the "message" was the Quran. This topic is further discussed in one of my pages called "*Role of Prophet Muhammad".


This meant that Quran cannot be interpreted. And as I understand that, this criteria still is main ethos for the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa to day.


However, all believers in one form or another interpret the Quran, without realising that they are doing it. Look at your site for example; the author of your site encapsulates the verses of the Quran into subheadings, phrases or statements. This is done quite rightly to show the full significance of the verses in question. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is contradiction in terms, by saying that they do not interpret the Quran while they are doing it. In the following pages I have referenced some of your material, including these interpretations.


The truth is that one cannot avoid interpreting the Quran, in order to put ones point of view across based on the verses of the Quran. In the following pages I'll go behind this concept and by using the Quran, I will prove that the interpretation of the Quran is allowed by the word of God the Quran.


But briefly for now consider the issue of interpretation of the Quran. The question to ask is. Is the interpretation of the Quran permissible or not?


Support for interpretation of the Quran & messengers set precedents for the believers (6:34):

We know that all translators, including Dr Rashad Khalifa interpreted the Quran to some extent. As you know, Quran is revealed in such a way that one cannot avoid putting additional words within the verses of the Quran, during the translation of the Quran. This constitutes an act whereby the translator is promoting, explanation of what that verse means. No matter how small the interpretation might be, it still is interpretation by definition. Quran does not do half baked! Either the Quran can be interpreted or it cannot be interpreted. Having both is not an option. Therefore using common sense and logic of truth, we can deduce equably that interpretation of the Quran, is part of the structure of the Quran.


This fact is based on two factors, factor one is that if the Quran is read without adding additional words to the verses of the Quran, the meaning of the verses give confusing message, therefore inclusion of additional words in the verses of the Quran is an absolute must.


Factor two is that all the translators add words to the verses of the Quran, which includes the Messenger of Covenant Dr Rashad Khalifa. We know that messengers set precedents for the believers (Quran 6:34) …The history of My messengers thus sets the precedents for you… Therefore based on this overwhelming evidence which is that Dr Rashad Khalifa The Messenger of the Covenant interpreted the Quran, it appears that interpreting the Quran is acceptable.


Therefore, if one can add words to the verses of the Quran to remove confusion, one can do more. One can combine verses from different areas of the Quran to reveal more information from a verse or verses of the Quran using the Miracle of 19. One can also use geometric values of various entities from outside the Quran and bring the outside world into the Quran. The possibilities are enormous and suddenly we can see that the Quran becomes fully detailed.


My advice to the reader of this page is to carry on reading the remaining pages because it is better to live with knowledge, rather than die in fear!