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*Role of Prophet Muhammad


By Ijaz Chaudry



AM - Al-Muzzammil


What does "containing YOUR MESSAGE" mean in (Quran 21:10):

AM - there always is an underlying reason for every cause. To understand the belief system of the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa, and the underlying cause of that belief one has to look at the "Role of Prophet Muhammad". Understanding the "Role of Prophet Muhammad" in the words of SBO is the key to understand the ethos of followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa. Since messengers sets precedents for the believers, prophet/messenger Muhammad had set a milestone for the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa (Quran 6:34) … the history of My messengers sets precedents for you. And the very fundamental of their belief is ingrained in their understanding of this role.


What follows is excerpt from, which is than spelled out, before an alternative view is presented. This view will comprehend the whole Quran.


SBO - Prophet's Only Duty


The Quran utilizes "the double negative" to emphasize that the prophet had NO duty EXCEPT delivering the Quran.


[Quran 42:48] You have NO duty EXCEPT DELIVERING the message.

[Quran 13:40] Your ONLY duty is delivering, we will call them to account.

[Quran 5:99] The messenger has NO function EXCEPT delivery of the message.




[Quran 21:10] We have sent down to you a scripture containing YOUR MESSAGE. Do you not understand?


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AM - above is an excerpt from under the page called "Role of prophet Muhammad". This excerpt is from the top of this page and there is URL if one wants to verify this excerpt with what is on that page.


In this excerpt for the reason of clarification, I have changed some format, I have made the subheadings un-bold and I have italicized some of the verses of the Quran. This is only done to make it readable when referring to different sections of the excerpt.


So my understanding of what SBO is saying here in short is that Muhammad only delivered the Quran, and that was his message, and now it is SBO's message too. So according to SBO the verses in italics confirm that Muhammad's sole duty was to deliver the message. And that these verses are ultimately referring to [Quran 21:10].


SBO have interpreted the word “scripture” in (Quran 21:10) to be the Quran. Despite the fact that [Quran 21:10] does not mention the word Quran at all. At first glance it does appear that way. However, the question arises is (Quran 21:10) referring to the Quran or is there some other explanation? We need to investigate that!


As far as can be seen, there are two groups of verses under discussion. The italicized verses are simple verses while (Quran 21:10) is a multiple meaning verse. It is multiple meaning, verse because of the two key words, "scripture" and "Your". It is not clear what the name of this scripture is and it is not clear if the word “Your” applies to individual or is it used as a generic term?


Since SBO have highlighted that the message is the Quran as revealed to Prophet Muhammad, it follows from that the words "Your message" to be “one message for all” which is the Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Thus these two words have been understood by the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa to be of generic nature.


At this point it is important to find out two key points on which this argument hinges on. First we need to prove if the word "scripture" is referring to the Quran. Second we need to validate if the words "Your message" in this verse is of generic nature. To do this we will look at (Quran 21:10) in detail.


First lets go to the basics, let’s find out the meaning of the word "containing" which is used in the phrase "containing YOUR MESSAGE" in [Quran 21:10]. Following is the dictionary meaning of the word "containing";


Containing - have or hold (someone or something) within.


This phrase "containing your message", based on the dictionary meaning of the word "containing", cannot be the Quran. When one says "The Quran is the message" the wordings in this phrase imply the whole Quran. However, the phrase "containing YOUR MESSAGE" in (Quran 21:10) is talking about "have or hold YOUR MESSAGE within", it is almost saying as if the message is from the Quran, rather than the Quran itself.


But how can we be sure of this?


The numbers speak out as follows;

The geometric value of al-quran is Alef = 1 + Laam = 30 + Qaf = 100 + Ra' = 200 + Alef = 1 + Noon = 50; 382;


There is a tried and tested fully operational method of coding used with thousands of codes with various verses of the Quran, which is simple to understand and use. (Quran 74:31 - point 4) states that the miracle of 19 removes traces of doubts from the hearts of the believers. And indeed this method of coding will be helpful, either to prove or disprove if the word "scripture" mentioned in (Quran 21:10) is indeed the Quran!


When you add or concatenate the gv of al-quran (382) with (Quran 21:10) in any order or form, the result is never the multiple of 19.  Now another combination is tried which is, sometimes in the coding mechanism for emphasis purpose one can separate gv of al (31) from the gv of quran (351). Now if we concatenate these two gv's with chapter and verse (Quran 21:10), once again we do not get multiple of 19 in any combination. Therefore if the word "scripture" in (Quran 21:10) meant the Quran, than we would have found the multiple of 19.


Based on the calculations mentioned in the previous paragraph, we confirm by the method of elimination that the word “scripture” used in (Quran 21:10) is not referred to Quran. Now the question is what does the word "scripture" refer to? The answer is as follows;


See how numbers unravel this mystery;

When you take away the geometric value of al from geometric value of al-quran we get 382 - 31 = 351 and when we add this number with chapter/verse (Quran 21:10) we get the sum which is equal to the geometric value of al-quran;


21 + 10 + 351 = 382;


God's signs come in many shapes and sizes, and because this code is part of the Quran, we cannot take this lightly, this indeed confirms that (Quran 21:10) is not talking about "The Quran" which was the Quran as revealed to prophet Muhammad. But if it is not the Quran what else could it be? For this purpose we go back in history and try to understand where the word Quran came from;


 One of the understandings of where the word Quran was derived from is that it has come about from a Arabic word al-Qar, which means in English "to collect".


Keeping the meaning for the word al-Qar in mind and interpreting the code above into narrative, we can deduce what is happening.


The code above is finally balanced equation. Both the left and right side of the equation has the same value 382 which is the geometric value of the "the Quran" or al-quran. However, there is subtle difference between the left side of the equation from the right side of the equation. Left side of the equation have components while right side does not.


One of the components on the left side of the equation is the geometric value of "Quran" without "al" or "the". The "al" or "the" when used with the Quran is specific to the original Quran which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. However, Quran on its own does not mean that it was "the Quran" revealed to Prophet Muhammad. These two words al-quran and quran are not made up; they really exist in the Arabic Quran. There is further explanation of usage of these two words with proofs in the intro of "The Latest Most Modern Translation of The Quran" by Ijaz Chaudry. Thus gv 351 suggest that this Quran is collection from "the Quran", but does not necessarily be just the Quran. The question would arise why would it have material other than the Quran and how can we explain that? The answer is as follows;


Based on the investigation done in the previous paragraph, we are finding subtle difference between "Quran" and "the Quran". Since both cannot be the same because of the name differences. We are in a position where we are able to question the SBO's understanding of the words "Your message" in (Quran 21:10) as a generic term “one message for all”.


Let us assume that "containing YOUR MESSAGE", is not a generic phrase as "one message for all" but "many messages to many" and then continue investigating. We know that the Quran is a dynamic book catering for new generations. Based on this fact alone, we can safely confirm that message for one generation could be different from message to another generation. For example Lot was sent to homosexuals while Abraham was sent to Statue worshippers. That made their message slightly different to each other, because of the environment they were in. These same criteria apply today, some of us around the world could meet a homosexual and want to give him the message and another believer might meet a Hindu who believes in statues and want to give him a message. But that is not all any believer can eventually be in any situation at any one time, so the message changes for different situations at different times and places. And each time words will be added to the message appropriate to the situation other than just the Quran.


Therefore keeping this in mind it seems that "containing YOUR MESSAGE" is not a generic term, but specific to the individual in that unique environment. The message will be different for different reader, personal to the individual. So if it was all "the Quran" as revealed to Muhammad then the message would have been the same (one message for all). Since that is not what this verse is implying, it could only mean interpretation of the Quran by different people at different times, which could include material other than "the Quran". This is not different from appendices by Dr Rashad Khalifa, or what you or I have on our websites. We are all doing it which is that we are collecting the message from the Quran in the form of written scripts to forward our views. Which contain narration from other than the Quran, in order to promote our message and point of view.


Conclusion: So in short we conclude that (Quran 21:10) is not referring to "the Quran" or al-quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad, but derivation of the message from the Quran, which includes interpretation of verses of the Quran. From my own experience the Miracle of 19 plays a significant part in the interpretations of the Quran, because it makes the interpretation divine.


There is further confirmation within the verse (Quran 21:10) that the interpretations of the Quran is the right way. The phrase "containing YOUR MESSAGE" in this verse is additional proof. Because the word "YOUR", makes it personal to whoever is interpreting the message as opposed to the universal message (one message for all). One verse from the Quran can mean more than one thing if interpreted by more than one reader. The word "scripture" in (Quran 21:10) is now clarified to be collection of message from the Quran in a form of a script and it is not "the Quran" as revealed to Prophet Muhammad. There are thousands of examples of these scripts about the religion of Islam all around us. The only thing which has changed now is that the Quran has confirmed this fact in (Quran 21:10). We have been collating information from the Quran for years without questioning if it was correct to do that, now we have the answer that it is correct.