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By Ijaz Chaudry

Those who believe then disbelieve:

 [4:137]  Surely, those who believe, then disbelieve, then believe, then disbelieve, then plunge deeper into disbelief, GOD will not forgive them, nor will He guide them in any way.

 When this verse is read first it gives impression that it simply means what it says.  However, recently through the mathematical miracle of 19, some more revelations come to light.

Hidden meaning of the verse (4:137) revealed using Calculus;

Briefly speaking this particular mathematical branch of miracle of 19 is derivation of Calculus through the codes from the Quran based on miracle of 19.  Calculus is a branch of Mathematics which finds ‘measure of change’ at any particular value.  For example when a stone is thrown from the top of the tower, it accelerates toward ground at about 10 m/s2 (meters per second squared).  The average speed could be measured easily by dividing distance by time taken by this stone.  However, speed at any particular distance between the start and end point of the journey of this stone could only be calculated by Calculus.  Thus this is the measure of change of speed at any particular distance.  The Calculus can be used for any measure of change and not only speed.

For the purpose of mathematical miracle of 19, over the years I have been collecting codes or numbers which are multiples of 19 the mathematical miracle of the Quran stated in (74:30-35) and explained by the messenger of covenant Dr Rashad Khalifa last century.  These codes are specific to the verses in the Quran which are associated with or have a word messenger in it.  Then I use this verse or verses and either concatenate or add to the geometric values of the messengers which existed at and after the revelation of the Quran.  Which are Muhammad (92), Rashad (505) and Al-Muzzammil (148 or 73:1).   Rashad is mentioned in (3:81), Al-Muzzammil in chapter 73 and we know about Muhammad to whom the Quran was revealed.  All these messenger’s names are coded in the Quran. These codes divide completely by 19.

 The Calculus bit is; du/dy =x2 = 2x;

The connection with Calculus and the code is simple; each code when multiplied by 2 gives ‘measure of change’ which is next code.  When one reads the verses from start to the next ‘measure of change’ code, you can see the actual change from the verse we started from and the next code verse contextually.  Indeed this in itself is a miracle.  Which reveal’s new information from existing verses and the links between them.  Hence the revelations found about (4:137) written above are as follows;

 [6:34]  Messengers before you have been rejected, and they steadfastly persevered in the face of rejection. They were persecuted until our victory came to them. Such is GOD's system that will never change. The history of My messengers thus sets the precedents for you.

 The above verse when added 73 + 1 + 6 + 34 = 114 gives 19 x 6.


When we concatenate (6:34) with Geometric value of Rashad 505 we get complete multiple of 19;

6 34 505 = 19 x 33395

 When we multiply 114 (code above) with 2 we get 228 which give the following verse;

 [4:136]  O you who believe, you shall believe in GOD and His messenger, and the scripture He has revealed through His messenger, and the scripture He has revealed before that. Anyone who refuses to believe in GOD, and His angels, and His scriptures, and His messengers, and the Last Day, has indeed strayed far astray.

 When we add this verse number with 92 the gv of Muhammad we get 228 which is 19 x 12.

The other verse which has code 228 is as follows;

[34:46]  Say, "I ask you to do one thing: Devote yourselves to GOD, in pairs or as individuals, then reflect. Your friend is not crazy. He is a manifest warner to you, just before the advent of a terrible retribution."

 Gv of Al-Muzzammil is 148.

 When we add 34 + 46 + 148 = 228 = 19 x 12

 So above were the codes and verses now let us analyse, these verses in terms of ‘measure of change’ i.e. snap shot at different time frames and the context of the verses.

 (6:34) addresses the issue of messengers before Al-Muzzammil were rejected but they in the end were the winners and this sets precedent for Al-Muzzammil.  Indeed Muhammad was one of these messengers.

 Two believes three disbelieves?

(4:136) is addressing Muhammad from the above code.  This is ‘measure of change’ in progress from mentioning Muhammad indirectly in (6:34) now God is addressing him directly in (4:136). When we refer to verse (6:34) than we know that this verse includes the messenger, called Rashad, as the code suggest above and Muhammad as implied who the Quran was revealed to. How can we explain (4:137) the next verse from (4:136).  The ‘measure of change’ between (6:34) and (4:136) now informs us that in verse (4:137) … Surely, those who believe, then disbelieve, then believe, then disbelieve … the first belief is when Muhammad was around, the second when Rashad and the third and final when Al-Muzzammil came. Thus the Disbelievers at the time of Muhammad believed in what Muhammad said but disbelieved in Rashad. However some of them believed in Rashad, but when Al-Muzzammil came they disbelieved in him.  Thus the three stages of disbelieve in three different messengers which clarifies (4:137).

(34:46) clarifies (34:45) by the virtue of ‘measure of change’.

 [34:45] Those before them disbelieved, and even though they did not see one-tenth of (the miracle) we have given to this generation, when they disbelieved My messengers, how severe was My retribution!

 How does one-tenth of the Miracle revelation work among three messengers?

Since three messengers are involved in all four verses it makes sense that Muhammad knew about the miracle of 19 9/10 less than what Rashad knew and Rashad knew 9/10 less than what Al-Muzzammil knows. This is true from experience when comparing to what Rashad knew about the miracle of 19 and what I know.  I was revealed the ‘Position and Level’ the Cyclic groups and now the Calculus which is 9/10 more than Rashad knew.  I have hundreds of codes while Rashad had hand full regarding the gv and the codes.  Also (34:46) is addressing today’s generation and is an advice for them.

 When you look at these four verses in isolation, they do not mean much.  However, by using Calculus and the codes it reveals better understanding of these verses in fact these are the new revelations.