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Why Noah described as a first Muslim why was not Adam


By Ijaz Chaudry



AM - Al-Muzzammil


SBO - "This state of mind basically conforms with God’s one and only message He delivered to man-kind through all of His messengers since Noah; worship God alone and avoid idolatry".


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AM - SBO's statement above is stipulating that Islam started with Noah and not with Adam. This fact is apparent from the encapsulating statement made by SBO above.


This statement above made by SBO, contradicts the Quran for the following reason;

Those who submit to God have taken oath by default that they will not make distinction between God's messengers by the following verse;


(Quran 2:285) The messenger has believed in what was sent down to him from his Lord and so did the believers. They believe in GOD His angels His scripture and His messengers: "We make no distinction among any of His messengers." They say "We hear and we obey. Forgive us our Lord. To You is the ultimate destiny."


Therefore, thinking of one messenger being better than another messenger is truly frowned upon among the believers.


Alas today Prophet Noah, is preferred over Prophet Adam (see identity of Adam as a prophet later). This is done by the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa as you have witnessed above. has categorically discredited Prophet Adam in favour of Noah by clearly suggesting that Islam started with Noah, and by not recognising Adam as the first messenger. This constitutes an act of making distinction between messengers.


AM - Let's take a moment and consider the statement made by above regarding Noah being the first messenger (because in essence that is what it is saying). And let us assume that somehow did not know if Adam was a messenger.


No but that is not what has happened, because by their own admission they knew that Adam indeed was a messenger, please read Dr Rashad Khalifa's translation on;


(Quran 3:33) GOD has chosen Adam, Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of Amram (as messengers) to the people.


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AM- (Quran 2:37) Then (prophet/messenger) Adam received from his Lord words whereby He redeemed him. He is the Redeemer Most Merciful.


All believers know including SBO that all prophets receive revelations from God in the form of words (words are specific to a language). Therefore it only makes sense if words were sent to Adam by God than Adam was a prophet. However, it seems that most readers of the Quran do not accept this. God with His immense wisdom has already provided a solution for instances like these, where traces of doubts creep in. Please read the following;


Indeed the following coding system confirms what was said by Dr Rashad Khalifa in his translation of (Quran 3:33) above;


*how do we know that Adam was a prophet and a messenger? The geometric value of Nabi in Arabic is 62 and Rasool 296, which means prophet and messenger respectively in English. When we concatenate these two geometric values with verse 37 (unique verse in the whole of the Quran therefore only verse can be used in the code) of chapter 2 we get complete multiple of 19, confirming the fact that Adam was a prophet and a messenger;


37 296 62 = 196298 X 19;


But hang on is something wrong with the code the temporal connection is suggesting that he was a messenger before he was a prophet working from left to right in the code, how can that be possible. One has to receive the message before one can deliver it. 


This code is talking from the past. We know this because the left most numbers in the code signify present or future entity. While the entities on the right are historical. Since in this code verse 37 is referring to now or more recent because it is left most, therefore by default the geometric values on the right are historical. This means that this entity Adam was present before the Quran was revealed. And we know both Arabic and Hebrew was written from right to left. Therefore in the code gv of Nabi appear before gv of Rasool reading from right to left. Thus he was Nabi before he was Rasool. The code is correct. The Position is 8 which describe “Issues”, indeed the disbelievers have issues with the prophet hood and messenger ship of Adam, and they do not believe that he was either. However this code confirms that he was both. **Al-Muzzammil


Conclusion: Islam is the oldest religion in the world. And it can only be the oldest religion in the world, if the first human being Adam was a Muslim.


I think the main emphasis of this page is that from time to time the reader of the Quran requires some help to fully understand the Quran. This help can most definitely be achieved by interpretations of the Quran using the refined Miracle of 19 as it has been proven above.