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All religious practices are sent through messengers;

Believers are taught Salat and Zakat from the Quran

All religious practices are sent through messengers;

By: Ijaz Chaudry

[2:126-129] Abraham prayed: "My Lord, make, this a peaceful land, and provide its people with fruits. Provide for those who believe in GOD and the Last Day." (God) said, "I will also provide for those who disbelieve. I will let them enjoy, temporarily, then commit them to the retribution of Hell, and a miserable destiny." As Abraham raised the foundations of the shrine, together with Ismail (they prayed): "Our Lord, accept this from us. You are the Hearer, the Omniscient. "Our Lord, make us submitters to You, and from our descendants let there be a community of submitters to You. Teach us the rites of our religion, and redeem us. You are the Redeemer, Most Merciful. "Our Lord, and raise among them a messenger to recite to them Your revelations, teach them the scripture and wisdom, and purify them. You are the Almighty, Most Wise."

The above verses tell us the people who would be taught the rites of Islam. The highlighted words, points those people to be “US”.  However, “US” in the verses 127-128 could be either the believers or only Abraham and Ismail, so, which one is it. To confirm that the rites of Islam could be taught to any believer we take the geometric value of believers and concatenate with the chapter and verses, we get number completely multiple by 19. This confirms that rites of Islam could be taught to all believers.

The geometric value coded in the following is Mumin, which is a submitter at the highest rank in submission to God.

Geometric value of Al-Muminoona, plurel of Mumin  is Alif = 1, Laam = 30, Meem = 40, Waoe = 6, Meem = 40, Noon = 50, Waoe = 6, Noon = 50, total 223.

2 127 128 223 = 111954117 x 19 or 2 127 128 223 / 190 = 11195411.7

The Temporal connection is that 2:127-128 left most, this establishes the fact that the revelations of the Quran is more recent whilst the geometric value of Al-Muminnona is right most which means the believers have always been there before the Quran was revealed deriving rites of Islam from the previous scriptures. Position 7 describes “Disbelievers”; there are two points to consider, first the Muhammadan’s believe that the Islamic rite details mentioned in the Hadith are correct and that no one can overrule those instructions, second the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa say the only correct way to do rites of Islam is what Rashad have left them with us. Thus being overbearing and not consulting each other and progressing into better understanding of the Quran and hence establishing the rites of Islam according to the Quran. Both these group of people are misled and disbelieve in (2:127-128) thus disbelieving in the word of God and hence disbelieving in Islam.

 The Level is 9 which is Theme “Misconceptions clarified”.  Rashad and his followers believe that all Islamic practices have been passed through the generations from Abraham.  This belief is half true.  It is true that the practices are passed through generations after Abraham, but it is also true that the messengers receive instructions to purify the practices each time the messenger is sent.  Rashad did his bit and purified most of the practices of Islam; however, it was Al-Muzzammil who was destined to purify all practices of Islam including Salat fully.  Rashad for example left some traditionally acceptable practices like doing Salams, not reading (17:111) in the kneeling position etc. based on the belief that Abraham did the same.  However, no proof was given for it.  As for Muhammadan’s they totally corrupted the Salat based on fictitious Hadith.  Hence the Theme “Misconceptions clarified” is quite true based on the context of the verses involved in the above code.

Abraham and Ismail are taught rites of Islam;

Now this code can only be true when the geometric values of Abraham and Ismail also concatenate and divide completely by 19. This is because “US” in the above verses mean Abraham, Ismail, believers and messengers.

Geometric values of Abraham;

Alif = 1, Bae = 2, Rae = 200, Hae = 5, Yae = 10 and Meem = 40 total = 258

Geometric value of Ismail;

Alif = 1, Seen = 60, Meem = 40, Ayn = 70, Yaa = 10, Laam = 30 total 211

127 + 128 = 255

258 211 2 255 = 135900645 x 19 or 258 211 2 255 / 190 = 13590064 / 5

The Temporal connection gv Abraham first then Ismail, this might be because Abraham came first then Ismail followed him and then (2:127-128) revealed after Ismail. Position 5 which describes “Gift” indeed prophets were gift from God to the communities.

The Level is 9 which is Theme “Misconceptions clarified”, indeed a major misconception has been clarified with the code here which is clarified in the temporal connection above which is that Abraham started the rites of Islam followed by Ismail and then the believers mentioned in (2:127-128). This concludes the fact that rites are passed from generation to generation and any corrupted parts of the rites are corrected through God’s command’s in His scriptures.

The following codes relate to the messengers who help un-corrupted the rites of Islam in our generation;

Also Al-Muzzammil destined also to correct Salat;

Gv of Al-Muzzammil, Alif = 1, Laam = 30, Meem = 40, Zaal = 7, Meem = 40, Laam = 30 = 148

(2:127-128) 127 + 128 = 255

2 255 148 = 118692 x 19 or 2 255 148 / 190 = 11869.2

Temporal connection is chapter verses left most (recent and now) same reason as for Al-Muminoona code above.  This code more relevant for today’s generation, because Al-Muzzammil is alive now and has clarified the Hajj, Fasting, amount of Zakat, and refined and confirmed the Salat.  Position 2 describes “Command used in various situations” in 2:126 it is God’s command that He will provide for the believers as well as disbelievers, hence we see many disbelievers wealthy and healthy, but they will have to pay later for not believing.

The Level is 5 which is Theme “Detailing Information”, indeed that is what is happening here.  Because the code is detailing the messenger’s involved in purifying the practices of Islam.

Also Gv of Rashad;

505 + 255 = 760 = 40 x 19 or 760 / 190 = 4

2:127-128 are unique verse which mean they can be part of the code without the chapter number hence the above code. Rashad also purified the rites of Islam however; his life was shortened by God to test the believers after his death. However, not all aspects were corrected by him of the rites of Islam, he was in the process of doing so. Just a general note regarding having no Position; the above code has no Position which means it is a wild card, which means that it represents the accumulation of all the descriptions of all Position codes 1 to 9.

The Level is 3 which is Theme “Include Missing Information”.  The above code states that Rashad did purify the practices of Islam but left some detail out which includes missing information.

Also Rasool (Messengers) gv of Rasool is Rae = 200, Seen = 60, Waoe = 6 and Laam = 30 = 296.

127+128+296= 551 = 29 x 19 or 2.9

This is a general code verifying that any messenger would have established the rites of Islam.  Position for the above code is 9 which describe “Provision” and indeed one of the functions of the messenger is to provide the believers with “Provision” which include specifying the details of rites of Islam.

The Level is 3 which is “Include Missing Information”.  Indeed this code concludes inclusion of all missing information which was inclusion of “believers”, “Abraham & Ismail”, “Al-Muzzammil”, “Rashad” and “messengers”, a complete set which was associated with (2:127-128).

So how can Quran uncorrupted rites of Islam;

The fundamental point to remove corruption from the rights of Islam is to research fully the Quran regarding each rite of Islam and gather as much information as one can. Since Quran is fully detailed one should be able to find all corrections to corrupted parts of those rites. It is true that these rites have been passed from generation to generation since Abraham and that most parts of the rites of Islam are fundamentally the same, but there are subtle parts which have been changed. As you go through the articles on this page you will unravel these changes. For the moment it is enough to know that Quran with the help of the miracle of the Quran number 19 has ability to correct the corrupted parts of the rites of Islam. Since this article is to do with Salat and Zakat from the Quran, an example here will be used to correct Zakat amount perceived by many to be 2.5%. This misguidance can be seen by most of the traditional and even non-traditional Muslims today they insist that Zakat should be 2.5%, however Quran is clear it should be (17:26-30) what one can afford easily. Salat and Zakat may have been passed on through generation after generation but it does get corrupted, by Idol worship. Quran has all the detail of Salat and Zakat, which can get corrupted. And that any believer (Mumin) inclined this way has ability to teach rites of Islam from the Quran.

Details of Salat and Zakat are in the Quran;

The following verses confirm the fact that the correct Salat and Zakat details can be found in the Quran;

[21:73] We made them imams who guided in accordance with our commandments, and we taught them how to work righteousness, and how to observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and the obligatory charity (Zakat). To us, they were devoted worshipers.

[21:74] And for Lot, we granted him wisdom and knowledge, and we saved him from the community that practiced abominations; they were wicked and evil people.

Who are these people in 21:73, are they Abraham’s family only or do they include all Prophets, after all this, chapter is called the Prophets. The miracle of 19 reveals this point;

The geometric value of Al-Ambya (The Prophets) is; Alif = 1, Laam = 30, Noon = 50, Bae = 2, Yae = 10 as follows;

1+30+1+50+2+10+1 = 95

(21:73-74) are adjoining verses because 21:74 starts with “and”, therefore in the code both of these are used. Add them 73+74 = 147, concatenate this with the geometric value of Al-Ambia (the prophets) we get;

 21 147 95 = 111305 * 19 or 21 147 95 / 190 = 11130.5

This code confirms the fact that all prophets were imam’s since Abraham who guided their congregation with the commandments given to them through the revelation of the scriptures and taught them how to do Salat and Zakat.

The Temporal connection is that chapter verses left most thus telling us that Abraham and his family were the first to learn the rites of Islam. On the right most gv of Al-Ambia (Prophets) states that after Abraham’s family other Prophets were made imams similar to Abraham and his family. Position 5 describes “Gift” indeed these commandments which, verify rites of Islam and who they have been revealed to (Prophets) are indeed Gift from God.  Hence these verses are general verses for all the prophets, exemplified by Abraham’s family. Thus all the Prophets will be taught how to read the Salat and pay Zakat. But how would they achieve this, it says in 21:73 “who guided in accordance with our commandments”, hence the Salat and Zakat would have been taught to them through the commandments in the scriptures. The ultimate teacher is God, hence the emphasis that God and His angels taught them the Salat and the Zakat.

The Level is 5 which is Theme “Detailing Information”.  Indeed (21:72) indicates that it is talking about Abraham’s family however (21:73) is talking about “them” which includes all prophets as detailed by the code above.  Thus if one prophet does something fundamental than it follows that all prophets would also do the same.  Because messengers sets precedence for others messengers;

[6:34] Messengers before you have been rejected, and they steadfastly persevered in the face of rejection. They were persecuted until our victory came to them. Such is GOD's system that will never change. The history of My messengers thus sets the precedents for you.

In Conclusion;

Thus the Prophets brought the commandments from God e.g. in a book like Quran and then the prophets taught the believers how to do Salat and Zakat. Later the messengers and the believers taught Salat and Zakat from the same book to other believers.