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Ruling with Quran Alone


By Ijaz Chaudry



AM - Al-Muzzammil


SBO - How did the prophet Muhammed ruled during his life time? Did he make his own laws or his own regulations?. Did he follow the Quran; contradict the Quran, made a new Quran? Did he change the laws of God? Where are all these contradictions we see in the Hadiths books coming from? It cannot be coming from our beloved prophet Muhammed. To know this for a fact, read these verses from our Holy book, the Quran.


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AM - It is a misconception by many Muslims, including that the world can be ruled by Quran alone.


Quran is fully detailed but not complete; the dictionary meaning of complete is;

having all the necessary or appropriate parts.


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Indeed at the very basic level we know Quran is not complete, because of the structure of the Quran, where additions of words have to be added to the verses of the Quran to make full sense. So when we incorporate the dictionary meaning of "complete" with the structure of the Quran, it prevails that Quran is incomplete, because it does not have all necessary parts to make it complete.


It might appear shocking news to the believers who think that Quran is complete. For those guy's and girls there is good news because (Quran 6:115) enlightens us that it is complete in "truth and justice", and that is important to know. Because there is only one religious book in the whole world which is totally true and just and that is the Quran. Which makes it highly desired book, which one can totally trust?


(Quran 6:114) Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord truthfully. You shall not harbour any doubt.

(Quran 6:115) The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.


The highlighted words in (Quran 6:115) says it all, that is whatever is in the Quran, is " ...complete in truth and justice...". This is entirely different from the context of a statement that Quran is totally and utterly complete. It is not!


So based on the fact that Quran is not complete, Muhammad would have been involved in issuing regulations and laws of the country based on the teachings of the Quran and teachings of the outside world. This does not mean as your heading state "Ruling with Quran Alone".


It would have been similar to today's democratic ruling of the countries. Not all the laws are from the Quran, but we tolerate that because it is based on the public consensus. Similarly in Muhammad's time he would have had many denominations living in Mecca, whom he had to cater for. He would have established the laws which would have been acceptable to all!


There is a verse in the Quran which puts this matter in its correct perspective;

(3:112) they shall be humiliated whenever you encounter them unless they uphold GOD's covenant as well as the people’s covenant. They have incurred wrath from GOD and consequently they are committed to disgrace. This is because they rejected GOD's revelations and killed the prophets unjustly. This is because they disobeyed and transgressed.


The reference above made to the phrase “the people’s covenant" is implying belief in democracy. Please refer to the actual Arabic wording, it does not say "peace covenant" it says "people’s covenant".



There is no such thing as Islamic constitution. Islam believes in first God’s law stated in the Quran and second democracy or the constitution based on public opinion and voting of the land where one lives. As long as democracy does not superimpose God’s laws we should abide by it. Islam respects most of the human rights, things like homosexuality can be tolerated in Islam based on the fact that Lot lived most of his life with homosexuals without raging war upon them and eventually God intervened. Similarly we should tolerate homosexuality and leave it to God to be judge of them.