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Hajj – Commemoration of GOD at Mina & Muzdalifah;

By Ijaz Chaudry

This article is intended to clarify two concepts about location of two places which the pilgrims visit during Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca.  These two places are Mena and Muzdalifah.  It has been proven beyond doubt using the mathematical miracle of 19 that both these places are in fact correct.

 Quran says that it is fully detailed.  However, the above two named places which are integral part of Hajj are not mentioned in the Quran.  Why is that?  The reason is that Quran is unique book with a numerical miracle of nineteen as a, mechanism to clarify the aspects of the Quran which may not have been so clear (74:31 pt 4).  This includes the validation of the above mentioned two places.

      Quran: Fully Detailed

[6:114]  Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed?* Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbour any doubt.

 [6:115]  The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.

     Quran: Fully Detailed

 [7:52]  We have given them a scripture that is fully detailed, with knowledge, guidance, and mercy for the people who believe.

      Only God Can Author the Quran

 [10:37]  This Quran could not possibly be authored by other than GOD. It confirms all previous messages, and provides a fully detailed scripture. It is infallible, for it comes from the Lord of the worlds.

 [41:3]  A scripture whose verses provide the complete details, in an Arabic Quran, for people who know.


 [2:203]  You shall commemorate GOD for a number of days (in Mena); whoever hastens to do this in two days commits no sin, and whoever stays longer commits no sin, so long as righteousness is maintained. You shall observe GOD, and know that before Him you will be gathered.


304       Gv of Mena =  Meem = 40 + , Yae = 10 + , Noon = 50 + , Alif = 1 = 101


203 + 101 = 304 = 16 x 19

Level & Position;

304 / 190 = 1 / 6

 Position 6 describes “Caution”, and indeed (2:203) has little need of caution, because the staying in Mena has to be accompanied with righteousness. And being righteous is difficult thus the caution.

Level 2 is Theme “Related to righteousness”.  Indeed staying in Mena and commemorating God during Hajj is related to righteousness.

 Traditional Muslims believe that (2:203) is referring to the location of Mina.  This same fact was confirmed by the Messenger of the Covenant Dr. Rashad Khalifa, eventually The Clocked one now confirmed this fact based on the Mathematical Miracle of 19.


[2:198]  You commit no error by seeking provisions from your Lord (through commerce). When you file from `Arafaat, you shall commemorate GOD at the Sacred Location (of Muzdalifah). You shall commemorate Him for guiding you; before this, you had gone astray.

[2:199]  You shall file together, with the rest of the people who file, and ask GOD for forgiveness. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

 Once again it confirms that Hajj should be done in a queue manner (file) around Kabaa .i.e. in a discipline manner, thus how many times one, circumnavigate around Kabaa is not important as long it is in filed manner.


Code; 2 198 566 Gv Muzdalifah:   meem =  40 +, Zae = 7 + Dhaal = 4 + Laam = 30 +, Fae = 80 +, Tae = 400 + ,Hae = 5 = 566

 Temporal Connection; Chapter verse left most and present tense, therefore true now and in future Gv right most historical land existed before Quran was revealed.

 Proof; Multiple of 19, 2 198 566  / 19 = 115714 x 19

Position; 2 198 566 / 190 = 115714 / 4

 Position 4 describes act of righteousness (2:198) talks about, commemoration of God which indeed is an act of righteousness.  Once again the code proves that the sacred location is Muzdalifah, mentioned in this verse.

 Level 5 is Theme “Detailing information”.  Indeed the code and the context of the verses have detailed few things such as Hajj should be done in a disciplined way in a file or queue and commemoration of God at Muzdalifah.

 During Hajj & Umrah the ritual is when travelling from Arafat to Mecca (Kabaa) there are two places to stop and commemorate on the way Muzdalifah and Mina as described above, part of the commemoration is collection of pebbles at Muzdalifah and then casting these pebbles at Mina for number of days or at minimum two days.  Twenty eight pebbles are collected, this is more than one needs.  Seven pebbles at a time can be cast at the pillars at Mina, which is a symbolic representation of Satan who misguided Abraham in sacrificing his son Ismail, when God intervened and forfeited a sheep instead.  These events are coded with these verses.  The symbolic number to represent pebbles is used in the codes which 7 and multiples of 7, i.e. 7 x 4, 28 and 7, 7, 7, 7, the minimum pebbles to be cast each day for four days.  The ritual also include shortening or cutting of hair in Mudalifah. The codes are as follows;

  (2:198-199) The location mentioned here is Muzdalifah as mentioned above, when we concatenate 28 (4 x 7 pebbles) with 198 + 199 = 397 and this chapter we get 28 2 397 = 14863 x 19.  The  “Temporal Connection”, suggest that pebbles are collected first before commemoration of God, because 28 is left most first and then the verses afterwards.  Position 3 describes Principle or rule clarified and indeed this code confirms and clarifies the ritual of how many pebbles to collect and cast.

Once again the Level is 5 which is Theme “Detailing information” and that are exactly what this code is doing by detailing how many pebbles should be collected for each day of casting.

(2:203) This is the other place to stop and commemorate God and cast pebbles collected at Muzdalifah.  When we concatenate 7, 7, 7, 7, to this chapter and verse we get 2 203 7 7 7 7 = 1159883 x 19.  This time we commemorate God first (because the time of arrival at Mina is at Dawn thus Dawn Salat is recited), hence the chapter verse comes first and then 7, 7, 7, 7, seven pebbles for four days to be cast later.  Once again the Position 3 describes Principle or Rule clarified which is very true because this code confirms and clarifies the casting of at least 7 pebbles each day of the stay.

 Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related”.  Indeed the above code stipulates that scenario where Abraham (messenger) was misguided by Satan and God intervened to safe his son (a messenger) from being killed.  Thus above is messenger related code.

 [48:27]  GOD has fulfilled His messenger's truthful vision: "You will enter the Sacred Masjid, GOD willing, perfectly secure, and you will cut your hair or shorten it (as you fulfil the pilgrimage rituals) there. You will not have any fear. Since He knew what you did not know, He has coupled this with an immediate victory."

 The above verse talks about shortening or cutting hair and (2:198-199) confirms the location where to do that;

 2 397 48 27 = 1261833 x 19  Thus the Temporal Connection suggest pick pebbles first as in (28 2 397 above) and then shorten or cut your hair, it seems like women would shorten their hair while men will cut it.  Position 3 describes Principle or Rule clarified thus the process of cutting hair and the order of it is clarified in this code.  The location for this act is Muzdalifah confirmed above to be mentioned in these verses.

The disbelievers kill many cattle as commemoration of what happened with Abraham and Ismail, this is form of idol worship because the emphasis is on how great Abraham was, however only God should be glorified. The animals should be conserved and killed as necessary to feed rather than making them to go waste.

 [22:36]  The animal offerings are among the rites decreed by GOD for your own good. You shall mention GOD's name on them while they are standing in line. Once they are offered for sacrifice, you shall eat there from and feed the poor and the needy. This is why we subdued them for you, that you may show your appreciation.

 Geometric value of Hajj; Hae = 8 + Jae = 3 = 11 when we concatenate with (22:36) we get complete multiple of 19, confirming the fact that this animal sacrifice is to do with Hajj.  However, due to the context of the verse where it say’s, … standing in line ... which suggests that not each individual who goes on Hajj has to perform this sacrifice and that this event is group based, only what is required for consumption is sacrificed.  One can contribute towards sacrifice financially if one afford.  Thus even in Muhammad’s time conservation of environment and sustainability was an issue and believers complied by it, indeed God is great.

 Code; 22 36 11 = 11769 x 19

Position; 22 36 11 / 190 = 1176.9

Temporal connection;  Chapter verse left most more recent Quran revealed over 1400 years ago while gv of Hajj right most oldest, Hajj had been carried on for lot longer at Abraham’s time.  Position 9 describes “Provision” indeed one of the purposes of animal sacrifice during Hajj is to provide provision for the participants of the Hajj.

Level is 5 which is Theme “Detailing information”.  Indeed the code and context of the verse involved in this code, details facts like animal sacrifice is a group event and not individual event also that (22:36) is only specific to Hajj.  Also sustainability should be a priority while performing this task.

 Statistical Analysis of the Code:

Positions 1 to 9 and there descriptions;



Position 1

Scenario Described

Position 2

Command used in various situations

Position 3

Principle or Rule Clarified

Position 4

Act of Righteousness

Position 5

Gift from God

Position 6


Position 7


Position 8


Position 9