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10/12/2019 - Five letters in reply to Xavier under the heading Al-Muzzammil -

06/09/2019 - Confirmation of what to commemorate during Hajj & Umrah -

07/07/2019 - Prophet Muhammad's Ultimate Goal - this page goes behind the scenes to discover in which cause did Prophet Muhammad sacrifised most of his life;

21/03/2019 - the following four articles are to do with association of the word "heaven/s" in the Quran and the new terminology for this word by today's science;

10/02/2019 - The following is a new article, giving fool proof details regarding (25:4-5) and what "Tales from the Past" mean, within the scenario of the three messengers, Muhammad, Rashad, and Al-Muzzammil;

03/02/2019 - The following is a new article, giving fool proof answer to age old question what is meant by "Obeying the messenger";

11/01/2019 - The following urls are comparison between and the Quran;

Amendment to an Article


Revamped Quran Trail with a unique twist and the difference between Ha and HaTa!!!!


True Essence of Easter =


There are few additions to this summary, which give some more pointers to those who are interested in using the refined Miracle of 19; two paragraphs just above conclusion!


Eid ul Adha - Dichotomy


Amended Calendar page with info about Eid al-Fitr;


Amended Calendar page with info about the month of Ramadan and Fasting;


Amended Step by Step illustrative guide to Fajr Salat in Arabic


Amended Step by Step illustrative guide to Fajr Salat in English



New Features

1)       The question is why would God like to say that He is the Lord of Sirius whilst He is the Lord of all Universes?

2)      Homosexuality in Islam; more and more of the scientific research is pointing to the fact that Homosexuality might be inherited in the gene make makeup. Based on this information God the Most Forgiving would not punish people who are pre-programmed in this way would He?

3)      Miracle of 19 coding summary;

4)      My Journey to Islam by Kate Sikkema;

5)      Should we be saying Allah Al-Kabeer or Allah Akbar in over Salats;

6)      There is some new information towards the end of FAQ;

7)  Fairly new;

a)      Find out the meaning of Life according to the Quran;

b)      Find out the future of Islam in this unstable positioning of Islam in the world;

c)       How does Islam embrace the Human Rights Issues;

d)      What is the Heavenly Feud and its consequences;

e)      Find out how the order of creation occurred;

f)       Should there be Funeral Prayers if so what should it be, a mathematical proof;

g)      How far is Heaven from earth, using science and Quran;

h)      Find out in which era where Abraham and David were alive;

i)         Who are the Children of Israel new facts revealed from the Quran;


Updated Features

1) new update on Al-Jummah

2) new update on making Intention for Salat as mentioned in the Quran.

3) new update on how long after conception a believer is allowed abortion.


Something to consider

Re: Interpretation Vs Originality

 Modern science is based on the Latin injunction ignoramus 'we do not know'. It assumes that we don't know everything. Quran also confirms this in the following verses;

 [17:85]  They ask you about the revelation. Say, "The revelation comes from my Lord. The knowledge given to you is minute."

 [12:76]  He then started by inspecting their containers, before getting to his brother's container, and he extracted it out of his brother's container. We thus perfected the scheme for Joseph; he could not have kept his brother if he applied the king's law. But that was the will of GOD. We exalt whomever we choose to higher ranks. Above every knowledgeable one, there is one who is even more knowledgeable.

 Quran is dynamic book with each generation it brings about new revelations, depending on social, political and scientific knowledge of the time. Therefore the interpretation of the Quran is not a bad thing. Quran cannot be translated without some sort of interpretation. For example the Arabic words in the Quran could have more than one meaning; hence it has to be the translator to decide which meaning of that word is used, which applies to that generation and the point of view of the translator.

 My translation of the Quran can be described as a interpreted translation with slight difference, because wherever possible I am presenting mathematical proof for the words I am choosing, but none the less it is interpreted.

 So how does the Originality of the Quran come into the equation? As I understand the Originality of  the Quran is the Original Arabic text in which the Quran is revealed, which to my understanding should not change.

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