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By Ijaz Chaudry

How detailed is the Quran?

By Ijaz ChaudryBy Ijaz Chaudry

[6:114]  Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed?* Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbour any doubt.

[7:52]  We have given them a scripture that is fully detailed, with knowledge, guidance, and mercy for the people who believe.

[10:37]  This Quran could not possibly be authored by other than GOD. It confirms all previous messages, and provides a fully detailed scripture. It is infallible, for it comes from the Lord of the universe.

[12:111]  In their history, there is a lesson for those who possess intelligence. This is not fabricated Hadith; this (Quran) confirms all previous scriptures, provides the details of everything, and is a beacon and mercy for those who believe.

[41:3]  A scripture whose verses provide the complete details, in an Arabic Quran, for people who know.

Above are the verses which I found searching the Quran for the words ‘Quran and Detail’, there could be more which directly or indirectly say the same thing that the Quran is fully detailed.

Quran is the only necessity for Islam;

Simply put the Quran is sufficiently detailed to teach us all details of our religion and the past of the messengers.  The mathematical miracle of 19 is integral part of the Quran. However, Quran without the miracle of 19 can also be an adequate guide to Islam for the believers who are not mathematically minded this indeed is a great gift to the less fortunate.

There had been many instances whilst researching the Quran when Quran with the help of the miracle of 19 gave profound descriptions and reveal new facts which were previously hidden in the sub context in the Quran and a layman would have not noticed its significance.  One such example is as follows hopefully this example will illustrate what has been said in this article;

Did Israel impose prohibition on food?

This example includes 4 verses from different chapters as follows;

[3:93]  All food used to be lawful for the Children of Israel, until Israel imposed certain prohibitions on themselves before the Torah was sent down. Say, "Bring the Torah and read it, if you are truthful."

[6:143] Eight kinds of livestock: regarding the two kinds of sheep, and the two kinds of goats, say, "Is it the two males that He prohibited, or the two females, or the contents of the wombs of the two females? Tell me what you know, if you are truthful." [6:144] Regarding the two kinds of camels, and the two kinds of cattle, say, "Is it the two males that He prohibited, or the two females, or the contents of the wombs of the two females? Were you witnesses when GOD decreed such prohibitions for you? Who is more evil than those who invent such lies and attribute them to GOD? They thus mislead the people without knowledge. GOD does not guide such evil people."

[12:6]  "Your Lord has thus blessed you, and has given you good news through your dream. He has perfected His blessings upon you and upon the family of Jacob, as He did for your ancestors Abraham and Isaac before that. Your Lord is Omniscient, Most Wise."

The Miracle of 19 manifests itself in order to remove doubt from the verses in the Quran.  This fact is stated in;

[74:31] … (4) to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as well as the believers…

The most obvious issue with verse (3:93) is that ‘Israel’ is singular while other translators translated further implying that ‘Israel’ was plural. This would have been done because of uncertainty. The translators knew that Jacob was a messenger and a messenger would not put prohibitions without God’s consent.  Thus they implied it to be all the Children of Israel.


Who was Israel?

As we know Israel is another name for Jacob. Thus the first port of call is to find out if ‘Israel’ mentioned in this verse was indeed Jacob.   And if that was the case was this prohibition personal rather than for all Children of Israel.  (12:6) is where Jacob is mentioned in his personal life with his family.  When we add 3 + 93 + 12 + 6 we get 114 which is exactly 19 x 6 = 114 this code gives close correlation between the two verses.  And the only doubtful aspect of these two verses is who was ‘Israel’ mentioned in (3:93).  Because Jacob is mentioned in a family situation in (12:6), it confirms two things one that ‘Israel’ mentioned in (3:93) was indeed Jacob and two the prohibition must have been personal, because of the family orientation of (12:6).

What are the prohibitions imposed by Israel?

Now (6:143-144) comes into play.  (3:93) is talking about prohibitions on the food but where are these prohibitions mentioned in the Quran, if the Quran is fully detailed?  The answer is (6:143-144).  We know this by the Mathematical Miracle of 19.  Without this (6:143-144) is just a prohibition and not a specific one.  143 + 144 = 287.  3 93 6 287 = 207173 x 19 also 143 + 144 + 93 = 380 = 19 x 20  Thus the prohibitions mentioned in (6:143-144) were instigated by personal prohibition by ‘Israel’ mentioned in (3:93) and was not what God prohibited (6:143-144).

Israel Imposed selective breading on cattle to improve the livestock;

What ‘Israel’ imposed is not important because it was not part of the religion it is just a preference towards food. As Quran says one can like some food over some other food and that is not a sin; [13:4] On earth, there are adjacent lots that produce orchards of grapes, crops, palm trees - dioecious and non-dioecious. Although they are irrigated with the same water, we prefer some of them over others in eating. These are solid proofs for people who understand. The selective breeding by Jacob is further clarified in Bible “Laban asked his nephew (Jacob) to name his price; he did not want money Jacob said – just any speckled or spotted animals from among Laban’s stock. Laban agreed, not realizing that Jacob had no intention of leaving things to genetic chance but had come up with a way of engineering things to his advantage (Genesis 30, 37) employing the power of visual suggestion.”

In conclusion;

There are many instances in the Quran where mathematical Miracle of 19 help explain in detail the Quran and remove any doubts.  Thus if one is searching for detailed account of the Quran one might need the help of the Quran’s Miracle of 19…