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IC – Ijaz Chaudry

X - Xavier


Dear Xavier,



Muslims perspective!!

Muslims should bloom like a beautiful flower, intricately designed with wonderful colours, slow in growth but exquisite in displaying the glory of God. We are all brothers and sisters in Islam, hating each other is not what Islam is all about, loving each other with respect and dignity is the true Islam!


Ignorance breeds ignorance;

IC - Dear Xavier, the unjust remarks you have put on the web about me angered me at first, but I have calmed down, because I can see, that your perception of Quran is not the same as mine! Giving benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to learn from each other is better than to be ignorant of each other! That is the reason why I am writing to you!


There is a lot in the Quran, and it is very easy to miss out on some subtle points. A holistic approach is a better option. This means allowing all views to be considered before coming to the best solution! In my replies I will endeavour to put my points of view across from the Quran, for your consideration, and I will more than welcome your points of view!


There are few topics emerge from what you have claimed regarding I being a convict and a false messenger. I have taken salient points from your web page and categorised them as follows. In the next few weeks I will discuss these topics in order to show that your whole perception about me is flawed;


·       Making distinction among messengers?

·       The importance of (3:81)

·       Where does it say that 19 codes can be used to explain the Quran?

·       Under what circumstances 19 codes have to be used.

·       One example where, 19 codes were required and were used.

·       Ijaz aka Al-Muzzammil authorised by God!


Today’s topic is as follows;


Making distinction among messengers?



This narration is a level playing field; there is no involvement of any unusual, just the Quran.


We start with the following quote from ‘X’, which display’s the difference between ‘IC’ and ‘X’ understanding of the Quran. I leave the readers best judgement to believe in either of the two!


X- ‘Yet another contradiction, Muhammad only followed what was revealed to him (the Quran), and we know God says to follow the messenger.’


(IC) Dear Xavier, where does it say that Muhammad only followed the Quran?


In fact it is quite the opposite we are told in the Quran to uphold all scriptures;


(5:68) Say, "O people of the scripture, you have no basis until you uphold the Torah, and the Gospel, and what is sent down to you herein from your Lord." For sure, these revelations from your Lord will cause many of them to plunge deeper into transgression and disbelief. Therefore, do not feel sorry for the disbelieving people.


As most people are aware that Muslims are also the people of the scripture, therefore we have to uphold Torah, Gospel and the Quran.


The misconception ‘X’ has about following Quran alone stems from one verse which has misled many, by many translators, due to their incorrect translation of one word “al-Kitaab” in Arabic which means “the book”. This preconceived interpretation of this word as “this book” or “scripture”, eludes many from the reality that (5:48) is not referring to the Quran.


(5:48) Then we revealed to you the book, truthfully, confirming previous books, and superseding them. You shall rule among them in accordance with GOD's revelations, and do not follow their wishes if they differ from the truth that came to you.


When we read (5:48) it is clear that this verse does not mention Muhammad or the Quran.


In the quote from ‘X’ above where it implies that we should follow the messenger, it is clear that ‘X’ is on the right path so far but wait a minute, read the following excerpt from ‘X’;


(IC) In this quote ‘X’ believes that Rashad was a messenger;


Verse 3:81


X - ‘Ijaz believes he is continuing work from where Rashad left off, however if we take another look at verse 3:81, God clearly states that a messenger, that is only ONE messenger, will come after the prophets to confirm the scripture.’


(IC) In the following quote ‘X’, is negating the value of following a messenger Dr Rashad Khalifa!


X - ‘Let’s put this into perspective. As an example, Ijaz claimed to find a long code which confirms 5 prayers per day and also how many rakat per prayer. On that note, Rashad also prayed 5 times a day with rakat's, due to finding code sequences. However, none of this was ever authorized by God in the Quran!’


(IC) ‘X’ is deliberately putting selective emphasis on certain messengers, thus making distinction among them!


(2:285) The messenger has believed in what was sent down to him from his Lord, and so did the believers. They believe in GOD, His angels, His scripture, and His messengers: "We make no distinction among any of His messengers." They say, "We hear, and we obey. Forgive us, our Lord. To You is the ultimate destiny."


As you can see in the verse (2:285) above that it is God’s direct command not to make distinction among His messengers!


So ‘X’ has broken a cardinal rule, by deliberately overlooking the content of the verse (2:285) and preferring Muhammad over Dr Rashad Khallifa.


IC – So ‘X’ has accepted earlier that the messenger should be obeyed (Muhammad), however, in the last excerpt ‘X’ is refusing to obey the messenger Dr Rashad Khalifa!


Indeed by reading the last excerpt by ‘X’ it becomes clear that ‘X’ does not agree with performing 5 Salats. So it could only imply that ‘X’ practices 3 Salats. This fact has come clear when ‘X’ objected to 5 Salat codes done by Dr Rashad Khalifa and I.


At this point I would like to defend what Dr Rashad Khalifa and I did regarding the confirmation of 5 Salats. God is not lost for words, and God is my guide, so with God’s leave without using codes, and using an alternate route I will confirm 5 Salats to be the correct number of Salats per day.


3 Salat’s Vs 5 Salats;


I can see why ‘X’ has committed to 3 Salats. ‘X’ has taken a very simplistic view of the Quran. Just because Quran gives the names and times of 3 Salats, it does not necessarily mean that there should only be 3 Salats! Quran is an intricate book there is a lot in it and it had taken life time for Prophet Muhammad to understand the Quran, and it will take us to do the same. However, there is a reason why God sends messengers and Dr Rashad Khalifa was one of them. The messengers are here to explain the scripture including the Quran. So if Dr Rashad Khalifa says that you should do 5 Salats there is a good reason to do just that.


(IC) Why read 5 Salats;


(13:15) To GOD prostrates everyone in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly, and so do their shadows in the mornings and the evenings.


(IC) Universe endorses 5 Salat’s:


The 5 Salat’s can be confirmed to be true, even when we look at the Universe and its behaviour. Elaborating this little more let’s break down the parts of the Universe into smaller bits and look at their behaviour as separate units.


Let’s look at this in the light of the verse (13:15), in which “prostrations” can be allegorically matched to the prostration in Salat for the humans and the shadows to be the prostration of Heavens in submission to God.


 Universe has Galaxies, our Galaxy Milky Way is going around in eclipse around our Universe, within our Galaxy, there are stars who are circling our Galaxy, and then we have planets who circle the stars. All these bodies have light and dark which produce shadows, the shadows of these bodies are the only outward sign we humans can see and confirm that these bodies are prostrating to God (13:15).


Now let’s come closer to earth, and take the month of Ramadan as an example. The times of Ramadan are dependent on which season the Ramadan happens. Every Solar Year, the time taken by earth to complete one complete eclipse around the sun, Ramadan times change. Eventually Ramadan will take place in all seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter.


Similarly, when the Earth rotates around its own axis, we have day and night. There are 5 phases in the day, dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset and night. So if Ramadan occurs in all seasons, surely the Salat should follow this example and we should prostrate 5 times a day corresponding to the 5 phases of the day.


We all live by the laws of the Universe put in place by God; the Solar System is part of the Universe and the behaviour of the Solar System produce the 5 phases of the Day therefore there is no reason why we should not prostrate in Salat during these 5 phases. In short the Universe has confirmed the 5 Salats!!!!


Summary of the main points;

·       All Muslims are brothers and sisters they need to love each other

·       Muhammad did not follow Quran alone (5:68)

·       We should follow both messenger and the Quran

·       The Universe, confirms 5 Salats – (13:15)


Dear Brother or a Sister, I leave this with you to contemplate and reflect, and I’ll be in touch soon regarding other topics relating to your website!


Salaam Al-Muzzammil